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  1. How long do you leave them between checks? I have pullled apart a fair few neglected brood nests and never had a non white plastic frame break.....
  2. Actually northland could still be going hard...
  3. I have always woundered, If a beekeeping opperarion went into liquidation, would the health of the hives be looked after? Would there be any value im hives from a liquidated company?
  4. Beekeeping isnt my primary buisness, if.you want to spend millions on it you can. Go nuts. We all respect your ability to waste money.
  5. Pull one frame at a time across the box. If its really bad transfer the frames into a different box once you have scraped the wax off the top and bottom. If its really bad you may need to drive a pry bar in between the two boxes with a mallet to break the wax....
  6. At the end of the day we need to cut out the middle men. This year has been an absolute prick. 70+ hour weeks trying to make the core buisnesd work dont help the beehives much however I am optomistic about the future. I do a reasomable amount of direct sales for the strawberrys, the bulk of which I can sell honey alongside. Also, the regs for a facility that I can prep and freeze seconds strawberrys is very close to the standard I need to extract and package honey.... So no middle men and before ya know it $12 per kg and we all win...
  7. Ok.... I guess it is the new wax steamer then. So..... Where does one get new drums from and how much are they?
  8. I assume he was trying to remind me why he was on my ignore list.
  9. It is for storing honey that is for personal use/site honey/gatesales/fermtation so the chances of it being rejected by a packer are rather low.
  10. Hi guys, I just picked up a couple of mint open top drums for storing this years honey in, problem is one of them has a little nick in the plastic liner and there is rust sbowing under the nick. Is it possible to repair it to a food grade? Thanks!
  11. Get ready for him to moan about poor polination. Avos are a prick.
  12. I would say the buying groups are done, the one I am a part of got (i think) around 9000 strips so there was a bit of bulk saving....
  13. For me it would be like 'what is your current employers best technical innovation'
  14. I would ask a question about their previous employer that they shouldnt answer-If they are going to give away info on their previous boss I dont want them giving away info on me in a few years time
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