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  1. Thanks for the advice. I've got a hive that I haven't done any splits from, so I'll give that a go, as it appears to be building up nicely with young bees.
  2. I put the cups in to the hive in the morning and graft in the afternoon. After reading your advice, I don't think I'm leaving it in long enough for the priming to be done, I'll put the cups in this weekend and graft on Wednesday or Thursday. I have tried using a nuc box with no queen and also tried by putting the grafting bar back into the same hive that I grafted from, with its own queen. I shall keep trying.
  3. Trying to raise some queens, but am having trouble with cups being cleaned out when the frame is inserted into the hive. Have tried grafting and the Jenter system, but every I go back and check the cups are clean. At the moment I have cut a narrow strip of brood out of an existing frame and put it on top of two frames of brood. I'm looking forward to seeing if this works.
  4. Well done! I'm still waiting to catch a swarm in a bait box, not having much luck though.
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