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  1. Okay .... so you've doubled the cost of your spring treatment ..... how about after the flow. Interesting that you lost quite a lot of hives with the staples .... But yes , I hear you. I love opening hives in the spring and finding them alive ..... it saves sooooo much work !
  2. Golly.... that is quite an expensive treatment.... right?
  3. Hmm .... How's the whisky ? The combining of two chemicals is new news to me ..... but if it works , so be it. You talk of treating frames of brood rather than an amount per brood box. That is probably the key. You may well have two brood boxes but with only four frames of brood. On the other hand you may well be chocka with 13 frames. Totally different beast that needs an up graded approach. Sips on Green tea and exhales. I guess the conference is canned ?
  4. Ha ..... smoko this morning with the stock agent was green tea and Hemp and Oregano crackers. He offered us a very good price on the venison. I noticed he only ate two crackers. It was an interesting morning. Stock agents get around. We talked a lot about honey and the slow sales. His comment was to get out there and open conversation with some of the movers and shakers in the meat industry. Offer them a few dollars and piggy back on their hard work in the tough overseas market. I've mentioned that a few times here, and I guess if nobody else is gonna take the hint and do it ..
  5. Of course, you are right Gino. It seems to be a boom or bust industry at the moment. One moment you have no idea where the next feed is coming from, and the next day a door opens. It's a big job climbing up over the plateau country ..... but a guaranteed income with potential to do a bit better afterwards. I dunno. Life is a highway..... travel it, eh.
  6. Indeed. But more importantly, we have a problem Houston.
  7. Alls gd..... negotiating a kiwi contract, so will be able to afford to be mite free when we say Kiora to Gino.
  8. The dosage states 4 strips bayvarol/ brood or two Apivar/ brood. So, for a double brood box hive in theory you need to double those numbers. The catch is that the two brood boxes may well only have a combined total of only six frames of brood, if you are lucky at this time of year. So, for us, running doubles we would put in four Bayvarol,or two Apivar. If the hives have only two or three frames of brood we'll halve the amount. Come honey flow time the doubles will be made into singles ..... and in past years have shoved a shop cloth soaked in O/A under the queen excluder.
  9. Just another day in HillBilly heaven.... we bit the bullet and started melting out combs.
  10. If you trawl back through This thread somewhere there is one work on weights. Failing that, I could go out to the shed ... Rainy day project .... count the staples in four buckets, weigh and divide ..... science in action.
  11. OK, to be a bit recalcitrant ..... the tapes came out of hives that died eighteen months ago. They are almost as dry as a dead dingos ding .... weigh them first, then after soaking .... get an idea of up take ?
  12. Okay ..... so you wash them to remove residue .... well why not just wash them in a new solution of O/A ?
  13. With all due respect to the scientific community ..... from a grass roots perspective, when you have to combine two treatments to do the job of one , it sort of sets the alarm bells ringing. If one treatment will do the job, why not use one , wait a few months, then do an autumn treatment with a different chemical family. By combining the two tells me you have a varroa problem that is only getting half knocked down by the initial treatment.... so you give it a double dose, so to speak. The other thing that worries me is when Maru talks about doing back to back treatments .....
  14. I was’nt planning on washing and hsnging the dirty laundary out. my view is the tape is like a sponge.... soak it in the new solution and the uptake will happen. or is that too simplistic?
  15. The way I read it a few years ago, I think back in the early days of varroa in the US when Keepers were experimenting with treatments in their bees to kill the critters, they were trying a cocktail of two and three different chemicals. Scientists warned that there was not enough science to know whether the mixture of the two or three chemicals negated or compromised the effectiveness and usefulness of the one. The word on the street was that in order not preserve the long term effectiveness of one chemical.... do not mix both. That seems pretty logical to me. If one che
  16. what's a fresh one worth now .... soaked and ready to go ?
  17. I have bucket loads of strips we pulled from dead hives 18 months ago. My question is , can I recook and reuse ..... reduce and recycle ?
  18. Uh huh ...... we had a big discussion with MPI last week. The outcome was that the left hand wasn't quite sure what the right hand was doing, and that the whole shemozzle is a work in progress.
  19. Not sure. Still ruminating. Three options. 1. Bayvarol - instills confidence, but expensive. 2. OA staples- cheap, but a little bit nervous after the last stuff up. 3 Natural selection- no treatement, build up survivor resistance and hope like hell. First step is to do a mite count, asses the nation. Then staples, mite count ... continue with staples or call in reinforcements.
  20. Hmmm .... the power of Bayvarol eh
  21. Yep ..... you gotta be born lucky to get outta life alive ...!
  22. jamesc


    What the heck is tax ....?
  23. Why not bid and see what you get ..... like the auctioneer said at the Coalgate Cattle sales today ...... $150 for a yearling heifer . " stick some green grass in her and bring 'er back in two months and treble yer money !"
  24. Yes @Bighands ..... we do still have a label and stick honey in jars and sell it to discerning customers. It's a lot of work and to grow that side of things to sell a hundred tonnes of year requires a different mindset and discipline to mine. So the idea of a central marketing 'collective' makes sense ..... and there are people within our industry who have more sway and 'mana' then I to bend the ear of the likes of the meat industry who already have those systems and connections in place to make it happen. Watching a U tube video the other day where Sarah's Country was interviewin
  25. Perfect. Perhaps we should organise a night to wsrm the Honky Tonk .... the final stages of the Covid project. Perhaps we could get a celebrity Unicorn to play Piano... The interesting and enlightening thing about this project is that it was built mosyly from junk we had lieing around .
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