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  1. Can we please stick to bees, I know they depend on the climate, but if I wanted to read non referenced opinions of climate skeptics I would listen more to trump and the other ‘experts’ that don’t believe it’s happening. maybe start a new thread so I can not waste my time reading it? checked all hives today, nectar slowing down, we have incredibly dry conditions. Some pohutukawa nectar still uncapped which is crystallising already! Pohutukawa are pretty much finished, Kanuka seems to have finished here now Too. I spread parsley seeds everywhere there was bare soil earlier in the year most is flowering now, and covered with bees!
  2. I know how you feel! I’ve been stung lots of times, always my fault, swells a bit but fine... until the last one. A bee stung me on the ear lobe when I was walking past one of the hives at home. 30 minutes later my hands and feet got crazy itchy. I took an anti histamine, no better. I started monitoring my blood pressure on my home monitor, and it kept dropping until it was very low and I started sweating and getting agitated! I took two prednisone tablets, which I had in my little emergency bee sting kit I keep at home, sent a couple of sos texts just in case and almost drove to gp office, but after I drank heaps of water and paced trying to up my bp, it started improving. the gp and I agree it was an anaphylactic reaction - can affect respiratory and or cardio system. I think being it was also behind my ear, meaning it was close to the brain (probably irrelevant) and I couldn’t get it out easy so got a full dose of venom maybe it was worse than usual. I’m hoping that anyway! so I now have an epi pen on hand. I have been in the hives since, but in full protective gear, esp gloves, good weather, and only on days my gp is working. The hospital is 40-50 min away. I haven’t been stung yet so it will be interesting to see what happens when I do. As far as cost of an epipen, I got mine online from allergy pharmacy, it was a lot cheaper than local pharmacy and was not old (they expire after 12 months). My GP told me you need to buy the epipen, but if you use it, can claim the cost of it on acc. I would also imagine that if you are commercial, it would be claimable against tax? I hope that helps, and it seems important that any people have access, or know someone close by that has an epipen as it seems anaphylaxis can occur any time! I think I was lucky it wasn’t worse! hope that helps in some way.
  3. So yes definitely a swarm.. suited up and got the smoker going, but didn't need it. Put box of foundation next to the hive they had settled on and scooped them in. They're still in there today so I think I won! (Though better if they hadn't swarmed) it was weird though - there were lots of bees fanning on the front of the original hive and not many on the new one so I thought perhaps the queen had gone back in the original hive - haven't opened the new hive but they are coming and going. Went through the original hive today they still have a big population, brood, a few eggs and space so perhaps they just got too big? It was a swarm from last yr so also could be old queen or perhaps just swarmy bees? They also got hit pretty hard from varroa over winter so I didn't expect them to get so big! I was literally driving the 2 minutes to check them and add another super when my friend called so lucky/unlucky timing...
  4. Thanks for the tips! Im pretty sure they are from the hive there are some with pollen sacks too.. They're more bearding currently so I've wedged sticks between the boxes there already in case they're just short on space and hot but how they were flying before was very smarmy! Ive put an empty hive next to them and now just checking another hive at a friends then back to watch that one!
  5. They were flying all around the hive as if about to swarm but now they are settling on the front of hive like this! I figure it's too late to prevent swarming.. any ideas? They're all very relaxed so it's definitely not robbing..
  6. Interesting topic. I dont have much experience with bees, only one year, I have tried to read anything i can get my hands on though! After reading though the control of varroa pdf (I know its a bit old now) and eliminating treatments that had aspects I disliked. I also read through pretty much all of Randy Olivers website. I really like the idea of the MAQS. Sure they can be harmful to the bees but what varroa treatment isnt? I assume anyone using any type of treatment has looked into how it works, why it works, what the risks are and made an informed choice from there? For me MAQS won. I based my decision on the following factors From memory he reported no queen losses, 2 hives superseded, but may have been for other reasons, he tried them at higher temp's than recommended and followed up on mite counts post treatment and they appeared to work. It was well worth a read through I thought. You can also just put them in the hive and leave them in there till the next treatment, I would think that would be less work on a large scale? (I only have two hives...). There is no known resistance to it. It can be used during the honey flow for a quick knockdown. It has no residue*. All this talk of not wanting to use them makes me think ive missed something? Ive based my decision on the theory of course, have people had bad experiences with them?
