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  1. do you have a picture of the solar meter ?
  2. It's a tricky one C2H2O4 .... quite possibly the commercial doesn't know you are there. Communication is the key. They might just be there for a short time .... in transit. What chemical compound is C2h2O4 ?
  3. Uh huh .... Canterbury clover .... four days of Nor'west at Christmas and she's all over.
  4. True .... I went fishing last summer off Opotiki with Ray and Wog in a 12' tinny. We anchored off the coast in 17m of water with the wind whipping the tops off the 4m swell. I was sent below into the foc'sle to get the gear and that was it. Wog and Ray had a great time. As fast as I was putting the "burly" in on one side, they were hauling' em out the other !
  5. Any one got any recipes for making fondant for polynucs. We usually feed them raw sugar but they are so strong they are chewing through it at a rate of knots. Maybe we should split them ....?
  6. We USED to have a burning drum ....no holes and when it was roaring tip it on it's side to let more air in. As it burns keep rolling it every half hour and hey presto .... just a pile of wire and nails. For a bit more excitement ... and if you want to really P... your neighbours off, tape a few un used nailgun gas canisters together and add those to the mix.:devil::devil::mad:
  7. I'm watching a bid for a wasp nest .... hoping he can supply 500 to run in nuc boxes as anti theft devices in bee yards!
  8. yup ... the worlds gone mad. swarm collecting for mega bucks .... bee hives selling for mega bucks ..... nucs selling for silly money... ... queens for $200 been offered comvita sites coz they aren't putting bees on them this year .... and why would you with a predicted kanuka price of $12 a kilo, less 20% to landowner brings it to less than production cost .... Have we reached the peak of the boom cycle ? Think I might just park the trucks up at home and go fishing this year !!
  9. Oh Hi Mark .... The doc was made by a young lady doing a course on film making down at Dunedin Uni. It was paid for by the Uni, I think, which is aligned with the National Film unit ... so I guess they own the rights to it. I guess we'll see what it's like and go from there..... How many yards do you need checking Tom ? If there was enough interest we could put together a schedule and do a "roadie".
  10. Sure .... you can hire the handler as she has a DECA .... the dogs are just the tools.
  11. The dogs are ready and willing to work. We just have to teach them how to read so they can complete formalities and obtain their DECA'S.
  12. I may have told you before .... we had a gripe with the agency a few years ago. We stopped paying our levy for a few years as I saw no value in it. You pay the money for a product and you expect it to work and be of use, right? We rarely saw the apiary inspector , and when we notified the agency there was very little response. We had a yard not too far out of Whitecliffs where we persistently picked up AFB. We quarantined the yard, tracked the gear, but still it kept showing up. Everyones response with AFB is to blame their neighbour, it's the easy response rather than looking inward at your
  13. Nice Mr Philbee .... whats flowing ? I put a miserable nuc in the local JP's garden to pollinate his veggies two weeks ago. And I mean miserable. Stopped in today to give it a feed and holy moly .... five frames of brood and jammed with dandelion. When i was with the corporate we bought a lot of hives from different people around the S. Island and stockpiled them here before sending them north. It was interesting working them in the spring .... same location but they all built up at different speeds. Some were phenomenal - queens on steroids. And others were definitely on a work for food pro
  14. Ah now we is talking. Myagi was the the man .... similar principle ... work smarter and use the opponents energy. There was me an a boy. the tricky part comes in teaching and having confidence in Boy to make the right diagnosis on eggs or not .... a big factor is whether he'd chat with Mr Beam the night before!
  15. Sounds like monty python ... we split 180 on monday with queen excluders and go back tomorrow to pull off the queenless box and introduce a queen. Hopefully it's raining and cold so as the bees are all at home. Not sure what sort of a machine that is.
  16. Good on yer .....:cool: I've run out of carrots.
  17. No Daley ... I was a wannabe corporate who was lured in by some smooth talk with my 3000 underemlpoyed bee hives. The promise was there but the hired hands didn't have my passion for the bees and it all turned to s**** We limped home with 385 hives and a gazillion dollar legal bill. Yup.... corporate bee keeping has it's challenges. The biggest one is who can you trust in the workforce as with no real "ownership" stealing just become borrowing. Don't get me started. I'm gagged.
  18. The new tracking technology is great. It gives us the ability to record exact hive numbers with a scan, record their location and then trace hive and box movements as they go from A to B to C and back to A again. The challenge is to convince the staff to buy in to the recording and see physical evidence of how it's gonna make our lives easier, and give them a bigger bonus.
  19. OK Oh wind blown one ..... I'm gonna dangle a carrot . How bout we form a JV on your patch of manuka/Kanauka. 50/50 . We'llplonk 200 hives on it. Your land, we'll carry all the costs and then you can have some cash at the end of the season to go shopping with. Human nature is to take the cash .....we never have enough and always want more. The landowner up at Gizzy with John is just looking after No 1 I guess.
  20. We sort of leap frogged around .... dropped two guys in with a couple of empty paletts to pull the top boxes off, then moved them to the next site and while they were doing that again the machine pulled out the pallets and the bees. It was pretty intense at the road end with grumpy bees and uncovered honey. The ideal would have been a bigger machine.
  21. He must need the money ... I see he's got a screwdriver as a hive tool !
  22. we were pleasantly surprised the other year .... too heavy for the machine to lift out. It's a bit like christmas. You never know what you're gonna get till you open up.
  23. dang .... i just traded a nuc for a lot of silver beet.
  24. We had that a couple of years ago up north..... busy making nucs up and as fast as we were making them a lowlife was taking out the two middle combs of brood and bees and replacing them with crappy old combs. They should have waited a week or two as the nucs had only just had cells put into them. The nucs were hidden away in the bush so I'm picking it was an inside job ! Like the Indians say , "never come home the way you went out!"
  25. True ... I understand it's being blended. The catch is as a producer selling to a packer, even in a JV agreement you are still a price taker and with new standards Kanuka will be bargain basement price. All honey is good .... one just has to do the maths and figure out if after paying the landowner the cash or the percentage or both, and add that to your expenses and then take away the 50/50 JV .... was it worth getting out of bed and putting your pedal to the medal. To be honest Frazz, I think the corporate is out of touch with the coal face ...
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