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  1. AFB is so frustrating @john berry..... the unseen enemy..... we think we are on top of it and all of a sudden ..... We have a dog on the go at the moment who is dynamite. I know the guys up at Hamilton also have a dog on the go. AFB detector dogs Waikato. And the good news is we have a Bitch due to whelp in a couple of weeks with impeccable bloodlines. The dogs are'nt the total answer, but they will give you a very good heads up as to what you can expect to see in the future.
  2. Willow buds popped out overnight.... Pressure’s on to put Maggie’s teaching to the test,,,,
  3. Uh huh.... at least now we have electric seat warmers..... and stunningly beautifull day afterwards when @Stoney‘ s virgins might have found a bit of loving
  4. Plenty of whitestuff here the other morning. We pulled the bees out of it though!
  5. Excess honey ...... I'd be inclined to make sure the brood has four or five frames of honey to see them through to a new flow ..... any excess honey ,s tore it in the shed. If you need more feed because it keeps raining and blowing, then you have it on hand , and when the new honey comes on line, then extract what you have saved. The biggest killer of hives in the next few months is starvation .....depending on where you are . What may seem like heavy hive now could be on deaths door in five weeks. Some years we have poured raw sugar into the brood as we are optimis
  6. Back to the RMP audit ..... This morning I read the fine print for the 'Limited Scope Audit' .... which seems to be a to be a rehash of the full audit, checking that honey processing documentation meets the standard for export approval, transport approval and drum approval. Mouse traps and honey facilities will not be checked. Time allowed is three hours. If for some reason we cancel the appointment seven days prior to the appointment the full fee is still payable. The fee is $1284 plus GST . To my simple mind, this double checking will be on recor
  7. It has nothing to do with the quality and standard of the facility. 90% of the RMP is about the paperwork and traceability of the crop ..... which was looked at and verified 6 months ago. Absolutely nothing has changed ..... and I have a good mind to tell 'erm to get Rtd. The catch is the comeback in that an export licence won't be granted, which is no big deal because at the moment no export deals are in the offing. Parasites lining the pockets to cover the expenses of the gilded cages they live in .
  8. Today I received an email notifying me that my RMP is up for it's six monthly revue ..... again. Now .... this cranked up the old record again .... raised my BP and resulted in me seeking counsel with my Doctor. The Doctor prescribed a liquid remedy and assured me that in the end all would be alright ..... but I am not so sure. So, I' say it again ..... '' Why, when we extract honey once a year for six or seven weeks do we need a twice yearly audit of the facilities ?' Why, when we make one honey sale a year, do we need a twice yearly audi
  9. Human nature is a funny thing ..... You got the workersand the dreamers. You got those with vision and those that jump on the band wagon. The bee industry has seen it all in the last few years. We ourselves have seen it all in the last few years. The visionaries and big thinkers that came in with bottomless cheque books and promised the earth have scuttled back to whence they came and left those they sweet talked scratching their heads and trying to figure out what the heck happened. The eloquent talkers have taken the money and run and forgotten the reason they
  10. True .... I don't understand it either. They partnered with a west coast bee company a few years ago .... big fanfare ..... west coast development sunk a couple of hundred thousand in, Comvita a couple of million ..... couple of years later, little snippet in the paper that the company had been wound up. Some people have too much money and some people have too much spin and some people are just plain ignorant.
  11. Agreed @Maggie James ..... it always worries me somewhat when cruising around and seeing paddocks browned out with glyphosate ..... and a mob of sheep chewing out the leftovers. Antibiotic free meat ... right ?
  12. Must be the season for pressing the flesh. Politicians are hard at it ..... so are beekeepers ...... securing sites for the season ...... losing sites for the season. I met with a landowner today. He owns a rough block with a bit of Manuka on it ....... pulls a low 30-40 mgo ..... but it has the magic M honey and we put half a truck load of bees in. It gives us a bit of leverage when trying to move other honeys .... the carrot in front of the Dew, or the Clover ..... or the Kamahi ..... I got the heave ho ..... the corporates moved in and promised the earth with
  13. I dink ya gotta pay the man a bit of money to pm email is ....?
  14. The Unabridged Message to Mate. We all have them ...eh. Last night my mate rang Mates Crates Days gone by Buds plugged Drugged The green tinge of spring The warmth of the sun Life on the run The days draw The bees hum Hope is sprung Bro Tolerant Loving The booze was good The knife blunt The job undone Don't be a stranger Mate Come on out Better late .....
  15. Ah look ...... like old mate @BRS was always keen to point out ...... it's all tax deductible ..... so If Grant R. is keen to put the top tax rate up to 39% ..... we gonna need quite a lot more taxable deductions ..... right ?
  16. Because I like them ...... They have no foliage in the winter to bring the tree down under a weight of snow. They have a soft light in the spring as the new leaf pops, The pigs love the acorns in the autumn, They produce the most durable of timber ..... Heart of Oak built the Empire .... And they absorb a humungous amount of CO2 as they grow ..... And they should still be here in 400 years time !
  17. Hey @YTB8TA270, give @Bighands a call ..... he seems to be sitting at home bored .... punching the keyboard.
  18. We had a young fellah on from the Coromandel. He introduced us to the Waikato water ..... the young 'un went home halfway through the season ......if you get my drift !
  19. Good question @Bighands . My balls are quite similar to everyone else's .... I imagine . We are in the fortunate position to have to have no financial backer except my own savings regime. And ..... we are passionate about what we do. And by hook or by crook we will do it ..... and I would rather have a shed full of unsold honey than a shed full of nothing at all ...... and I am quite happy to work another season for nothing , but with the prospect of filling more dums, bearing in mind that nothing from nothing is nothing ...... but a shed full of something ha
  20. I was interested to read in todays 'Rural news' that honey sales are up 20% on last year ...... $425million worth of sales. That sounds quite a lot ...... but then I sat down and cracked a cold one and had a big think ..... At an average price , and bear in mind we are small fry producers, we have a million bucks worth of raw honey sitting in the shed ...... I'm not sure $425 million is a great deal from an industry in good shape ..... bearing in mind that probably most is sold in retail packs . Pops another top ...... we had pig hunters up last week ..... t
  21. Pretty slow on the diary today ...... so I posted a picture from lunchtime, a 30. minute break from the 'mahe mahe' of 'crack, check scrape' ....... I had a thought to create a new thread .......'Conversations in the Bee yard' ....... the sort of conversations that happen as you pause between the crack and the scrape ,,,,,, as you ease your back and straighten the spine ..... 'Did yah see that thing on the news last night about that mom making ten k a week on some X rated app ......' Hmm. "conversations in the bee yard"
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