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  1. baron8


    Bet they were grumpy when you started tidying up. How long were they tipped over before you got in there?
  2. You will get a number issued to you then you can order it. Dont leave it if you think you are gonna need it. I had a real bad wasp problem at one of my sites and sat the online test on 23 December and it took intill 29 jan to finally get the poison. Im in taranaki. I know the holidays didnt help though. 24 hours after laying the bait no more wasps! Best stuff ever! It is expencive though it cost me $171 for 12 bait stations and 600g of poison freight was $25.
  3. I found it but it has no sound. Is my device or boes it not have sound?
  4. What exactly was it called? I cant seem to find it on there.
  5. Where was this on? I never knew it was on.
  6. Well ben did i mention the tutin plants i also got. Haha
  7. 304 or 304L is fine for all food applications 316 is way more expensive and completely unnecessary it is designed environments where corrosion is an issue.
  8. I did mine in late jan this year and i didnt see anything until late feb so dont panic. As long as you have lodged it they will have record of it.
  9. I just came in from my hives and the virgin is no longer a virgin she laying nicely. The last fine hot day must have been just what she needed.
  10. haha funny you should say that. That is exactly what i have done with the other weak hive i have. They did not try to raise a queen when i put the brood in. I might have to bite the bullet and buy a mated queen. I can get a carni queen if need be.
  11. Thanks Trev. I have done that twice now. It was nice and strong (2 full fd boxes) but I suspect they wont be so strong once they finely get there own brood emerging. I only have 3 hives and one is not strong enough to take brood from i have givem them 3 full frames so far. Nah not yet. Its been wet or cold and windy every day since then so im hoping she is mated and laying up a storm in there.
  12. Hi trevor. I had a primary swarm leave the hive on the 12/10 which i caught and hived. They had a couple of good queen cells so i let them hatch which was on the 15th or 16th of oct. I looked in there on the 08/11 to see no sign of eggs and i could not find her either so I presumed she may have been out on a mating flight as it was a sunny and very warm day. Im just a little worried as we have more crappy weather perdicted until at least tues next week.
  13. My virgin queen still hasn't mated after 1 month. Is this a problem? some one told me that they can not be mated if they go longer than 4-5 weeks without successfully mating. Is this true?
  14. That's exactly what i do to. Too many issues trying to get it to work the other way.
  15. I thought they needed eggs no older than 3 days to make a emergancy queen?
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