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  1. Agreed @yesbut ..... good information there Bro. As I may have commented times before, when I started the bee journey one of the first things I learnt was that locality is everything. A poor beekeeper will make an average living in a good area. A good beekeeper will go broke in a poor area. If I was a world traveller looking to start in this day and age, I'd look for an area with room for expansion and good crops. West Australia springs to mind. Canada too. But if you seek lifestyle on the smell of an oily rag ......then perhaps you may find
  2. You know how it is ..... You sit by the fire on a damp and claggy night with a full belly and the mind starts to wander. You plug the buds in, crack a cold one and let the mind wander. To the TXT that came in at 02.00hrs the other morning from an old mate ...... 'Mate, the world is full of darkness, but your light shines through' ..... Old mate must be back on the weed again. And then the thought as we start to load the trucks with hives and honey boxes for the great migration, and watch the weather forecasts, and finalise win or loose deals on block
  3. Makin more nucs again.... these bees were knocked down to singles last week.... and today ‘spare’ brood sitting above the queen excluder is popped into nucs to cover anticipated winter losses. Two frames of brood n bees and a frame of honey
  4. Uh huh @Goran sometimes one discovers things by accident. I just plonked them in the top feeder because it lives on top of the starter hive .... so it was easier to recharge the cells there. Just like tonight. Thursday night at the Boozer .... got talking to a local guy who has a class five truck licence and no work. I need a driver to ferry empty boxes over the hill and bring an empty truck home the next day. An accidental meeting .... but the outcome will be perfect . Serendipity in action. Or is the just the higher spirit looking out for us all
  5. You gotta love those poly nucs.... new queens 12 days after going out
  6. I quite like putting all the new cell cups into the top feeder and top her up with syrup.... they seem to take quite well when grafted into
  7. Aah... big sigh .....How I love this time of year . The hard work is done. The bees are pumping The adrenalin is running The phone is hot ..... bees coming out of pollination from under nets look like a box of garbage .... the workers got lost on the way home ... no wonder we call them suicide hives. Long lost mates resurface with blocks of potential ... New mates txt to say the Beeman has done a runner to more money What we gonna do ? Chase the hundy kilo at four bucks Or chase the hundy bucks at four kilo,
  8. Hey @southbeeIs that the monkey or the organ grinder standing on the trailer ?
  9. Been a warm day here today. The bees are working the Matagouri and the smell of the nectar is delicious. Main Man and StockMan went for a hunt in the morning and came home with two deer for the BBQ. On the way home they helped lift two downer heifers who have some sort of pinched nerve thing going on and can't get up after calving. The lifter is a pretty medieval sort of device that hooks onto the two hip pin bones and lifts the rear end. And it got me thinking. I commented to Main Man that in the potential absence of slaves this year to help take honey off, we need a
  10. I'm still learning ..... I wonder if I could get some wages .....?
  11. Guys ..... I like the idea . I see no reason to put down someone or organisation who is prepared to take a punt on the future. I have an idea . I have three boys who are quite keen to work the land, but I'm not gonna train any of them. I wouldn't be hard enough on them because they are blood and soul. They need to go elsewhere. So, my advice to Comvita is to go for it, but send the young 'uns out into the wider community with some established beekeepers to learn the hard yards. Places where they can learn the trade one on one with an experienced teacher , and then
  12. Nice ..... Real Man ..... Serious ...... Sometimes you jus gotta do what you gotta do. I remember a few years ago when we first had the Pole on, we got stuck under an irrigation boom. He got his hand caught under the the pipe as the truck squeezed under. He cursed and swore But still had a smile on his dial at the other end. Those Poles are Hard Men. I have an immense amount of respect for the amount of Speights they can drink !
  13. Uh Huh ..... In this neck of the wood we work for love ..... The toil of bended back, The swollen hand, The buzz at shaking new nectar from the frame. The money is second. We live for the rush ... Of pedal on metal over five hundred horses as they hit the hills to the promised land in the dead of a moonlit night. We live for the sweet smell of the night dew And the bitter taste of the black coffee that clears the soggy mind in the early morn. And the sense of optimism of what might be .... The heavy box The honey
  14. OK ..... Tonight Jimmy C has time to read through a few emails and contracts. One of them is from our Forestry partners, who we are eternally grateful to for allowing us to locate hives on their estate. It used to be for free, but in the current Bee Frenzy even we in the moderate south have to pay for wintering sites. We get levied for a production fee. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. It is what it is and just a sign of the times. But somehow I think the forest company got a bum steer. The access fee is set at $6.50 per hive .... lot cheaper than it was when w
  15. Uh huh ...... I got three boys ..... that's a a good start. Um .... oh Bees...... early days yet ...... 2.10.20 just started laying , probably 60% ....... 6.10.20 ..... nothing laying yet.
  16. What I forgot to say was that our first cells went out on the 2.10.20 ..... and despite the inclement cold, frost, snow wind and rain ..... seem to have found the time to get out and mated .
  17. Holy carrumble .....It's feast or famine round here. A mate rang the other day . He's putting bees into Apple pollination and was a few short. So we did a deal and supplied a balance. Cracked a few lids and found some nice ones ...... pumping hives with two boxes of Brood'n'Bees, so we plonked a third on them and said A Dios for a couple of weeks. The catch was that as we cracked them there was Varroa on the drone brood between the frames . We put more staples in them and loaded them up with a prayer. And it got me thinking. The O/A seems to be working reasonably
  18. Oh .... okay ..... can't see the crane.
  19. I find that the Green ones go down better for breakie
  20. Nice pics ...... you is a hard man on your ute ....eh !
  21. you gotta have the brain switched on and wired when craning ...... sequence is everything ..... crane down, remote in hand, check strops, remote placed behind drivers seat,,,, and off we go ..... or not. There's been the odd time in the early days when the crane didn't go down and the the overhead electric wires flashed in the dark all the way down the road
  22. Haha.... thought u were gonna tell the story of the flatty out back.... I liked that one!
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