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  1. No.... but the old one got painted..
  2. I had a thought on the way home to night ..... now that Phil's not 'ere anymore ..... what the heck we gonna talk about ??
  3. Hang on to the popcorn ..... there's sure to be some new entertainment coming shortly ..... and if not, we'll make our own.
  4. Yah cant keep a keen man down .....they’ll be a newbee who does’nt want hives posting in a day or two....
  5. Alistair will be smiling ..... and the rest of us are poking are heads up above the parapet to see why the heck it's gone so quiet.
  6. Aah ... the joys of commercial bee keeping. Big yards, big gear, big dollars. Big Buzz.
  7. Yep ... that's how we do it .... not quite a big truck ...... but makes staff movement easy ....and the honey is secure behind a locked gate .....
  8. Funny man eh... whats the Keeper doin...?
  9. Well .... seeing as you ask . Last year we used lotsa staples. At about this time of year we noticed a lot of hives with mite issues. We lost a lot in the winter. We moved on. Resurrected the survivors and dosed them with Apitraz in the spring. We then whacked them with Staples a s we supered up. This late summer we are witnessing very few mite issues , but quite a lot of queen less and chalk brood. We are putting in. Apivar at the moment. My conclusion is that you need low mite levels for the staples to work .... as Phil has often said ..... you need to keep onto of the critters.
  10. Where's the dead dingo's @@@@ We got plenty of feed’ish .... but no stock water.
  11. With all due respect ..... If I was developing a new product that was gonna save an industry , I would do all the RanD undercover .... get the product up and running with robust scientific testing and verification, then release to a select few to trial for a few seasons, then tweak and refine, refine some more , and then have the big reveal. If I was a business man that is what I would do. Phil has done it with a community spirit. It's a growing, learning thing reliant on us sharing our experience..... our success and failure. The fact that he wants to make a dollar .... well don't we all .... and that is where it always falls apart. So , lets move beyond that .... if Phil can save me 20k a year , I'll put up with a lot of BS to achieve that.
  12. Yeah nah ... they were just evil natured little Hurs from swarms that we caught off my neighbour ..... no offence mate .... They should have been sweet as the nectar was pouring in . And there I was thinking of vanilla essence and Stoney giving them a blow ...... if yah know what I mean .Those mama's were mean. But then I suppose it was 32c and by 3.30pm everyone was getting Frazzled. The other interesting thing we noticed was Bumble Bees ..... dead BB's .... lotsa them . They were trying to get into the hives and bees weren't happy at sharing so and set to on a killing spree, which brought the wasps in who thought it was Christmas and showed up at the party too. So it was a day of Might is Right And the Mighty Smoker won hands down.
  13. Took a few stings today.... in the end I threw the gloves away, lit the smoker and taught the criters a few manners. I like well mannered bees.
  14. Your lucky day .... the magazine is empty. I think maybe another thread is started .... Marketing Strategy for revolutionary ideas.
  15. I bin thinking. Phil owns the IP on the staples. There is no doubt he has very cleverly taken four off the shelf ingredients ..... Gib, thread, O/A and Glycerine and made them into a product. My thinking is ....does Speights hold the patent on Beer, or Ford the patent on the motorcar, or me on my design of shed ? The patent on the staple is supposed to protect the designers IP so he can make a dollar on it, but in reality all you gotta do is make the staple slightly longer, paint it pink or print yer name on it ..... and there ya go....... Alistair owns the IP on an Alistaple ..... or Crabee on a Crabbystaple .....
  16. When all is done and dusted .... please let us know how it worked out.
  17. Huh ..... just following the construction techniques of other sheds in the yard .....holes drilled to 1200, set in Crete, materials sourced from Mother Nature and ITM. What could possibly go wrong ?
  18. I’m gonna bore Yesbutt with some more photos, but knowing he is also a builder of repute .... how the heck do you put some rigidity into the truss system? Does it tighten up when the wriggly tin goes on?
  19. The fact that Aquila hasn't been paid may well be the fact that the employers payroll system is set up on two weekly increments ...... or he has been on holiday ....or there was no money in the bank .... or he was just repaying the inconvenience ...
  20. I have bucket loads of second hand ones that would circumvent the patenting issues ....😚
  21. I see you can buy staples from Beequip in Wellington.
  22. I shall send you some and let you be the judge ..... if you like ..... if the bees made any buckwheat ...
  23. Aye for sure Alistair. Honey dew has an activity to rival Manuka. The catch is we Dew Beekeepers have not the cohesivity to come together and chip in to fund research to prove and market. The bigger catch is that the land available to produce Dew is way less than Manuka .... we have a very rare and select product. From a marketing point of view .... that is very powerful. Now .... We haven't heard from a boot for a while.
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