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  1. Thanks Daley - I read that on the net somewhere - I hope thats all it is - I have mesh floor and vaseline on white card underneath that I look at daily so hopefully anything out of the ordinary will show up. Still got a few strugglers outside the entrance on the grass but much fewer numbers, only 14 today.
  2. now you are showing off! ) i sis yet to catch one that big........... Thanks Tom you putting my mind at rest I feel a whole lot happier today.... the numbers outside the hive not so much of a concern. I will keep close watch over the next few days to see if any changes. Many thanks to all for the replies
  3. Tom/ anyone- on the picture of the front of the hive there are some brown spots could this be a sign of Nosema? and if so could that be why my bees have been crawling on the grass outside the hive entrance? What is the most natural cure? and how drastic is it?
  4. shame i dont own a boat........ i get a lift every now and then. You are welcome to pop round if you are on this side of the peninsular and talk bees and fishing........ Less bees outside on grass today tried to get a pic but hard to see amongst grass, only counted 18 so far. Did another shake this morning - no varoa but did get 4 tiny eggs (would they be veroa eggs? and a very small mite dont think it was veroa - about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of a varoa see pic - any ideas what they may be? - I took pictures through a jewlers glass so very small, I took pic of match head to give an idea of the size. I did not put Apiguard in yet as hive seems so happy and with no further sign of veroa I dont want to upset them. On another bee website I saw that after a few days of rain you can get a lot of dead bees thrown out of the hive any comments. Small numbers when you consider they may be 40,000 strong. Any thoughts/comments welcome.
  5. thanks Deejay they were treated with Bayvarol and they did have a good shake and plenty of room in jar. I did leave them for 3-4 mins in sugar and gave a reshake before turning out. I have to go to work now. but will do another shake test tomorrow morning to confirm. They were treated beginning of September I picked them up 2nd November so strips had been in over 8 weeks I understood it was not good to leave strips in any longer as the mites can build up immunity. 9 frames of bees removed 3 strips. The last time I used Apiguard on one of my hives they all sat on the outside for 4 days so loathed to use it if it is not necessary. The hive is looking really busy this morning but still a 60-70 struggling bees on the grass outside the entrance.
  6. My thoughts are, if it was poisoning why are my other hives OK? the bees from the other hives would be on the same pollen and no sign of dead bees at the entrances. So local to one hive only.
  7. Thanks Tom I will get read up on nosmea and paralysis - My partner said the farm next door that has sprayed thistles recently within the last 10 days could it be that? Thanks FF It is a hive i bought this year and I was assured it had been treated early in the spring, I removed some old strips when I got the hive home after the first inspection so have no reason to believe it was not treated - I do have some Apiguard but want to identify the problem first. I thought 5 mites for a few hundred bees was OK. If you were me would you use the apiguard anyway?
  8. Yesbut - not sure about flowering Karaka trees - I expect so if found in native bush. Are they poisonous to bees? if so why would the bees take pollen from them?
  9. Many thanks for all the replies - only just got them as have been out.
  10. Hi Frazzledfrozzle I did a sugar shake test last week and got 5 mites from a good cup of bees. Tristan I did remove some frames last week but was extremely careful so am sure i did not kill many bees. FF - Can you tell me more about paralysis? what is it what causes it etc. Tom - are the bees sitting around in clusters? sort of - a cluster of dead ones in the grass plus some docile live ones - their physics look totally normal apart from not being able to fly? yes - some climb up on gras, but just sit there? YES - hardly move at all. YES if you through them up they fall down like a beetle? YES - have you seen this before Tom? Just to add the rest of the hive is acting normally - lots of activity and pollen coming in. It has been wet for the last few days so this afternoon was the first afternoon they have been out in any number.
  11. I have checked for veroa and none found. The bees look complete no broken wings etc
  12. I am a little concerned as I have a lot of dead bees and struggling bees (not able to fly) outside the front of one of my hives. They are not all drones most look to be workers. The hive still looks healthy can anyone tell me why this is happening.
  13. Fishing is good in Manaia and the gulf too - loving the bees and the fishing just dont like it when they act out of character! thanks for replies - will keep an eye on them over the next few days annd see if they return to normal behaviour.
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