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  1. Amen to that sister. But as noted somewhere, every site is different and what works in one place might yield a different result just up the road. And some guys are more diligent than others. I don't mind sharing what worked and what did'nt ,as for sure as the eggs are eggs, last years primo site may well be this years flop. And this late summer O/A treatments might well be a success. The place to be working collabaratively is in the marketing of the stuff we have been gifted by the bees !
  2. The cocky wanted them for free ..... but I guess the charge is the same as for all the other small seed pollination ...... $190/hive.
  3. Nah ... probably Phil checking out the Apitraz.
  4. We came accross this queen yesterday. We don't mark queens with red ..... so where did she come from ?
  5. We were asked to do some clover pollination the other day .....it always amuses me when Cockies ring up just as their crop is flowering and say " The Rep tells me I need bees, can you put some in". I am afraid we declined.I did'nt like the smell of the Uranium on the property.
  6. Well there ya go .... little bit behind the eight ball, but lotsa love , and some apitraz has almost got us there. These babies were on a roll today, not bad for taking two nucs plus a late split of them ..... Now, where was that honey flow ....? Honey flow looks a bit dodgy in this neck of the woods for the next month or so .....
  7. Welll ..... we need those guys to front up and say if they sold what was on offer. But nobody really talks about that , eh ! We have dropped the price of our bulk honey in the Shop for Christmas ..... down to $10/kg bulk . Happy Christmas.
  8. No ..... It's not a pancake recipe or a price list .....it's a wish list from producers listing with Mr Sapiano as to what they want for their honey.
  9. Oh sorry ..... It's a regular thing that comes through from Albert Sapiano ..... I 'aint tech savvy enough to sort the email into a pdf .... if indeed that is what you call it. .... My techy is still overseas somewhere.... But you get the gist right ..... I don't see much being offered from NZ at bargain basement prices ..... which is probably why it is'nt moving.
  10. All fascinating stuff. This arrived on the email this morning. These are honeys being offered to the world market ex NZ. The interesting one is the Kanuka price ..... we have been offered around $5/kg for everything we can produce .... so who is pulling whose plonker here?
  11. Ah no ...... won't be in that. But try the Merendonk Ghorkali dictionary. You on the Gin again tonight ? 😘
  12. Ah ..... 'Bujne" ....... is Ghorkali for Thinking . In Nepal a 'Bujne Manche' is a smart Dude.....
  13. While splitting some three decker hives this afternoon that were jam packed with brood, I came accross this flyer in the paper. We use a lot of newspaper when splitting bees. So I offer it up .... a trade secret and point of difference for New Zealand honey, because we are "Bujne" people that aspire to be at the top of our game, whether as Bee Keepers, or farmers, or sailors ..... I won't mention the rugby ..... I don't mind sharing information like this ..... there are people out there better at marketing than I, but this is where we need to be going. The only catch as I see it, is that to be Carbon neutral you should just give up Sky Diving. I thought Airborne were our Champions for monofloral honeys ......
  14. Honey ..... believe me ..... we are trying to .
  15. Oh ..... I thought mine was the best ..... also creamed by Sheehans !! Spring is the time for fixing hives. The time for taking from the strong and giving to the weak. When I see hives at Christmas stacked up with six and two I surmise that someone did'nt take the time it takes to even them up. They were lazy. But there yah go .... Crate day makes one a bit lippy, right.
  16. Gravy train’s running😎
  17. Storms over.... time to catch queens again These little poly’s have been a real success story this year
  18. By Crikey Phil46 ..... that was one heck of busyday. Last photo looks like a petri dish .....😎 OKPhil46 .....I'm gonna take a lead from you and start to post selfies. It promotes community.
  19. Yeah nah ..... I think it's better than that ....
  20. Yeah Nah .... With all due respect , I don't know why people congregate in Auckland, except perhaps that the temperature resembles that of Suva or Bombay. Kathmandu make some very nice down jackets, and Hunting 'n'Fishin do a good line in thermals .... and the views down south are better than those from the sky tower. IMHO.
  21. The bees don’t like my hanging basket
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