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  1. Yipp. Smart move comvita, good advertising & a tax write off . Really tho in such a large scale disaster normal honey works pretty good too, hopefully they will come across the ditch to purchase honey from us with the shortfall the fires will create. Koalas will probably enjoy the feed also.
  2. It seems the honey industry might be as screwed over as the wool. With the insatiable taste for sweet and sugar being seen as a devil honey should be a rising star, especially raw honey with enzyme & good bacterias intact. Wool should be the same rising star with plastic clothing but somehow we lack a insightful leader and the marketing focus. It seems the government are happy to give millions to researchers for which most work has been done many times. On ground level there are many ideas lacking the $$ & expertise to get to the market place. I really believe its time we partnered w
  3. So no co-op... why are we not looking at a online auction system like fonterra or a marketing board. Bruce has lead the charge for change and that takes balls. With Aussie weather there must be opportunity for sales.
  4. And if the insecticides, herbicides and fungacides are removed for the bees health what are the options for pretty much the guaranteed food supply for you and me . I used to be a market gardener now have a few bees and mixed crop farm. I see crops get blown over all the time if bugs n diseases arent dealt to. So should the $$ go to finding a alternative to the chemicals in main stream use or into the blame game. I see a lot of belts getting let off a hole or 2 and that comes from the luxury of plenty of food so becareful not to shoot the hand that feeds you and work with it instead. Im all fo
  5. Read that a mould that grows in the hives actually suspresses AFB... Penicillium Waksmanii. Natures kind enough to have antidotes to most things we just need to be smart enough & quick enough to find them before we get wiped out.
  6. Well known in the Ag sector when the tribes and landcorp get into something its time to get out ie forestry, cows, bees next is milking sheep
  7. Welcome to the world of agriculture. Wools in the ####, has been for years because the plastic boys advertise their products with a sheep on the front. EarthWool batts have no wool in them. What a product actual is today is completely irrelevant, its all about false advertising and big margins. What the consumer wants...as many units at the lowest possible price and then whinge like hell cos we got health problems caused by cheap and nasty. No marketer today has the balls, funds or political backing to call out the liars and decievers.
  8. Always said hives should be registered to a title = Hives per hectare.
  9. Anne


    Sounds like honest modern day marketing to me. flip side eg.. Look at "earthwool" insulation batts harmful to earth and absolutely no wool in them at all.
  10. Yipp a few broodless and a couple with 6 frames of brood still which concerns me a little cos there aint much tucker round to fill those cells for the deep dark months (I guess the syrup will have to) Swings n round abouts I guess.
  11. In the restaurant industry the cost of your meal was 1/3 food ,operating costs 1/3, profit 1/3 well it was the aim but theres always variables.today I believe the word used is ripoff for most things as everybody eexpects a new house boat etc etc.
  12. Yipp seperate honey n wax use honey for dressing my horses wounds if n when . Wax gets reused. Water blaster over them & freeze for a bit.
  13. Would be nice to say beef n lamb have finally reached a sustainable level.
  14. NZ tie downs. really good quality, take ya ratchets etc in Dale will make them up. Have truck tiedowns from him 20yrs old and still in good condition.
  15. I put in for that and was told it went to bigger land holders than me only wanted 300 odd .1 million trees up for grabs on the tax payer
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