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  1. BeeGirl

    Document Vespex baiting

    I'm pretty sure that when when you become registered you have an opportunity to go on a list to bait wasp sites in your region.
  2. BeeGirl

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Back on topic. It looks like most of the country's experiencing good weather today, so the bees should be making the most of it and getting out and about.
  3. BeeGirl

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    I think we've had better weather than most of the country. We've had a good mixture of sunshine and rain in our region, which has started the clover to flower well.
  4. BeeGirl

    Selling Propolis scrapings

    I've never worried about selling proplois in the past, but now that I have got a good number of hives I am going to do it. Can somebody please tell me if there is an age on how old the propolis can be to sell it - is there a time when the proplis becomes too old to sell?
  5. BeeGirl

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    Wait, there's still a bit of time between now and xmas.
  6. BeeGirl

    Manky old gear on Trademe

    It's all very well Trademe making rules on the selling of products, but I'm a bit concerned at how well Trademe monitor their own current rules when it comes to people selling items. Example: My father passed away a couple of months ago, so I now have the mission of dealing with his house. He had a lot of gin traps in one of his sheds, from his possoming days, when gin traps were legal. I thought that I would look into selling them on Trademe, as craft people are now taking them to bits and making all sorts of crafty things out of them. On Trademe, someone was selling gin traps for $10 each - I thought, wow, but then I looked at Trademe's rules on selling gin traps - the rules states that gin traps couldn't be sold on their site. So, I emailed Trademe and told them my plans and enquired if they had changed the rules, but no, apparently they don't monitor things as well as they should. So if gins traps can get through, there is nothing to say that dodgy beekeepers can't sell their stuff through the site either.
  7. BeeGirl

    new at queen rearing

    Congrats on getting so making grafts to take - and only on your third attepmt. Well done ?
  8. BeeGirl

    Wooden frame questions

    This is how I've been making up my frames for the past five years. The ends are nailed and the wires finished off using a staple gun. When wiring the frame, I staple the wire on, bend it over the first staple, staple again, then continue to thread the frame up, at the end I staple, bend the wire over the staple, staple again and then twist the wire off to give a clean finish. I find a framing jig is a must to give the wires on the finished frame a good tension. It's not hard to make your own jig, but I think either Ceracell or Ecrotek sell them. I've had no problems with making the frames up this way. I usually use 3/4 depth boxes for honey supers, but last year I used full depth boxes with the 3 wire frames and they went through the extraction process without any problems. 3/4 depth boxes are much easier to handle when taking honey supers off, so you may be better to keep your full depth boxes for brood rearing.
  9. BeeGirl

    NZBF Brand new beekeeper

    Purchase a copy of Practical Beekeeping In New Zealand by Andrew Matheson & Murray Reid. Also talk to people who have kept bees for a few years - not just one person either, as ideas differ. Watch Youtube, especially those from NZ, such as Trev's Bees.
  10. BeeGirl

    NZBF Sick hives, what next?

    I totally agree with John - Dave find another hobby.
  11. BeeGirl

    NZBF Dead queen-Where she gone

    Looking at your questions in your previous posts, I think it would be in your best interests to either join a bee keeping club, or spent some time with an experienced beekeeper. By doing this your will learn some very valuable skills and some answers to your questions.
  12. Trying to think what the attractant could be. I know it could be a way out thought, but maybe the camera is giving off a hum (inaudible to the human ear) that is attracting the bees. I have only seen the battery operated, 'camo' cameras, that only take motion detected photos. This type of camera does not attract bees at all.
  13. Have you thought about getting in touch with the manufacturer?
  14. Thanks Trev. I am about to give making creamed honey a go myself, so I found your tutorial very interesting and informative. Just wondering if a paint stirrer that fits on to a drill would be suitable for blending - can you please advise?
  15. BeeGirl

    NZBF Not too well!!?

    Have also read articles from the UK that the hive takes longer to warm up on a good sunny day if insulated.