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  1. Thanks Daley. All of your info is very helpful. I thought I would get my shed sorted now, instead of waiting to later in the year, as I would prefer not to have the hassle of tradesmen then, because as you know how busy a beekeeper is during the season. I'm looking forward to my first extraction in my new shed next season.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I've decided I'm going to follow jamesc advice and go with a 3 bay shed, thinking that 2 bays is not going to be large enough. In answer to tristan, I have got an insulated seperate shed close to where the new one is going for storage. I've just had a read of the RMP requirements, very useful info. I've also flicked off an email to MPI to find out who represents my region. Gotta keep moving forward (y)
  3. I am hoping someone is out there able to help me with my request, pleeease. Especially now that I have moved on from being a long term hobbyist, into the semi commercial area.
  4. Is it listed somewhere the exact requirements for an extraction shed? I've been told that if you talk to MPI, it depends on who you are and who you talk to. I would like to have a two bay shed, one bay closed off for the extraction room and the other bay left open for storing honey drums etc - am I allowed to have open storage right beside my extraction room? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I did think about shipping containers, but they look soooo ugly from the outside.
  6. It's a Goldpine shed with timber framing. My thoughts are the same as yours in regards to the fridge panels, but I am interested to know what other people have used that is compliant in their extraction sheds. Down here in the south, commercial beekeepers are spaced fairly well apart, so it is good to have this type of forum to ask specific questions.
  7. Thanks tudor. I have just googled his name and have sent him an email.
  8. I've got a two bay almost new farm shed, one bay is going to be converted into an extracting room, the other bay is going to be left for storage, such as honey drums and supers.
  9. Yeah, okay. I'm moving on from being a hobbyist this year. My question, therefore, still stands.
  10. I'm currently in the process of getting an extraction shed organised. I have just had a quote from a refridgeration company in Christchurch, in regards to a product to use to line the shed's walls. I'm open to options and wondered what those of you that have build sheds, have used for linings that meet the required standards.
  11. Good to see you back Daley. Why should you give up something you have a passion for and get a job purely for the money - I know having money makes life an awful lot easier, but often it doesn't always birngs the happiness that working with honey bees provides.
  12. Thanks tristan. Can you please tell me what the thread is under, I'm interested to know what others think of each category.
  13. Just wondering how many hives denotes each category. I recently read where somebody had 10 hives and called themselves semi-commercial, I've got over that and still call myself a hobbyist.
  14. Hopefully the 2019 conference will be in Invercargill. The facilities and accommodation are available and it will be good for those in the North Island who haven't ventured south to find out, that yes there is land past Dunedin and Queenstown.
  15. It's hard burning any hives, but like I said it's all part of beekeeping. Just like any type of farming, you may have to put an animal down that you initally bottle fed at birth, only to find out a couple of years later that it has developed a health problem that can't be cured.
  16. It's all part and parcel of keeping bees. He needs to toughen up or find a less stressing occupation.
  17. I had a couple of hives, when I first started beekeeping, that the queens died over the winter. The hives were without queens for about six weeks. In the spring I introduced a new queen in each hive and had excellent hives by the end of spring.
  18. Sounds like your doing a great job, keep up the good work. I'm sure coming up with a solution for the water won't be a problem, it's maybe something the kids can decide on, what would be good to use instead of the new pool and then give them the responsibility of maintaining whatever the water is in - only a thought.
  19. It's good to see NZ getting on board with bees in schools, the Brits have been doing it for years. It's so cute seeing the youngsters in their beesuits and their huge enthusiam towards anything bee related.
  20. Do you really want to use plastic frames??? Have a look at the thread 'free plastic frames'.
  21. Had five queens Courier Posted to me three years ago. Label on pacakage clearly stated that it was 'live bees and not to be left in the sun' when delivered. It was a very nice sunny day when the queens were delivered (while I was at work). Where were the queens left by the Courier Post delivery person - in the sun. Thank goodness all contents of the package were okay. I emailed the supplier of the queens, but didn't get a reply, so I haven't ordered any more since, instead I have learn't to raise my own.
  22. No wonder the guy's giving them away uncleaned, they are a nightmare to try and clean. When I started beekeeping I had a couple of hives with plastic frames, and then bought another 20 complete frames with wooden frames, but plastic foundation. I now use neither, sticking to the traditional wooden frames with wax foundation. When I talk to someone interested in beekeeping I discourage the use of plastic frames/foundation.
  23. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I obtained my DECA almost two years ago and I was getting a bit concerned that I hadn't received anything about doing the refresher. I do think refreshers are a good idea though and I will most certainly look at doing one, when one is available in my area.
  24. I was recently told by a beekeeper that if you hold a Deca, then it had to be renewed every two years. Is this information correct?
  25. I've just managed to get my first bush block for a new apiary (my current sites are clover). I was delighted to be able to venture into another blend of honey, only to find out that there could now be a possible spread of rust, which in turn, could mean aerial spraying. I haven't as yet looked in to what is being used to spray the rust with, but I bet your bottom dollar the spray won't be 'bee friendly'. On the flip side though, a few years back there was the threat from the clover weevil. This is not a problem in my area now, and my bees are providing me with plenty of clover honey. Hopefully this rust can be nipped in the bud before it spreads too far.
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