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  1. Staff Bee Suits

    I would provide the waahing gear and let them do it, I dont know about 2 per year.
  2. They say 'junk expands to fill the avalible space' Maby here its 'cists expand to fill the avalible profit'?
  3. Where to get bulk glass jars?

    Im looking at 50-100l per week..... So might be a little much for collecting lol
  4. Where to get bulk glass jars?

    Hi guys, im having a sligjtly larger scale go at making jams etc. Does anybody know where to get decent bulk jars at a reasonable price? Thanks guys :-)
  5. Provap 220 while honey on the hive

    But there could still be a residue at the border....
  6. Provap 220 while honey on the hive

    If MPI cant say 'yes' the answer is 'no'.
  7. Honey extractors

    And im a gun with gaffertape if you pay ma gass to get there.....
  8. Bees and horses

    Last time i had hives in a horse paddock the hives got knocked ovet and spread out.
  9. NZBF What's happening in these photos?

    Funnily enough I agree with Frazzledfozzle.
  10. One if the big problems with beekeeping is its too easy to start up for yourself. Keep 50 hives for yourself while working for the man then with a bit of skill and some savings that can be 200 plus hives the following spring and fairly close to a full time self employment. While not everybody wants to take the leap, this ease of setup means more of the top level beeks go it alone equaling a dilution of skill in the big companys....
  11. Extraction Honesty

    When talking about wax, I have found that frames that have been pricked and cleaned up by bees given a good shake often yield a reasonable amount of loose wax at the bottem of the box being cleaned up. Stack a half a dozen of them on a hive to clean up and you get a surprising amount of loose wax to melt down in the bottom....
  12. Extraction Honesty

    Steam melters are the way to go ;-)
  13. Beehive lifter

    I have the same crane on my trailer. Would you like to have a play before pressing the button?
  14. Would be a good time to buy some comvita shares i recon....
  15. NZBF No sign of Queen

    Unless the hive was getting very full (or you have carnies) 2 weeks should be fine. I know some commercial beeks that only do monthly rotations, even during spring buildup. In your first season you should be looking in there more often but once you get the feel a little you should be fine.