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  1. Kiwifruiter

    Group Apivar buyers

    I would say the buying groups are done, the one I am a part of got (i think) around 9000 strips so there was a bit of bulk saving....
  2. Kiwifruiter

    What questions to ask

    For me it would be like 'what is your current employers best technical innovation'
  3. Kiwifruiter

    What questions to ask

    I would ask a question about their previous employer that they shouldnt answer-If they are going to give away info on their previous boss I dont want them giving away info on me in a few years time
  4. Kiwifruiter

    New genetics (legal and illegal importation)

    I was more talking plants-a lot more stable
  5. Kiwifruiter

    New genetics (legal and illegal importation)

    Can illegal importations be traced with genetics? I know a few growers, one of whom claims to have illegally imported groth stock to grow but without evidence it is just my word against theirs, where as if the genetrics of the result can be tested it might be more possible to prove in court.
  6. Kiwifruiter

    Testing for 1080 in Honey

    I know there is a lab that does it (as it has been an issue before) however you may need to contact plant and food directly for advice if you are concerned about it. I am fairly sure it would only be an issue if the poisen had been administered in Jam in the nearby area and DOC/farmers shold be happy to provide info about application.
  7. Kiwifruiter

    Document Waxed Plastic Frames

    I started out dipping but dont anymore... when one is paying $20+ per kg of wax I cant handle the wasted wax and the coating on the sides and bottom seems to make the bees more likely to build brace comb onto the sides of the box.... Which isnt fun....
  8. Kiwifruiter

    Uh oh... Varroa found in Oz.

    Looks like they nailed it in time I think they have enough problems with EFB and SHB
  9. Nothing against david but untill plant and food (or @john berry) tell me to I aint changing.
  10. Kiwifruiter

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Worth remembering that he lives in the ralitive tropics that is taupo....
  11. Kiwifruiter

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Set fire to it then-Prove your point!
  12. Kiwifruiter

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    But if there is a 6 month stand down before they can keep cows there again....
  13. Kiwifruiter

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    The conspiricey theriost in my wounders if the eradication attempt is a way of reducing the number of dairy cows in NZ to lift the milk price at the farm gate...
  14. Kiwifruiter

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    The main vector for PSA is infected plant material. If there is plant material caight in your ute it can shift PSA.
  15. Kiwifruiter


    It doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell. If it was tried when it was only a few thousand cows it would have been possible but its wayyy to late