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  1. @Trevor Gillbanks the 6 frame radial you imported from China died/failed or is this one just shinier?
  2. perhaps because a large proportion of Australia's "manuka expertise" seems to come from Comvita who gained that expertise in the NZ market so they have a pretty good idea how the market really works? Y'know all that stuff about how our guvment keeps cancelling visas on NZ'ers who have been here since childhood and gone off the rails; perhaps you could get your PM to call our PM and ask them to cancel Comvita's visa. It'd put a big dent in your oz-competition and I don't expect too many over here would complain.... just a thought
  3. That would be @tony I think How has the device gone since then Tony? any improvements/updates?
  4. Ewww no.. I heard that all your hives are crawling with varroa cooties :-)
  5. C'mon chilluns play nicely please. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0167780 possibly... it appears that in the Comvita/Capilano "partnership" Comvita provide the "expertise", Capilano provide the marketing channels and a domestic market still eager to drink the active-honey coolaid (and if you're into conspiracies perhaps the imported sugar syrup to blend it with :-) ). That means that all the dirty, shonky, manuka sales tricks and price gouging currently playing out here in Oz and perhaps in the places we export to are
  6. beequip list 3/4 sized technoset plastic frames https://www.beequip.nz/collections/technoset/products/technosetbee-3-4-depth-frame?variant=4363303555 We've had plastic frames, to take wax foundation, for some decades in Oz; they preceded the full-plastic frames and foundation although don't seem to get all that much usage. I'm one of the weird folk who actually like your "worst possible combination of issues. " and my preference is timber frames with plastic foundation. Plastic foundation ... because I am sick of having wax foundation blow apart in the extrac
  7. because... if you leave boxes to fill to their absolute maximum during a flow you will have forced the the bees to stop collecting nectar and instead focus on moisture reduction and filling every little spot; and some hives will have ceased nectar collection completely.
  8. just remember that 10 amp limit though; taking out the overgrowth with a chainsaw first would be prudent. :-)
  9. Polystyrene compactors are available... they squish the eps like a big sausage grinder into polystyrene which is quite a bit more dense and transportable than eps. The problem then is finding a plastics manufacturer that can find a use for grotty polystyrene (eg I imagine the market for dirty cd jewel cases is rather limited).
  10. hi Phil, can I ask what the density of the VH Poly is? Here in OZ VH EPS usually means 28g/L which is pretty soft compared to the stuff Paradise/HoneyPaw/Lyson use (but still stronger than a fishbox). What sort of longevity do you have in mind?
  11. I have noticed you NZ'ers do tend to standardise more than we do but in these parts that would not be a particularly good assumption. I've seen 4-hive pallets with hives back-to-back and with all 4 facing the same direction (so two facing into the backs of the other two) and many years ago using a gantry rather than forklift; 4, 6 or 8 facing the same direction but have not actually seen them facing 4 different directions (not that there'd be anything wrong with that :-) )
  12. It's probably lower spec than what you'd want to consider anyway but.. based on my personal experience I would recommend strongly against a celestron pentaview. The electronics seem to have a very high fail rate and they cannot/will not sell replacements. .. you have to replace the entire site scope or just throw it away. Based on the response from the service centre; the no-spares "policy" applies to all the electronics on all of their microscopes not just this model.
  13. Is some/all Lyson gear manufactured in China? I have one of their poly hives and my initial thoughts were "blimey the oompah loompahs in Poland must be cheap and disposable" (because eg their poly hives have a number of plastic bits that need to be pre-loaded into the mold before injecting the polystyrene. Something that requires either very high tech/very expensive robots or disposable oompaloompahs and "flexible" oh&'s rules).
  14. Sigh... all that smoke, carbon, pollution. Whoever sorts out the regulations and sets up a gamma irradiation facility over there in the little islands. . Is gonna make so much money its scary to think of.
  15. Ooh just reading that made my back, ankles and finger tips twinge :-) Do you make the 32mm frames your self? Does anyone sell them?
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