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  1. I would be very interested to hear from other beeks who have used the MAQS varroa treatment, about their impressions as it its effectiveness. After tests showed increasing varroa levels in 3 hives in late November, I treated them with MAQS and assumed that it had wiped out the varroa. However, recent testing has shown that one hive is again heavily infested and the other 2 are showing a light to medium infestation. This is not what I expected and leaves me wondering about the efficacy of MAQS as a treatment for varroa. I believe that it was used as directed, and the temperatures following the
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies and advice to my posting. After posting the item, an experienced beekeeper friend called and recommended that I remove all of the supers immediately. On opening the affected hive I found that many of the frames in the supers had broken loose and some had fallen down. Obviously the trailer ride on the farm track was a lot more violent than I had imagined, and resulted in considerable losses of bees. There is no doubt also that these dead bees blocked the mesh floor causing suffocation and even greater losses. A lesson learned the hard way.
  3. Last night I moved my hives from a Manuka block back into our city apiary, a trip of about 2.5 hours. We loaded them onto a trailer without opening them, and they seemingly travelled OK. At 6.00 am this morning I opened the entrances and assumed everything would be OK. On inspecting them later in the day I was alarmed to find that the strongest hive had a carpet of dead and dying bees in front of it, and as I watched the entrance, noticed that some bees were carrying pieces of wax out of the hive. I assumed it was being robbed, so have restricted the entrance. The other hives that we move
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