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  1. Also interested to hear the results. Far quicker than mead.
  2. Yesbut. Looks like you've managed to convert your outhouse.
  3. Agree with WebKiwiNZ. It's the same as those that build houses in areas where there are already well established vineyards, then moan about sprays, machinery operating outside 'normal work hours', frost protection, such as windmills and helicopters, operating at early hours, workers laughing/talking too loud. The list goes on. If you are going to have to move them now and you find them too heavy for you to lift in one whack, how about moving the boxes to your vehicle one by one. A bit of faffing around but at least they will be moved. Maybe you could move them over a short period of time,
  4. It amazes me that some cities allow beehive placements, but not towns with a rural aspect - Gore District Council has such restrictions, but not as sever as Waipa District Council. Good luck with your endeavour Phil, keep us posted.
  5. I was talking to a 17 year old female the other week, who was very much for climate change, and that she really wanted to do her bit for it. I asked her if she was going to have children. She assured me yes as 'she loved babies'. I asked her if she was going to use cotton or disposable nappies, and that I had heard that it can take up to five hundred years for a disposable nappy to break down. She didn't know how to answer my question, but remained in considerably deep thought for a while.
  6. Yes, it's about a 20 minute drive north east of Gore.
  7. You could try Greenvale Honey in Waikaka, Southland. I know a couple of years ago they took on someone with no beekeeping experience at all and he never thought he would go don that particular road of employment, but it turned it ( like the rest of us) he got hooked from the moment he started and absolutely loves it.
  8. Ted is indeed correct. I also remember seeing the clip on youtube a couple of years ago. The final result of the creamed honey looked really good.
  9. The positive advice to this chap, is to ask for more income than you think you should get, especially if you end up working by yourself. Come on... The guy's been in the industry for 10+ seasons. It's his father's business - the son should know what the other staff are getting paid. He's left school and has done a bit of work elsewhere, so he should know about the minimum wage, contracts etc. He needs to do some maths and see what he needs, in money terms, to live off - is he living at home, mortgage, young family etc. No negativity intended. Sorry if I offended. Just seen
  10. I have seen this situation before, where a son comes in, in a manergerial role. I was all fine and dandy while the son was learning from other staff, but once he was in a leadership role most of it turned pearshaped. The power went to his head and because he was 'the big boss's son', staff felt they couldn't complain - good staff left because of the son.
  11. As said many a time before, okay for the honest ones out there, but what about the dishonest ones, that don't comply with the system and don't get caught.
  12. They don't even list the ingredients in the sales blurb. A joe bloggs had to ask, and all the seller put was that it was made out of organic brown rice.
  13. Thanks Alastair for bring this to our attention. I to, have recently thought about buying one, but have thought twice about the cost of buying one from a NZ supplier. Thanks to the feedback from your enquiry, I have just placed an order from the site you suggested.
  14. Thanks ChrisM, your info is greatly appreciated. About 18 months ago I got a three bay shed built to store my beekeeping gear in as well as having the intention, at a later date, of building an internal room to extract honey and make my products out of beeswax and honey. The honey extraction and some of the products I wish to include in my product range will require an NP1. I am currently in the process of going ahead with the internal room, so it will be interesting to see how many hoops I will have to jump through down here in Southland to obtain certification.
  15. Even though it's on public land, if it's within your town belt the council should be responsible, if it's out in the country the regional council - that's what happens in my area. Get in touch with your local council - make sure you're not fobbed of, you are a ratepayer, it should be their responsibility to deal with it, not yours.
  16. Mischief, how do you know that the bees were puncturing the grapes skins if you couldn't see the grapes. I used to manage a vineyard and each year I observed grape damage started by birds (usually silvereyes). Once the holes in the grapes were made by the birds, it was then easy access for the wasps and bees. Each year, when the grapes were ripe and the birds were trying their best to get at the fruit, I watched a feral cat 'patrol' a particular area of the vineyard, as it seemed to know the best places to score a lovely feed of silvereyes.
  17. Sorry CHCHPaul, but I just had a quick look at your profile, your real phone number's on it - let's hope there's no single hackers out there looking for a date with you.
  18. I used to think the same way, until I started getting very much inundated with cold callers - now my number's unlisted.
  19. I suppose it's like any other living creature - when a bee's gotta poo, a bee's gotta poo, no matter where ( some creatures are just a bit more domesticated than others).
  20. Suggest getting in touch with makewine.co.nz they may be able to offer help.
  21. Have you tried your hives around sheep without strapping?
  22. Kaihoka, are you particular about the spacing between the hives. Do you have strapping on your hives. I've got my hives fenced off in a paddock where only sheep graze and after line trimming around the hives again today I was wondering if I could just let the sheep graze around them.
  23. A visitor from the UK recently told me that Manuka honey is far cheaper to buy there, where he comes from, than it is here.
  24. It's great to see that you've come up with solutions and haven't decided on a complete career change because of what has happened to your child.
  25. My registration number begins with P also and I only have hives within the Gore District.
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