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  1. Aah kimosabhe.... I have priveledged info.... not. The Uk imports 50,000 tonnes of honey pa. Recent news is that the 1/3 imported from China is adulterated with corn syrup. I would say the honey sitting in my shed has just doubled in value .... and but wait .... there is more, much more.... when the sun comes out , the stuff is pouring in.
  2. LOLA ..... One is too many. I tend to forget and move on .... it’s less destructive... and of course , the world is round and what goes around comes around.
  3. I think the thing is , it’s a case of keeping a tidy backyard. You may not like the guys, but if their laidbackness has the potential to cause you a headache ..... I’d be helping them out. Besides, life’s too short to have too many enemies.
  4. A hive is worth what it will produce 30kg clover@$4/kg..... &120 30kg Manuka@$25 .....$750
  5. Call in the troops Bro . I'm pretty sure you could muster a team to manage the situation in the short term. I should be on my Christmas break the end of next week ! I remember a similar case here a few years ago. Several hundred hives, the beekeeper dropped dead, the wife was left holding the baby. The hives were sold very quickly.
  6. Now there's a new term @tristan ..... Honey Prospector ...... I like that ..... most of those who made their money in the gold rush were the liquor sellers, equipment suppliers and the Ladies. I know the Ross Hotel does quite well out of us , as does the coffee shop around the corner ....
  7. I've often wondered about the top entrance ,,,,, and concluded that they are not a bad idea as when we knock down doubles into singles, with brood in both boxes, the top entrance allows the drones to fly free .... otherwise they suffer a dangerous death stuck in the queen excluder.
  8. It is yuck @Gino de Graaf..... but when the sun comes out it will be money in the bank .....aye for sure Paddy ..... I'm telling yah.
  9. I was pumping syrup this morning and thinking about Stoney and his C4 sugars, and the be honest, as the rain tumbled down and the bees hunkered down talking about the sweet Manuka around the corner, I couldn't give a toss about C4's. C4's .... does the rest of the world care about C4, or is this a NZ phenomena .... I thought I might change the sign to 'worlds end'.
  10. I agree with Trev , Oh Rainswept one. Patience girl, let the virgin get mated and lay some eggs and then check she's not a drone layer. Then perhaps leave her some more ..... and then about the week before Christmas even the brood in the two hives up.... and Hey presto, you'll have more honey than you know what to do with !
  11. Scented garden ..... I put a puff in the brood to mask the old queen pheromone so that the bees are more willing to accept the new queen. I generally like to make the hive queen less for a few hours before the introductions .... but sometime time is of the essence.
  12. I split Reg’s hives the other day. They live opposite the Glentunnel store and keep his garden humming. I Had a couple of spare queens , so grabbed a pie.... and crscked into it. I was surprised at the smount of pollen in the pollen traps, as I had opened them up to let the bees keep most of the pollen a while ago. Found the old queens and put them on new bottom boards to the back of the hives with most of the brood. Popped the queens in the original box with four frames of brood and a squirt of air freshner to disguise the pheremone. Doubled my numbers.... money for j
  13. Agreed ... we were collapsed having lunch the other day and raised our eyes to the hills ..... indeed , a reddish tinge.
  14. True ...... we used to be with the Trust Bank . They got bought out by Westpac who rebranded the Darfield branch. A few years later the the branch closed down and was replaced with an ATM. Over the road was the BNZ. That also got closed down, but no ATM replaced it. Following on along those lines of thinking ..... the new publican at the Coalgate tavern has put in an ATM .....
  15. And while we are on a roll, here's another Big Thought I had ..... The Gvt needs to keep out of meddling with affairs it knows nothing about. It destroyed the honey industry. And then it put the squeeze on agriculture in general telling us we were carrying too much debt. Debt is risk, and one way for a business to grow , so that the country can grow by the tax take and build more healthcare facilities and bridges and skate parks is to take a risk to generate income. So we sold assets to repay debt down to an acceptable level, and now the banks are gru
  16. how 'd the pollination go .... orchardists happy ?
  17. We get our honey from Natural Sugars. I rang the lovely girl today to order a tonne of raw, as watching Blue Skies the next couple of weeks are gonna be up and down until mid December, when it settles for a few weeks, and January is looking messy. Real messy. Karl rang back a few hours later to say there were only two pallets of raw in the South Island, down in Dunedin. He went on to say shipping logistics were real and the next lot was on the water and might be here by the end of December. So I ordered a tonne of white and will give hungry hives a slurp sh
  18. I went to an extra ordinary meeting this afternoon , called by Mountain River , to whome we sell our venison weaner deer. The meeting had nothing to do with honey, but was quite interesting in that it has everything to do with marketing honey. Back in the autumn we didn't buy weaner deer to take through the winter and fatten as the writing was on the wall that with Covid the market was gonna be pretty tough this time of year. No kidding. The venison market in the US, where most of our produce goes has fallen off 80%. The gist of the meeting was that if we co
  19. Yeah , feel for you John . One man's laziness two years ago cost us a whole heap of work. I remember once when I was deputised to take Jasper Bray around the bees we were talking about AFB , I still recall the sadness in his voice when recalling they ended up burning the whole yard. Somedays it makes you just so mad at other peoples incompetence.
  20. We used to have everything contract extracted. It seemed easy, but the reality was it was extra time transporting boxes there and back, and then we had to wait in line for our turn .... So we put our own plant in. It started with a hot top and hand knife and two four frame extractors that gravity fed into a sump tank in the floor of the big shed where we stored boxes and trucks.. The honey was then pumped into drums. The new regs came in and we needed a dedicated room, and the four frame painted extractors went to the museum in the roof. We bought
  21. Pattie land ....? Nothing wrong with partnerships , you just gotta make sure you spot all the chasms and pits before you fall into them .... and have an exit strategy with fire power from a top lawyer. Become the hunter, rather than the hunted.
  22. Well ... we need to check the confidence in the probability.... because once again, tonight we are trying to keep warm by a fire running on wet wood.... and I am contemplating buying more sugar.
  23. I can never understand those NIWA predictions ..... the probability that it will or it won't be warmer or wetter .... Right now in our gully we are colder and wetter than normal .... but that might well change when we will become warmer and dryer than normal. Blueskies tells us to check back to our diaries for 2011 and 2018. They were both good honey years.
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