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  1. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    Could sombody please coppy the artical here? Thanks lol
  2. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    So that worked the second time I tried it.... Interesting.....
  3. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    I have re sent with a significantly better looking Pigeon.....
  4. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    I guess its possible. On a comparable subject @Rob Stockley, my PMs aren't working :-(
  5. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Well I sent you one.... So.....
  6. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Oi @jamesc.... you should check your emails....
  7. The High Rollers Table.

    It will be interesting to see how behaviour changes from the big guys!
  8. The High Rollers Table.

    Thanks :-) I think replacing plastic will involve a few ladders and some brave people lol
  9. The High Rollers Table.

    For the past 3 or so years I have been reading about a world wide glut of honey, Of how it has been at record lows and of beeks selling the stuff for next to nothing trying o keep the gate open. If it was just MPIs fault there would be steady and significant purchases as the marketers buy the next months worth of product and I am not hearing much of that. Perhaps it took a while to get to NZ but it is here now and beginning to bite? I think you would need to be a very very brave beek to be expanding right now.....
  10. The High Rollers Table.

    Here is a picture of a strawberry plant-o get a funny feeling that these little fellas will be more profitable than the high roller table....
  11. Show Your Truck

    Loose wheel nut.... Oops!!!
  12. Tractors

    its a little hard to tell from the photo but it looks like that puddle is moving....
  13. Tractors

    Prepare yourself, they ain't cheep.... any machinery dealer should be able to get them in.
  14. Tractors

    Yea but... Air conditioning!!
  15. Managing new Top Bar hive

    I dont see how its confusing, you give them fore food than they need and they fill all the avalible comb with the food which limits what the queen can lay. which at this time of year can cause the queen to swarm.