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  1. Over the few years up there we peaked at about 2100 hives. Most of them were on primo sites .... with a lot flown in out of the way of flooding and theft. We had a couple of dodgy "dump"sites where one had to watch the river. It still fills me with a sense of "######" -if you will excuse the language Mr Moderator . The East Cape is a wild and beautiful place. And that goes for the people too. But like with everything, with great reward is great risk and our risk was to continue a relationship where the location, the well being of the bees, and the end destination of the crop was being dict
  2. No, no .... it's not disaster. One has to try things rather than live with the thought of what if, or we should have. We tried it .... running thousands of hives a thousand k's from home. It worked. it's just that the people didn't work. One has to find the right people. It's the same with everything. people are the key. Oh PS Tom .... only da missus allowed to pull my ----------leg.
  3. Ouch ... not sure I brave enough to blow her out on the ground. But then .... why not ? All the other bees climb back inside.
  4. Heck ... it must be still raining up there. Everyones painting boxes. There's something to be said for free ranging queens. Question : what happens when you take the honey off ... how do you look after the queen ?
  5. Ah, your taking the p### again . Painting boxes ! They gathering that high value pine honey ?
  6. OK Tom .... my lips are sealed .... but we had a partnership with a company that values it's employees and the communities it works in and the people of the land. We produced the honey and put it through the company extraction plant so then they could put it in a pot and sell it to a chinaman. The contract stated $15 a box extraction. At the end of the season there were all sorts of clawback deductions that boosted the box rate to 38 bucks. Then there was a testing charge for manuka quality, tuitin, C4 etc that came out at over 600 bucks a drum ! A quick ring around today reported back with
  7. Me Me .... I did a course in Canada ..... it was too darn cold to do anything else. Found a great way to get my smoker going this arvo .... drove down the road with it unblocked next to a plastic bucket.
  8. Yo .... here's another story. Our accounts are getting finalised from last year read about as black as Comvita"s .... or should that be red. Some Interesting figures from the contract extracting ......$38/box . Testing costs .... over $600/ DRUM. Ant then there's a deduction for "low honey quality". Somebody somewhere is pulling my ********
  9. Five boxes .... got any spare sites up there ....!!
  10. Toooo tall Philbee. We used to get the best honey off the overgrazed sheep country that had a couple of mm's of rain on it at Christmas and then popped out short little stubby flowers with little leaf. Stressed clover .... there's a moral there somewhere ? We thought those big irritators were going to even up the honey flows. The reality is I think they knocked them on the head ... or was it the cows. We got no honey at all off one yard in dairy country a few years ago.I used to call the area "The golden triangle" after that famous place in Thailand. Our Romanian bee keeper radioed in whe
  11. do you have a picture of the solar meter ?
  12. It's a tricky one C2H2O4 .... quite possibly the commercial doesn't know you are there. Communication is the key. They might just be there for a short time .... in transit. What chemical compound is C2h2O4 ?
  13. Uh huh .... Canterbury clover .... four days of Nor'west at Christmas and she's all over.
  14. True .... I went fishing last summer off Opotiki with Ray and Wog in a 12' tinny. We anchored off the coast in 17m of water with the wind whipping the tops off the 4m swell. I was sent below into the foc'sle to get the gear and that was it. Wog and Ray had a great time. As fast as I was putting the "burly" in on one side, they were hauling' em out the other !
  15. Any one got any recipes for making fondant for polynucs. We usually feed them raw sugar but they are so strong they are chewing through it at a rate of knots. Maybe we should split them ....?
  16. We USED to have a burning drum ....no holes and when it was roaring tip it on it's side to let more air in. As it burns keep rolling it every half hour and hey presto .... just a pile of wire and nails. For a bit more excitement ... and if you want to really P... your neighbours off, tape a few un used nailgun gas canisters together and add those to the mix.:devil::devil::mad:
  17. I'm watching a bid for a wasp nest .... hoping he can supply 500 to run in nuc boxes as anti theft devices in bee yards!
  18. yup ... the worlds gone mad. swarm collecting for mega bucks .... bee hives selling for mega bucks ..... nucs selling for silly money... ... queens for $200 been offered comvita sites coz they aren't putting bees on them this year .... and why would you with a predicted kanuka price of $12 a kilo, less 20% to landowner brings it to less than production cost .... Have we reached the peak of the boom cycle ? Think I might just park the trucks up at home and go fishing this year !!
  19. Oh Hi Mark .... The doc was made by a young lady doing a course on film making down at Dunedin Uni. It was paid for by the Uni, I think, which is aligned with the National Film unit ... so I guess they own the rights to it. I guess we'll see what it's like and go from there..... How many yards do you need checking Tom ? If there was enough interest we could put together a schedule and do a "roadie".
  20. Sure .... you can hire the handler as she has a DECA .... the dogs are just the tools.
  21. The dogs are ready and willing to work. We just have to teach them how to read so they can complete formalities and obtain their DECA'S.
  22. I may have told you before .... we had a gripe with the agency a few years ago. We stopped paying our levy for a few years as I saw no value in it. You pay the money for a product and you expect it to work and be of use, right? We rarely saw the apiary inspector , and when we notified the agency there was very little response. We had a yard not too far out of Whitecliffs where we persistently picked up AFB. We quarantined the yard, tracked the gear, but still it kept showing up. Everyones response with AFB is to blame their neighbour, it's the easy response rather than looking inward at your
  23. Nice Mr Philbee .... whats flowing ? I put a miserable nuc in the local JP's garden to pollinate his veggies two weeks ago. And I mean miserable. Stopped in today to give it a feed and holy moly .... five frames of brood and jammed with dandelion. When i was with the corporate we bought a lot of hives from different people around the S. Island and stockpiled them here before sending them north. It was interesting working them in the spring .... same location but they all built up at different speeds. Some were phenomenal - queens on steroids. And others were definitely on a work for food pro
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