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  1. OK ..... Tonight Jimmy C has time to read through a few emails and contracts. One of them is from our Forestry partners, who we are eternally grateful to for allowing us to locate hives on their estate. It used to be for free, but in the current Bee Frenzy even we in the moderate south have to pay for wintering sites. We get levied for a production fee. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. It is what it is and just a sign of the times. But somehow I think the forest company got a bum steer. The access fee is set at $6.50 per hive .... lot cheaper than it was when w
  2. Uh huh ...... I got three boys ..... that's a a good start. Um .... oh Bees...... early days yet ...... 2.10.20 just started laying , probably 60% ....... 6.10.20 ..... nothing laying yet.
  3. What I forgot to say was that our first cells went out on the 2.10.20 ..... and despite the inclement cold, frost, snow wind and rain ..... seem to have found the time to get out and mated .
  4. Holy carrumble .....It's feast or famine round here. A mate rang the other day . He's putting bees into Apple pollination and was a few short. So we did a deal and supplied a balance. Cracked a few lids and found some nice ones ...... pumping hives with two boxes of Brood'n'Bees, so we plonked a third on them and said A Dios for a couple of weeks. The catch was that as we cracked them there was Varroa on the drone brood between the frames . We put more staples in them and loaded them up with a prayer. And it got me thinking. The O/A seems to be working reasonably
  5. I find that the Green ones go down better for breakie
  6. Nice pics ...... you is a hard man on your ute ....eh !
  7. you gotta have the brain switched on and wired when craning ...... sequence is everything ..... crane down, remote in hand, check strops, remote placed behind drivers seat,,,, and off we go ..... or not. There's been the odd time in the early days when the crane didn't go down and the the overhead electric wires flashed in the dark all the way down the road ??
  8. Haha.... thought u were gonna tell the story of the flatty out back.... I liked that one!
  9. Baptise the forklft eh .... pictures please ?
  10. Big sigh.... we took the sti g out if the hives.... removed four frames of brood and a box of bees, leaving the queen and four frsmes of brood and drift bees to build up again before they contemplated raising swarm cells. The conundrum being that as migratory bee keepers we need everything two high when they go onto the truck. We could have put a third box on... but it just makes yer arm sockets stretch when loading the truck.... and of course.... a four frame single at this stage of the game will still make us 80kg of honey by christmas
  11. New snow and a frosty morning. The soothing hum of the bee as cells go out. Bee fever is a strange thing....
  12. Busy day on the bees yesterday with cells going out on a grey and dull day with a cold wind .... but perfect for pulling off splits in the early afternoon ..... destined to grow over the summer and provide a couple of hundred replacements for next year to cover dead and duds. You gotta love those stroppy carniolans ..... coming out to greet you on a chilly day before you've even made the introductions with a puff of smoke in the front door.
  13. Dunno ..... we burn about 2000lt a month ..... truck rolls up in the middle of the night ..... rolling rolling rolling. Bill comes a few days later ...... you gotta keep them wagons rolling.
  14. Love is..... getting a jump at lunchtime?
  15. Uh Huh ... we don't run bees on the plains anymore unless it is paid pollination. When I started with Airborne Honey back in the late 90's Cut Comb was the target and we put out thousands of boxes on two queeners . In our final year we put out 200 boxes and most never got finished. The decline in honey production mirrored the rise of dairy farms and irrigation. Back in the day all the bees were wintered n the plains with a couple of hundred moved to the Dew for feed honey for Nucs and stuff. All the bees now live on the Dew for ten months of the year, and get moved to t
  16. OK ..... from what I am noticing ..... it seems like if you are in the bees quite often, you pick up the anomalies and ill health issues early . So, perhaps spring use of O/A works because we are keen and always cracking the lids. Come late summer we have tired backs and are busy extracting and it's every bee for itself. We become focused on honey in the drum, and hive health tends to take a back seat ..... which is why we'll go Apivar as we take honey off this year.
  17. sorry @yesbut .... I just had to use that new 'off topic' ..... but you are right .... sheep are the rising star. Only problem is we turned the sheepshed into a bee shed years ago.
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