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  1. OK ... that didn't work, doing the edit on the photo.


    Been round the traps again today, evening bees, feeding, check, check and more check .  Got the scrapper out and dug out drone brood looking foe mites ..... couldn't find any.

    I guess the O/A worked for the moment.


    Any way, we almost finished the syrup , just as the bees got on a roll ..... the pay roll.

  2. @BRS  and I talk once in a while on the phone ..... usually at this time of year .... to seek counsel with her experience and wisdom  as to what the season might bring,  so to get a love heart tells me we in  Canterbury are on the same thinking.

    Might be a little bit too unsetteled  for the Manuka ... 

  3. Any way ..... moving on ...... another day on the syrup tank ..... feeding bees . 

    We moved a few hundred out of the dew onto the clover , and after five days of crap and cloud, today the sun appeared at afternoon smoko.

    The bees went crazy , hitting the tank and the truck and the Main Man in a frenzy of excitement .... and we pumped syrup in a reciprocated frenzy and anticipation, rejoicing  that the bees were alive and at the the potential of what might be, because what might be might be quite substantial this year. 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Gino de Graaf said:

    Don't do it! The banger will cost you dearly in repairs. It's a Ford, which is better than Chev.

    I had an old 350 Chev, in Canada. 

    Spare on the front bumper.

    Sucked the gas, but hey it was cheap enough. Holes in the floor pan, dead slow and poo two tone rusty brown.

    Great, no WOF at all. Just needed to be road worthy judged by the highway man. 

    Hands down cool here in NZ.

    A local Mountie got me doing 121, he asked where I was living\working.

    He said he knew my boss. No tickets if I confessed my sins. He'd check my boss in due time.

    I shared the experience with the boss. He knew no such person.

    Fair play.



    Uh Huh .... we had a Dodge Dart .... two door .... man that old banger could tell some stories .

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  5. Health and Safety .... don't you just love it.   Killed all the excitement of private enterprise.


    We have bees on forestry land , and they are big on protocol.

    The main thing is as contractors we have  have public liability insurance.

    Then there is the two way radio to connect with loggers.

    And we have a key.


    So as a landowner, keep it simple.  

    Ask the beekeeper to have public liability.

    Ask them to contact you when they want to check bees,

    Have written notification of hazards.

    And of course , nudge them for a bit of honey.


  6. Been feeding bees today ..... about 120 of them, five litres of thick C4 and  placing shop cloths above the brood, under the queen excluder, honey box on top.

    Last month was the starving month ..... we lost 14 hives on the Dew, starved out because we were too busy placing bees into the mother load ..... but it is what it is , we have nucs to cover but they won't make a crop, but at $4/kg I'm not to concerned at the loss of income. It's more the principle of the matter .....  having four live hives on a pallet ..... anal thinking , but there yah go ... it's all about the image.

    We also lost one to varroa,  dead bees on the bottom board with no wings, and no food.

    We pulled out 200 hives from the Dew yesterday in the rain, and a quick peek on the way home this evening revealed nectar shaking from the brood.

    Clover yields very quickly on the light land when the sun comes out.

    Should pulled out more .... sooner ....


    It is what it is.





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  7. 9 hours ago, Gino de Graaf said:

    Lol, you're in a position to start a co op with all your stock now and into the future. 

    A huge shed, 4 staff, central location, pooled honey, one place stop. I know, makes no sense. Be James honey.

    Your location may be a hurrdle at World's End. Good movie, your Simon Peg

    Simon Peg ?

  8. Aah kimosabhe.... I have priveledged info.... not.

    The Uk imports 50,000 tonnes of honey pa.

    Recent news is that  the 1/3 imported from China is adulterated with corn syrup.

    I would say the honey sitting in my shed has just doubled in value .... and but wait .... there is more, much more.... when the sun comes out , the stuff is pouring in.

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  9. I think the thing is , it’s a case of keeping a tidy backyard. You may not like the guys, but if their laidbackness has the potential to cause you a headache ..... I’d be helping them out.

    Besides, life’s too short to have too many enemies.

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  10. Call in the troops Bro . I'm pretty sure you could muster a team to manage the situation in the short term. I should be on my Christmas break the end of next week !


    I remember a similar case here a few years ago. Several hundred hives, the beekeeper dropped dead, the wife was left holding the baby. The hives were sold very quickly.



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  11. 8 hours ago, Maru Hoani said:

    Manukas all over, I'm still looking forward to getting out there even though it's been a bad season for both manuka and now kanuka, was hoping to get a decent boat but if I can cover costs withought having to sell my hard earned tractor I'll be a happy man. 

    Things are going to have to change and site rates are going to have to drop! With an extra thousand hives in the area and prices dropping annually somethings gotta give, hopefully it's the corporates🤣 how many years can you go on making a loss???

    We is entering our fourth year .....

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