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  1. So it's been tried, and residue has been found in the honey? Yes I thought that would be the case, though orchardists use these miticides when crops are flowering and being worked by bees, so some residue must find its way back to the hive. Not the same as actually putting it in the hive though.....
  2. Len

    Buck wheat

    This is why the Waikato has been called a green desert. Thousands of hectares of rye grass for cows, and hardly a tree or a flower in sight. And yet even cows do a lot better on mixed pasture, with plenty of flowering weeds and grasses
  3. Just a question about miticides. In another life I spent about 5 years managing an orchard, where we used miticides quite frequently for the control of red spider mite and other mites, on various fruit. All of these miticides that I can recall claimed to be harmless to honey bees. Has anyone tried using any of them for the control of varroa? Or are they known to be harmful to bees, which is why they're not used?
  4. And of course, also known as "water"
  5. I'm in Whangarei, also noticing a marked increase in honey coming in, although not nearly as much as what you have. Around here, there doesn't seem to be anything flowering apart from dandelion and other pasture weeds, so who knows? Also seeing the browny orange pollen you mention coming in
  6. Had a sudden influx of wasps last week, after not seeing any nearly all summer. Even found a dead one in one top super. Now, nothing again. Even the Australian paper wasps are missing this year, usually I've got them building nests all over the place here, but so far, not a one......
  7. I discovered a couple of years ago that a cheap slow cooker is ideal for melting wax, for a hobbyist beekeeper. Just thought I'd share that with people who might be looking for an easy way to melt down small quantities. Not sure how that "Just" got there in the title....How do I edit that out?
  8. I read online last year that they do really well on cakes made of icing sugar mixed with coconut oil. I have no idea if it's true or just internet rubbish...
  9. I have fed through winter in the past, is that a bad thing to do? I didn't know that.
  10. Yes you can freeze them. Just put them in a plastic bag. They'll keep forever in the freezer if you like.
  11. I've started many a hive in just this way. Never had any problems with it
  12. I'm in Whangarei, my bees are only just starting to store some honey. Hopefully things will warm up from now on, maybe it'll be a late season. Incidentally, I'm involved in the dairy manufacturing business, and the milk flows up here have been well down this year, and a much later peak than usual.
  13. It was both, hundreds of moths and thousands of grubs and pupae. And a pile of rubbish in the bag.
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