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  1. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    Sweet ..... without pruning they tend to run riot.
  2. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    And where I Puriti coming from, as i hear on the Grapevine that Midlands is not buying honey this year ....?
  3. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    Aah ... you guys are Philistines and have no appreciation of the true Nectar. I think I need to send y'all a Christmas care package.
  4. jamesc

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Sign of the season....
  5. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    Sounds good. You will be looking for raw material to keep up with demand! we started moving our honey mountain today. Sales were up on last year, demand strong.... the only comment being we neede to epand the car parking facilities. The most interesting thing was that sales of dew outstripped Rata sales.
  6. jamesc

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Takes too long to put them on , they are cumbersome, jump in the truck to move it and the steering wheel gets covered in wax an stuff , some other b33333 generally steels them, can't catch queens in them ...... you certainly can't roll a smoke with them or use yer telephone ......the list goes on.
  7. jamesc

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Dear Santa, It's been a miserable day on the bees today ..... cold and wet and the bees have been as grumpy as heck. They are not happy. I am not happy .... but then I had a thought Santa ... if you ever talk to the Big Man ..... just tell him we are easy either way. Too much rain and no honey and we are good because the price of our honey in the shed will go through the roof, while too much rain and the long awaited for 30c will also work as quantity always wins over quality. Yours JC PS. If you are headed this way, I could use some of those fancy thick leather gloves and we can look after your little critters rain or shine.
  8. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    oops ..... uh huh ..... we fixed that ......
  9. jamesc

    Honey Co-ops

    We used to get all our honey contract extracted quite a few years ago , but had to wait in line for our turn, and when short of boxes it just did'nt work. Added to that was taking thee boxes to the extractor and carting them back .... I'd get home at 10.30pm . It was'nt really sustainable. So we set up our own plant. It did'nt cost a great deal. We bought an extractor and sump tank for a grand. We started off with a hand knife for uncapping. The hand hot knife does a lovely job on the frames. Later we traded another extractor for a drum of honey. We still use the uncapping machine and one of the extractors. They get rebuilt every few years. Extracting honey ... and Adam Boot is gonna love this ...."Is not rocket science !!" What cost the money was when the Gvt jumped in and toughened up the regulations. We had to build a new food grade extraction room ( which is very nice) but cost us 100k and some fancy wax separating gear, and of course the RMP regs. The advantage is that we can extract honey when we want. The boxes are available the next day and we don't grumble when not enough drums are filled at the end of the day. We talked with several other beekeepers about setting up a joint enterprise, but nothing eventuated. Most beekeeeprs are too much of individualists. I think it's a bit like a cocky owning a quarter of a million dollar Header they only use for a week a year ..... they can harvest the million dollar crop when it's ready and reap the reward of a quality product. Most small business's don't happen overnight. They grow in fits and starts as the operator gains experience and confidence .... and has a few spare dollars at the end of the season to upgrade. I remember dropping a load of honey off one day down at Davidson's honey shed in Timaru. He commented to his crew that my one man band with a truck and a crane was probably quite a good way to make money in the honey business. I was'nt so sure. Over the years we grew our operation and employed quite a lot of Beekeepers. We have since shrunk back to a two man operation and I am now inclined to agree with Mr Davidson. He has been dead a few years now, but I hear on the grapevine that when he died there were'nt many bees left ..... such is the joy of employees
  10. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    So hows life now ?
  11. jamesc

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    I suppose .... LIvestock .... Deadstock. Poly nucs always seem to take a lot of love and attention to get going, but once going the queens get mated very quickly. This year seems to have been very trying to keep them alive. Today we were lucky. I needed 17 queens and found 17 survivors out of the 200 polys ! BUT .... they are quick and easy to make up again, when the weather comes right !
  12. jamesc

    Any good pics of your bee sites?

    These nucs defied the odds of the continual Easterly garbage weathet and got mated. Even on a cool day this yard is hotter than heck.... and two weeks off Christmas hungrier than heck.
  13. jamesc

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Catching queens in the rain from the survivors. The duds are very dead.
  14. jamesc

    Honey Price Collapse

    AS you will appreciate Adam .... this is a highly structured release so just a little info at a time to pique your appetite ! Pole dancers ..... hmm ...... honey promoting lead in the pencil ...... How's Puriti going ?