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  1. BeeGirl

    Honey demand, facts not speculation

    A visitor from the UK recently told me that Manuka honey is far cheaper to buy there, where he comes from, than it is here.
  2. BeeGirl

    Bees and babys.

    It's great to see that you've come up with solutions and haven't decided on a complete career change because of what has happened to your child.
  3. BeeGirl

    registration number format question

    My registration number begins with P also and I only have hives within the Gore District.
  4. BeeGirl

    Varoa death strips

    Maybe the same ingredients as the Natural Blocks being advertised on the same site. Has anyone tried these?
  5. Just wondering if the cafe staff could give a description of the truck, which could then be folllowed up.
  6. BeeGirl

    Non slip matting or similar

    It's worth giving the carpet idea a go, if you can get some for nothing. I use carpet in the back of our ute to stop things sliding all over the show and it works very well. And if you find that the carpet doesn't work you can always use it in your garden to stop the weeds from growing. ?
  7. BeeGirl

    Honey Vinegar

    The local New World supermarket stocks it. There are a few different brands on the shelf, so it must be reasonably popular.
  8. BeeGirl

    Extraction Facility

    John, you summed it up extremely well. The question couldn't be answered any better than you have just done ?- Jeff, take heed.
  9. BeeGirl

    NZBF Adding a Second brood box

    I would recommend FD for brood and 3/4 for honey. If you use two different sizes for brood (FD & 3/4 mixed), as the more expreienced you get you will only curse the two different sized frames for brood rearing, as you want the maximum area for brood. I have suggested 3/4 depth for honey simply because a FD super full of honey is heavy and a 3/4 depth super is a good weight to lift. Last season I decided to try FD for honey, but have decided to go back to 3/4 depth, simply because I found it much easier to handle the 3/4 depth supers when it came to working each hive and when it came time to take the honey off - it's easier to use 2 3/4 depth than 1 FD for the honey.
  10. BeeGirl

    Document Vespex baiting

    I'm pretty sure that when when you become registered you have an opportunity to go on a list to bait wasp sites in your region.
  11. BeeGirl

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Back on topic. It looks like most of the country's experiencing good weather today, so the bees should be making the most of it and getting out and about.
  12. BeeGirl

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    I think we've had better weather than most of the country. We've had a good mixture of sunshine and rain in our region, which has started the clover to flower well.
  13. BeeGirl

    Selling Propolis scrapings

    I've never worried about selling proplois in the past, but now that I have got a good number of hives I am going to do it. Can somebody please tell me if there is an age on how old the propolis can be to sell it - is there a time when the proplis becomes too old to sell?
  14. BeeGirl

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    Wait, there's still a bit of time between now and xmas.
  15. BeeGirl

    Manky old gear on Trademe

    It's all very well Trademe making rules on the selling of products, but I'm a bit concerned at how well Trademe monitor their own current rules when it comes to people selling items. Example: My father passed away a couple of months ago, so I now have the mission of dealing with his house. He had a lot of gin traps in one of his sheds, from his possoming days, when gin traps were legal. I thought that I would look into selling them on Trademe, as craft people are now taking them to bits and making all sorts of crafty things out of them. On Trademe, someone was selling gin traps for $10 each - I thought, wow, but then I looked at Trademe's rules on selling gin traps - the rules states that gin traps couldn't be sold on their site. So, I emailed Trademe and told them my plans and enquired if they had changed the rules, but no, apparently they don't monitor things as well as they should. So if gins traps can get through, there is nothing to say that dodgy beekeepers can't sell their stuff through the site either.