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  1. For me can produce resistance, like now is for fluvalinate or amitraz
  2. Yes, whit maqs yuo have to put it on the frames and turn updown the hive s cover. Maqs evaporation during avout seven days and sometimes cause the exit of all bees. This dispenser has been put in the hive, without the superior hive, only in the colony, between the lasr frame of brood and the honey.
  3. No you expose three strips at the same time. Is a new method tryed just for one season....is not complyitly tested,But the results for this moment are good
  4. This dispenser is good because the acid evaporates in 24 days and fights varroa for total cycle of brood, despite FA works also under brood. Another good thing, the queen reduce its deposition and varroa is for a big part on the adult bees. In this dispenser ther are three felt strip,and you can stretch or reduce them, adjusting the evaporation.
  5. We use maqs but we had a big problems because summer it s very hot and maqs evaporate very quickly and cause a sterility of queens and exit of all bees from the hive. This new solution may be better because formic is in a solution of 60% and work for 24 days. I work in a big shop for bees equipment and i m lucky for all people with i can speak here and know the news of beekeeping and the situations of other beekeeper. So i post picture of this product
  6. Hi guys, i have a question for you....have you ever try in nz, formic acid for control varroa?here in italy we are trying to use it in a particoular littles bottle in the hive and the results are not bad, althought when it s hot. We use oxalic acid, with stop the brood in summer and sublimate oxalic, tymol here has lost his effect and we can use it only with apistan. Chemicals like fluvalinate, amitraz etc.. for me are not a good solution, but i d like have dialogue with you for give help eachother
  7. Hi, i m davide from italy. Sorry for my english, but i d like to improve it and i try to aswer your wuestion. For me you have a virgin in your hive and you should waiting for about 15 days for see some eggs.
  8. i have whv for australia, for new zeland i can have it in the same way i think?
  9. also we can go fishing toghether!!! you know any beekeepers that could give me a job?
  10. hi guys! I ve written in this forum many months ago for having some informations about a job in new zeland, but the period was wrongh for beekeeping. Now i disturbe you another one. I d like have an experience of work in beekeeping in NZ. Can you tell me the way or some contatcs for find a job ? I have a big experience in beekeeping and i can give a good help with war against varroa. I work in One of the most important shop of beekeeping equipment in italy and with many big beekeepers. Is There a beekeeper that find help in his job? This is a Dream for me. I can give you a big help in varroa a
  11. Davide


    I used apilife from 12 years ago but now his only use has lost his effects. The best solution for my experience is oxalid acid. Apilife is although problematic because change queen 's smell and it s can cause plunder..
  12. Davide


    Yes, varroa arrived here around 1990. Now thymol must be use with apista or apivar because his only use has not effects.
  13. Davide


    Have you tryed api laif var? In italy this product was good and natural for a lot of years,now not because varroa is addicted and thymol has lost his effects.
  14. Your consideration is true,i don t know your type of climate condition or type and period of honey crop. Here last crop is in july, then we stop brood and queen will be free after 21 days; the number of bee come down in the first time but for september, before preparation to winter, the colonies have a good number of bee for winter. If bees having food , you haven t any problems because then can heat hive. My beekeping teacher sayd me that a fist of bees can exceed winter without problems,the important think is food, it s true.
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