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  1. Have a look at the 'Farmer's Market Honey' thread. May be of some interest to you.
  2. Have you approached your local council to see if there are any kitchens (such as a local hall) in your area that meet the NP1 standards?
  3. I used cardboard rolls a few times when I first started out in beekeeping and only had 3 hives to check. I found that the cardboard burn't down quickly in the smoker and a few 'smuts' came out of the end of the smoker, which occassionally concerned me when the ground was fairly dry. I then moved on to starting my smoker with cardboard and then packing it with dry twigs, this worked well. I now mainly use weathered sacking, but every now and again when I put mesh in my hive floors, I use the cut out wood, chop it up as kindling and use that in my smoker.
  4. When did you check food supply going into winter? Was it after the robbing season? Maybe they just didn't have enough at the start of winter and perished over that time.
  5. I have read somewhere that bees which produce honey from rhododendrons is toxic to humans. In saying that though I have never seen honey bees on rhododendrons, only bumble bees.
  6. Yesterday was the first warm day since autumn, being a nice 14 degrees. Was totally bummed out that I couldn't have a proper look at my hives as I was at work, but it looks like the weekend is going to be nice and warm so I'm aiming to give each hive a good check then. Pussy willow is starting to bud up nicely, hellebours are flowering profusely and even the crocuses are putting on a good show -spring is on it's way.
  7. I only used the alternating Apistan and Bayvoral over a one year period - I stopped after I found out that it wasn't a good combination. It was a time when I was not a member of this forum and a hobby beekeeper, listening to another hobby beekeeper who, I thought, was wised up about varroa treatment.:rolleyes:
  8. @ChrisM. CraBee has sumed my answer up in his last sentence. I have previously used Apistan and Bayvoral as alternating treatments, but since Apistan has now got such a bad rap, I no longer wish to use it, instead I am going with Apivar instead of either Apistan or Apiguard. I have tried the Apiguard trays and found them a bit of a hassle to use, so have decided to go with strips for both treatments. Remember though that when you open a pack of 10 Apivar strips, the packet needs to be used within two weeks (info also from supplier).
  9. I'm in the same situation, so I telephoned NZ Beeswax Ltd (suppliers of Apivar). They were very helpful and said that it was fine to use Apivar this coming Spring AND Autumn and to use Bayvoral next Spring. They said that Apivar is best applied in the Autumn and to use Bayvoral in the Spring.
  10. I'm sure that there are others out there that would be interested in hearing what the councils have to say. Keep us posted.
  11. @Gareth It will be intersting to hear the response from the other two councils, to see if their replies are similar.
  12. Community work should be working beehives with angry bees - WITHOUT GLOVES
  13. I purchased one at the end of last season, so I'm keen to try it out this coming season. It feels a bit heavier than my current suit, so it'll be interesting.
  14. Just wondering if MPI are easier to work with in your country AdamD, than here in NZ. Getting in touch with MPI was the very first thing I did when considering my shed. The MPI person I spoke to said that they aren't supposed to help me as an individual in setting up a shed. Talking to other beeks who have set up their own sheds appears to be more beneficial.
  15. Maybe the same will go with giving away honey :whistle:
  16. I think it's getting pretty bad if you can't GIVE honey away unless you're certified. Just wondering where it's all going to stop - no more eggs from the neighbour, vegetables from a work mate, oh and I dread telling the mother in law that she can't have any more lamb roasts or chops when we do our home kill. :unsure:
  17. Are you sure that you told them an NP1 and not a RMP? It does seem rather steep for what you're after. The prices I've been told for an RMP aren't even that high. :eek:
  18. If they're already strong hives, try advertising them now while the competition is low. Sometimes word of mouth is good, especially if someone is wanting to build up their existing hive numbers. Personally when I buy hives, I avoid Trademe preferring to buy from idividuals with realistic prices.
  19. Recently found out that a retired beekeeper got busted by MPI for having three drums of honey for sale which were extracted in his honey house, which is not certified under the new MPI standards. The guy's 81 and has kept a small number of his hives since he retired, just to keep as a hobby. Because it has been extracted in an uncertified extraction plant, honey companies don't want it, therefore he has tried to sell it on a popular computer trading site and this is where he got pinged. My question is: Does honey that is sold at local Farmer's Markets also have to be extracted in a MPI certified honey house.
  20. Aren't you being a bit greedy thinking of asking for both payment AND honey - especially when you've got your own hives to get honey from. I've had farmers ask me to put hives on their properties, my reply is 'not if you want payment in cash, but payment in honey', they are more than happy to go with the honey arrangement. No-one can predict what the season is going to be like.
  21. Try your local hunting shop.
  22. Looks really good. Shame I haven't managed to find a place in NZ that sells them.
  23. I'm in the process of learning to weld, but my welds are not, as yet, at the stage where I can trust them to stay together. Do you know where I can purchase such an item.
  24. I'm interested in investing in a trolley/sack barrow to get my hives from the vehicle into the apiary and was wondering if anyone else used such an aparatus.
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