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  1. Kick in the teeth ..... no not really. We initiated our dog program to solve a problem that was knawing away at us .... employing overseas staff who didn't appreciate the seriousness of AFB and so making us think outside the square to solve the problem , which we have. What we discovered was that the dogs were quite good at what they did. They aren't a one shot wonder, but a very effective tool to do large scale rapid screening ..... 800 hives in an evening session was the record I think. The kick in the the teeth was when we suggested to the industry that the dogs might be quite a g
  2. The way I understand it , MPI have provided funding for an independent trainer to do some research ..... which, dare I say it, sounds a bit like reinventing the wheel ...... but if it provides usable evidence to show that dogs are 92% effective at AFB detection ..... then we have progress.
  3. I put our very low incidence of AFB these days to the fact that we've been running AFB dogs for a number of years ....persistent, patient pressure , screening and quarantines has paid dividends. Somewhere on the Net is Sarah Hights d oco ....'A million dollar Nose' that documents a day in the life of AFB dog Georgie. The agency was against the idea of dogs as a screening method from day one, then back tracked a few years ago to say they might consider the idea after 'rigorous scientific testing' ..... so at last someone has had a quiet word with MPI and persuaded them to fund some resea
  4. We haven't started extracting yet .... Christmas break, double time for public holidays ..... might have a look see second week of January.....
  5. That looks nice ..... really nice
  6. Couple of riggers down on a wet night oils the brain .....? Couple more and then we are in trouble.
  7. The apiculture report is fascinating reading. Thanks Dave for bringing it to our attention again. The interesting part is always the bit where honey prices are mentioned. ...... average export price for non Manuka honey last year was a bit over $20/kg. That's not bad coin ..... Yeah, Nah .....that's very good coin. What the report doesn't say is if the $20/kg was generated in retail packs. I'm picking it was ..... which makes for quite a high onshelf price .....
  8. We've had almost 120mm of rain in the last few days ..... it's pounding down on the roof again tonight. If I was a bee I'd be bunkered down Worried where my next feed was coming from. If I was the Keeper, I'd be hunkered down with a cold one , Wondering where the next one was coming from. Oh what the heck Grab the bottle By the neck Drink her dry For sure as heck Next week we'll fry And break a sweat Lifting boxes in the sun Hanging out for a coldee When we're done. Enjoy the hunker In yer bun
  9. I see on Stuff the Wellington Rata is exceptional this year.
  10. A lot of your success or failure will be due to the location of your mating sites. Last year we moved our nuc mating yards up into the forestry. In our original sites we were running at a 60-80% success rate in a good year....... 20-30% in a poor year. The new sites are old skid sites, surrounded by pines and very warm on blustery Nor'West day. This year we got over 95% on the units we made up , and even in cold wet weather they seem to get the odd hour to achieve success. Location, Location, Location .....
  11. I went to the chiropractor on the weekend. Same old story ..... RSI in the lower back from bending and lifting and a pain in the hips. My Chiropracter is a nice lady ......Her name is Suzi. Suzi has four wheels , and on the weekend we had an intimate relationship when I dropped her front wheels into a deep rut on the the hill and she threw me off. The secret to getting out of a quad bike roll is to jump off the top side. My foot sort of fiddled and as Suzi did the death roll I jumped free with the wrenching sound of torn something in the knee.
  12. We are done for the year. Bees on sites, boxes on ..... Done and dusted. I went for a last round check the end of last week. The Coast bees are making a good living despite the stop start nature to the season. The Rata is showing some good colour and if the weather played ball, the bees might reward us for our effort. The radishes are in full flower with a lot of seed set, but not a lot of honey on to write home about The clover is looking really good, with cut hay paddocks coming white with new flower, and it may well be time to think about pulling bees ou
  13. I have to think these prices are a bit ho hum . For the few years we were up North making our fortune, we always thought a 20 umf was pretty good ..... no one ever suggested there was honey available in the low 30's ..... my goodness, if only we'd known ......
  14. This morning I went shopping resl early on the net to beat the rush for some Christmas bargains. Not sure if whst I found at an Arrowtown honey shop is a bargain or not! That comes in at$6792 /kg. Not bad coin really.
  15. why can't you put cappings through a heat exchanger ...?
  16. Be curious to know who the buyer is ....?
  17. Nice . I got quite enthused when reading , but then when you got to the part about 'it doesn't do cappings' , that sort of finished it for me. I got the refurbished Hummer back on Monday and am waiting for a rainy day to install. The Hummer works well, but we still have issues getting the wax really dry .
  18. What did John Wayne say when the pressure was on from the locals.... “Break out the Winchester’s”
  19. Hmmm ..... when I first started beekeeping here my boss wore shorts and a home made veil with a hole in it for his roly smoke. He wore an old woollen beanie, and when the going got tough pulled on his painters dungarees. I'm telling yah ..... they were tough back then !
  20. We very rarely produce 0-9 .... that usually comes from very early clover in new foundation for cut comb , or late nodder ..... but there 'aint much of either around anymore.
  21. Nah Bro .... no mention of C4 sugars. I'll tell you what though , it's getting that tough to produce food these days, I really don't know why we bother! Particularly when the procurement manager you are dealing with tells you to consult Dr Google for the answer.
  22. Oh well done TD ..... No Nor'westers forecast for a while !
  23. I've been a bit like a dog at a bone lately trying to sell honey. I heard on the grapevine the other day that a local company was looking for 1600 tonnes of honey for an export order. So I gave them a call. My heart bounced. Eighty tonnes was no problem. Payment on the 30 of the month. You can get your drums back. Send some samples. So we sent 17 samples of batches. We got the results back today. The samples did not meet the criteria. The colour was too dark.... in the 30' and 40' on the colour chart, some as high as 60. Also the APC counts wer'
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