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  1. I started feeding with bags when I found I was having lots of drownings in frame feeders and then drownings in top feeders also. I normally fed 2 litres per feed laid directly on top of the frames with a spacer over the top, the bees stayed warmer under there and it worked well, and bees don't die. I'd just slice the bag with a box cutter. But.. you use a s**t load of bags and pouring the syrup into the bags made me look like I was a walking swarm with bees coming from all over. I've improved my syrup mix and how I feed using the frame and top feeders now and something has worked and I have fewer deaths, so I've hung up my 'baggie feeders'. See attached photo, this is what you look like filling bags at the apiary in autumn.
  2. The slug of cider vinegar comment wasn't being funny - lots of Beeks add apple cider vinegar to the syrup - it slightly lowers the pH of the syrup making it more like nectar and also inverts the sucrose to fructose to some extent so the bees don't have to do it. The slight acidification of the syrup also discourages mold growth.:confused:
  3. You can thymolise your sugar syrup and it will keep in warm weather (google :Thymolised Syrup you will find a recipe) the bees like it as well. I've been using thymolised syrup now for about 5 years and use it (thymol) no matter how fast they are taking it up, any season.
  4. In that case I can see why so many are :crap::crap: themselves :eek:. How would they have been getting it past the testers NPA wise?
  5. My Manuka would be honest to goodness Manuka - theres hardly any Kanuka around here ( a few trees over the back of the farm) but my problem is all the lotus major/clover etc that they suck up with the manuka. I was just down the South Island and saw a lot of hives on what looked to be Kanuka - if this stuff been getting sold as Manuka I can see why people may be worried.
  6. It would be bad for me if anything under 10 NPA were rendered "bush Honey" but good for me if MPI have actually found a way to say that my manuka blend honey was really Manuka (which it is) without having to rely MGO which can be synthesised in a factory and added after honey extraction as far as I can figure.
  7. Hi everyone - I haven't trolled thru all the posts here - just a few - but many/possibly all - seem to think the new Manuka standard will be bad for the industry, unless I guess you are sitting in the middle of a patch of 100% high activity Manuka - if MPI are not using NPA/UMF/MGO ( as I saw in one post) what do people think they will be measuring, and - is there any chance it will be good for the industry rather than bad, surely sometimes the MPI must get it right - even if by accident. Redirect me if this has already been answered Cheers :whistle:.
  8. Has anyone else tried burning leucerne pellets in a smoker? - I got a sack of pellets a while back ( get regular stock feed - without chemical additives). It's hard to get going - I put a handful on a gas hob in a metal gauze tray until its black and smoking ( wife hates it, lots of smoke - do this outside!!) - then biff it in the smoker. Add another handful of lucerne pellets and it burns all day. Sweet, only need to use your gas torch while out beeking if you have been impatient and not fried the stuff enough before you put it in the smoker.
  9. Ouch:what: - is this the same Watsons?
  10. Durex Masking Tape 18mm - peel it off after you use it - whatever were you thinking of? :eek:
  11. Still only getting queens here - but finding them every couple of days - ordering vespex shortly and will try it out.
  12. Daley - this all could have silver lining - you said due to the MPI's assistance you now have many women wanting to marry you - essentially it would appear MPI has taken time out from mismanaging the introduction of hazardous flora and fauna and is also now mismanaging a dating website for Beeks, how good of them. Let them know you are a girl and I'm sure MPI will accidentally release it to the web and you will have lots of interesting emails offering marriage etc. Be sure to let us know how it goes (y)
  13. damn good point yesbut - but I'd have to sell them my 1:1 sugar syrup as it's all I've got :sneaky:
  14. There may actually be a positive in everyones emails being listed in that we could get contacted by people wanting to purchase honey legally - which hopefully is the reason MPI put the email addresses on the net. But if anyone comes to my place wanting to buy honey after seeing my address on the net I'd tell them to just turn that tanker round and get the hell out of it :what:
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