  7. Its a very long way up and when i last did the climb up the hill a month or so ago was only 2-3 bees there - i may if i have time try to block it off before another swarm moves in. Good news yesterday plenty of eggs in both hives so must have just been a break due to the maqs. Thanks heaps everyone for the feedback and opinions! Both pulling in plenty of nectar and pollen so all seems great!
  8. I did but that one appears to be on a brood break too so currently no unfortunately! It was two full brood boxes there is emerging brood in it. The weak one was laying very patchy and not taking up much syrup even before treatment (ive done deca and checked for afb none seen). I was going to put a fresh frame with eggs and a little brood from the busy one in yesterday but even that one i could see no eggs, just a few drones. Some older brood in the strong hive and a few larvae uncapped but much less than before maqs. It started to rain while inspecting busy one and copped a sting so didnt get a really thorough inspection of the upper brood box of the busy one - todays job. Yes i read after putting the strips in there that it is something to be wary of - after all the trouble that hives had it will be watched very closely! Hopefully it pulls through.. Criticism is useful if taken the right way - if we dont know we are making mistakes we will keep making them.. Very grateful for any feedback good or bad! Apivar yes it was amitraz used in both my hives 10 march - both hives doubles four strips each hive as packet instructions. I removed at 7 weeks - perhaps that was part of he problem after reading recently on here 10 weeks is better here in nz. It worked well on one hive though! There is a feral colony in a puriri tree up the hill perhaps they robbed them after treatment. (Its too high up for me to get to unfortunately)
  9. i have a weak hive 3 frames of bees. Decent stores, but there are no eggs and they arent taking up the sugar syrup i added to try and strengthen them. There is definitely a queen there i spotted it looks nice but doesnt seem to be laying! No queen cups so i am pretty sure its not a vigin. My autumn varroa treatment with apivar was unsuccessful which is how it got so weak! Treated with one maqs strip in july for knockdown which worked well. Treatment with 2 maqs strips 2 weeks ago in both my hives, removed yesterday. Any thoughts? Queen need replacing? Combine with my other hive (which btw i saw no eggs in either, didnt spot queen in that one but 1.5 brood boxes of bees, had been building up very well)? Brood break from the formic acid? Thinking currently of checking this afternoon again for eggs now that maqs have been out 24 hrs if the weather stays right, if still none in weak hive combining with excluder and newspaper and then of requeening both once mated queens become more available, or sooner if it looks like i need to - may be a challenge! Thanks!
  10. Good ideas for sure! Thanks all for the info! I would only be doing the undersides of the galv lids.. Would paint have a tendency to flake off or blister off if the lid gets very hot? I have two different rust killing paints in garage but ones nasty looking/smelling tacky black stuff so may keep that for under the cars! The others a zinc spray paint green in colour. I was considering trying that then I may read something on the forums about metalex? saying it was a bad idea with bees. Whether its the same ive no idea but decided not to risk it. I currently have just the two hives so might give it a go woth the lanocote as noones said dont do it! Haha It smells a bit sheepy when sprayed but cant imagine that annoying the bees too much!
  11. hi everyone, have read tonnes on the forums but first post, heaps of great info on here! I was considering using either crc lanocote (lanolin fish oil and modern non-toxic inhibitors) or crc soft seal (wax based) on the underside of my hive lids to stop/reduce corrosion from maqs. I think the lanocote would be best as says it protects against acids. Its reasonably cheap but can anyone think of a reason not to use it? I have sealed around the hive mat with tape but even with that last time i used it one lid ended up with rust under the lid. Any feedback much appreciated!
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