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  1. 1 hour ago, Gino de Graaf said:

    Excellent read!  Curious about Spring stings having worse reactions.  Not so much for me, maybe the longish non-contact time over winter makes stings feel more severe?? I find those Autumn bees horrible, the pain feels worse.  Thought of @jamesc  ... then your risk of having a systemic reaction one day is much greater compared to the big crocodile-skinned old geezer who hasn’t worn gloves in years and drinks too much beer (but it should decline as you become a crocodile-skinned…)  Speights anyone?  

    And it would take about 1500 stings to knock my over. 

    And twice as many people die of lightening compared to bee stings.  


    Sounds to me like Gino has had too much sun and turps.😍

    Uh Huh ... it's been the day for, it that's for sure !

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