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  1. The real money is made from M... other honeys are a by-product or at best a small petty-cash earner. The world didn't want Manuka honey until it was researched and marketed did it? The world didn't want Manuka honey until it was researched and marketed did it? The world didn't know it wanted iPhones until they were developed and marketed.
  2. Ah no. Which area around Whakatane? (A few of us will be on the look out)
  3. You asked if anybody was working together to bulk-buy treatments... the answer is yes. I am on behalf of a few local beekeepers - currently about 10,000 strips. How many are you after? Or were you just being curious?
  4. It has been an idea discussed between a few local smaller commercial beekeepers... something along the lines of an oldschool co-op.
  5. Has merit. Assuming we are all like minded honest people, could be an avenue to assist (keep an eye out atleast) in the issue that is becoming real in the industry.
  6. That sucks Chris. Tony txtd earlier with the bad news - gutting man!
  7. Is this related to the abandoned trailer of supers a while back?
  8. Are the frames in your honey super drawn or foundation? Either way, move some frames of honey from your brood area into the center of your honey super. This will help encourage the bees up to store there instead.
  9. Maybe commercial breaks could have a sub-forum for the more industry sensitive topics? Private/closed groups? Hiw NZbees policy considers this tho? As a comm employee, hobbyist, and small beekeeping business, there are elements & contributions relevant as well as irrelevant to commercial forum. The forum has members from all walks of life, so on the whole it is encouraged that NZbees transprently welcomes contributions on all manner of topics from the spectrum of members.
  10. Also known as Coral Tree. Varieties from all over the world, of genus Erythrina. Being from Northland, it may be species caffra from Sth Africa. Being from there myself, they were noticed in Northland. Unsure of bee food source, but hopefully this gives direction for your info searching.
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