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  1. Might rock over. Can I bring gear or is it not allowed? Went to Franklin one last year and had to use group gear
  2. Yeah going to suit up and attack it today, didn't want to spray anywhere near bees regardless of whether the spray is fine or not.
  3. I took over the farm I am on three years ago, there were hives on the run-off next door. The commercial beekeeper asked to put hives here, about 40. Run-off owner said he got honey for his 50 hives, about 10kg, so I said fine. I got one 5kg of honey and runoff got one over three years for approx 90 hives, access to rewarewa and kanuka as well as clover. I didn't think that was being looked after so told beekeeper to leave. His hives are still on run-off and owner still hasn't seen any more honey. I am a trainee beekeeper under a commercial beekeeper who dropped 3kgs of honey off yesterday whe
  4. Panoramic view of the hives at my place, cows cleaning up both paddocks tonight and tomorrow, me cleaning up raggies
  5. My mentor has these set up on my farm, one of the 3 box hives is mine, SWEEEEEEEEEEET! I get to help on the whole lot for hive inspections etc. Love it! Learn heaps when there are 24 hives to check. Please ignore the yellow flowers, I will be removing them in the am.
  6. @yesbut thanks but I think you misunderstood me. I know a nuc usually only holds 5 frames and 12mm ply would be structurally sufficient for that, I meant 12mm would be structurally too weak even with 7 laminations for a full sized Langstroth honey super. I might try 18mm ply which has 9 laminations, weight could be an issue but it's worth a crack as I can get untreated ply quite cheaply. and as @Shaun said I could try 21mm as well.
  7. Yeah Thanks for that Jilly, yeah you are right, this site is bloody awesome! I am thinking of buying a kitset full depth box and seeing if I can copy it cheaper than buying. The hive bases are fine but frames aren't worth duplicating the plastic ones. I need to put a bomb under my son the roofer in Matamata for some lids and then be ready for splits at the end of the month. Yeah not a big fan myself, beer or bourbon normally
  8. What does a telescoping hive roof look like, just googled it and that didn't help 12mm sounds a little thin for a normal super, do the frame rails get planted on rather than routered out?
  9. there are some steel lids for $12.65 each per 100 on trademe at the mo.
  10. Hi there, I have searched and manually trawled through but couldn't find my answer so here is the question, sorry if it's dumb. Why don't people build supers from plywood? Is it the formaldehyde glue between layers? Cost? I have read that the timber dimensions are not common so low supply therefore high demand and price, ply would seem a logical choice. If glue is the issue can it be sealed? Cheers
  11. I am relying on my mentor who uses Ceracell. The really frustrating thing is that I was a timber machinist in a large joinery factory a few years back and could make all the hive parts in my sleep, just don't have access to machines. Oh and my son is a roofer who said he could make lids but I'm yet to see a single one.
  12. Who is your local supplier may I ask?
  13. I am real green but I thought it looked like a good hive, till I saw the price and got real dog on it real quick.
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