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  1. Yeah nah .... mite just stick with the Ag 100 for the mo ..... goes more place that are interesting !
  2. The thought is colder and wetter for the next six weeks all over the place...... nice..... but there maybe a window of opportunity for queen mating in the last ten days of this month then after that significantly colder. I think we might crank out the cells and make polys rather than pulling hives apart for nucs and watch them languish ..... at this stage. But then of course, it's only the weather and that's fickler than a virgin in the willows.
  3. I had a look at some weather predictions for the coming season this afternoon ..... one comment was that it could well be a cooler summer, hindering grass growth and crop development. Last year Tony at Blueskies sent me a three month outlook in October, which proved surprisingly correct. I think we'll sign up with him and make an informed decision as to where to place hives again this year. I bit the bullet today and did our first graft. It's a month later than normal. The day was cold and grey with the easterley wind keeping the temperature down to 7*c. It did'nt really inspire confidence, but I guess one has to make a start and trust that in two weeks we might get a few warmer days.
  4. We still got the fire going. Set up some cell builders on friday to do a first graft tomorrow , but to be real the forecast is garbage for the next ten days .....low cloud and drizzle .... but as the board on the shed says "No rush bro"...... except we is gonna miss the flow ..... "No rush Bro ..... the shed is full at the Mo ... I need to talk with Bruce Clowe " I think that rhymes. 😃
  5. That's interesting GG ..... even up there in The Bay of Plenty you got nought yet . The fridge door from the Ice must be still open.
  6. Righto ....... Just a courtesy call to see whose had some success with getting some champion pumpkin seeds to germinate .....
  7. Hmmmm ..... look forward to meeting a square pumpkin!
  8. Uh Huh ..... the keeping of Bees today has become a bit more complexed than it was a few years ago . It's not just a case of whacking the strips and staples in and walking away. One has had to become inquisitive. Mr Philbee told me a while ago that I had to up my game. I took umbrage at that for a few weeks as I did'nt really understand his comment . I do now . Every time I open a hive now I question what is happening in the brood, because if I don't I will be loosing money. So now we observe, ask questions , and when in doubt call upon the skills of John F and his science to help preserve our livestock.
  9. Aye for sure Paddy ...... these Blessed Isles are the Emerald isles of the South Pacific. A homogenous mix of race and creed who have come together through battle and peace and are learning to co exist. Legendary in the New World Order.
  10. Okay ..... I tracked down a fiddle player ..... she's mean..... if you like fiddle players......
  11. 😜 Ok .. just forward her this and the world will be your oyster .
  12. Shopping trip in Ch Ch should swing it eh .
  13. What's a square pumpkin look like ... Gonna cross the wild waters and show us in the autumn ?
  14. Like I said before .... funny ole day. After we had done the deal on the extractor I dug out out a couple of jars of honey to add as a sweetner. My new found mate collapsed in laughter ..... "Nah Nah mate , it was a good trade ....... tell yah what, do ya a swap". And he went in to his Whare and came out with two jars of his own honey. Good trade Eh . And as I climbed into the truck I looked at one of the jars. It had our label on it ..... packed as fund raiser for the local school camp funds a few years ago. The world is round and recycling works !!
  15. The health professional recommended straddling this baby to sort the urge
  16. No doubt .... We all have 20/20 hindsight. Now I 'aint begrudging the fact that the Gvt donated quite a few million to trademarking one of our honeys ...... but as I sit in the glow of the firelight I ponder the ways of the politicians. Manuka is the flavour of the decade and sells itself ... but the fact of the matter is there are thousands of tonnes of 'other' high quality honeys languishing in sheds and when we try to raise a couple hundy K to float a marketing company .....nobody wants a bar of it. I guess it's all about shine and priority. Meanwhile, out back beyond the black stump us other Bee keepers are trying to grow pumpkins to feed the family ..... only it's too freakin cold for the seed to germinate, or something .
  17. It's been a funny old day . We bought a new extractor a couple of years ago. It still works well, but we bought another one last week and today I picked it up. She's a doozey ..... a two framer, hand cranker for when we run out of power ..... A Roots Automatic Extractor. Small Boy and I went into town to pick her up this morning , and had a good old chat with the vendor. He had bees all around his home and garden, and as you do, we got talking. Like us ,he'd lost a lot of hives this spring. Out of 25 hives he only had five left. Those in the know told him it was the mite ..... but we both agreed that it was more than that. We'll be sending samples up to John F to put through his machinery next week for a second opinion. It's like when you go to the Doc ..... you always go to another for a second opinion ..... right ?? And then the icing on the day was a stranger walking up the path to the front door. No one ever uses the front door here. The stranger was looking for my neighbour. The stranger had brought a mare over the 'Hill' to run with my neighbours stallion, and had been guaranteed a live foal. It turned out that the mare was barren and no foal had eventuated. That was three years ago. So the stranger had come over for a refund, but said the gate was locked and the neighbour not home. 'Indeed ' I said ' we lost Mr T two years ago'. Rare breed them Coasters ! The stranger looked at the ground a little bit flustered . " Oh Crud ...... that was a bit of a waste of 800 bucks then " It was after starting time, so he came in and had a beer and we agreed to honour Mr T's deal. We had bought the stallion off the estate and told the Stranger from the Coast the offer was still there and to bring another mare over for a second go. Dead or alive .... Mates are still mates..... Right ? Uy
  18. I saw that Phil ..... to be honest I'd rather buy 'clean' sugar than some else's 'dirty' honey.
  19. You gotta put it on the pancakes and wild pork bro.
  20. .... oops, wrong one ...... ..... too many Hemp smoothies I guess.
  21. Yes .... I got that tonight . Thanks Trev. With the science available, not to mention $7.5 billion to spend on a usefull cause .... it would be good to get some answers. I'll keep you posted .
  22. It looks a bit dodgy ...... life was never meant to be easy eh .
  23. What took you so long to get started ...?
  24. Here ya go Girls ..... we is living on this stuff. Spent 10 hrs on the bucking Deutz today and came home with a big smile and no pain ! As an aside ..... whose in for the 28 mil tonight. Nana got deputised to go buy a ticket , which she did , but forgot to take it out of the pocket of the trouse that went through the washing machine. 😂🍺
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