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  1. Nothing against david but untill plant and food (or @john berry) tell me to I aint changing.
  2. Kiwifruiter

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Worth remembering that he lives in the ralitive tropics that is taupo....
  3. Kiwifruiter

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Set fire to it then-Prove your point!
  4. Kiwifruiter

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    But if there is a 6 month stand down before they can keep cows there again....
  5. Kiwifruiter

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    The conspiricey theriost in my wounders if the eradication attempt is a way of reducing the number of dairy cows in NZ to lift the milk price at the farm gate...
  6. Kiwifruiter

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    The main vector for PSA is infected plant material. If there is plant material caight in your ute it can shift PSA.
  7. Kiwifruiter


    It doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell. If it was tried when it was only a few thousand cows it would have been possible but its wayyy to late
  8. Kiwifruiter


    Probably the same guy that thinks its possible to eradicate bovine plasma bovis
  9. Kiwifruiter

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Well it was in HB so it could have hitched a ride.....
  10. Kiwifruiter

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    I found one....
  11. AFB is very hard to spread, you need to tranfer infected hoeny or hive gear with the infection not really being carried by workers. With EFB it is carried by workers to the point where (i belive) it will infect a water souce by a bee drinking from it and any bees that drink from it afterward will carry thr disease back to their hive infecting it.
  12. Kiwifruiter

    The final Reckoning

    Try some raw honey from your home hive. Will do just as good.
  13. Kiwifruiter

    How to get in contact with Dr Mark Goodwin

    Marks direct contact details should only be posted by his direct family members, himself or his trusted team members. I know they are on here and if they haven't then you shouldn't.
  14. Kiwifruiter

    The final Reckoning

    The problem is if you have sites that you cant get a trailer into and also if you would use the eazyloader as part of your everyday hive work towing a trailer everywhere would get real old. Ultamatly I would have mounts for both ute and trailer and put the crane on where it needs to be for that job/site.
  15. Kiwifruiter

    The final Reckoning

    As specially with the sharply rising labour costs and hopully a tightening of imported labour. At the moment there isnt a h8ve job (apart from honey harvesting) that I cant do 50 hives per day. If I had an eazyloader I recon I could up that to 70 hives per day, maby more. I recon (if I had the $$ to set up the truck properly) I could run 600 by myself doing 4 day weeks 6 months per year. Now to find the $150000 for a cruiser with an easyloader....