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  1. Thanks Jezza - good advice and thanks for the links! Will definitely scale back and opt to caution!
  2. Thanks for all your wisdom and advice and will keep our initially foray in perspective! Looking forward to the adventure!
  3. I'm a complete Newbie! We are forming a new partnership and I'm the business brains, my brother doing his training at the moment. We have 3 blocks in Te Araroa, East Cape. We will be hiring a bee keeper to look after our hives for the first year until we are on top of it and we can go into it full-time ourselves.
  4. I'm in the planning stages of developing a commercial operation and starting with the development of a business plan. I'd be grateful for some advice and assistance so I don't flounder around on the internet and make mistakes that other people have made! Can someone help with the following starting Qs: What is a fair price per hive for set up of a super4, 50+ hives? What is the best hive management software, barcoding, App and approx cost? What is the cost per swarm and recommended supplier? What is the best training course in Auckland and also Gisborne area? Thanks and regards Chris
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