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  1. Ah .....bolting horses .... the mother of the three amigos was a bitch. I put it down to the way she was started. Pure bred Arab ..... she took off on me one day, so I gave her her head and let her run ...... bout six k's, then we hit a hill and she kept going another two k's til she ran out of puff, Turned her around and walked her home. She never really liked me, so we made her a brood mare. She still does'nt like me . Love is like that sometimes ... eh. Of course, dogs are slightly different.
  2. Ah hah .... looks like a lot of fun ...... we bred our Arabs for endurance ..... they are one sweet treats of nature ...... they give and give and never ask questions when the universal goes !!. But of course, the Thoroughbred has a lot of Arab in it. Man, how I love those critters. Honesty and integrity and luv you the next day.
  3. Ah yep , no .... I think we'll just park that one .... sounds like the wrong sort of trouble.💗 Holy mother of the sacred one .... that looks like a goer . Do we put a bet on ? Thouroghbred Phil .... ? Judgig by the halter ...you might be a disciple of Mr Pat Parelli ....
  4. Ah ... now we is talking ..... stand in front of it .... ?
  5. The thing I like about sugar shakes is you don't have to find the queen ..... they take less time as the queen is T total.... if you get my drift . Not as accurate for sure, but you get a picture of what is happening.
  6. Aka John Berry .... the success to requeening is the competent beekeeper ..... the eyes and brain that crack the lid and make the decision on the hive which then dictates it's future. The good beekeeper will recognise the failing queen and depending on the time of year, remedy the situation to ensure the colonies ongoing survival, whetehr that be a protected cell, new queen, or 'Maori Split'.
  7. The morning after the bunnies got away Young blood The real answer to climate change Don't cost a lot to make these hunnies. Ok team.... I 'aint fishing for likes . I'm tired of fixing machines and want something that is gonna last a couple of years .... whose got a kubota side by side ?
  8. Ok ...so I need more funding to take more time to do some sugar shakes . ..... APINZ funding ? What's a control hive .... not as bad as 160/300...
  9. The old house is quiet tonight. I had an old mate up today. His boy brought him up riding shotgun on a sales trip. It's been one of those stunningly beautifull days in Te Wai Pounamu , that time of year when the trees start to turn and the mornings have an eye watering chill in them ,and the roar and the croak of the stags resound around the valley. The old mates' boy sells machinery, so seeing as the Can Am has been in the fix it shop for two weeks and they are having team meetings over what to do with it , I thought we should look at our options. There are always options. The stockman has been riding Shank's pony. He's been very polite about it. He always is. My new pony has been in the yards getting started ..... and he is a beauty .... a pure bred short coupled Arab that my mare from hell gave birth to eight years ago ..... but good things take time ..... So the Can Am is busted and it turns out my old mate's boy sells Mr Kubota's machinery. So they arrived at 8.00 am with the side by side on the trailer. We seem to go through the bikes. Side by sides, quad bikes, motorcross bikes ..... they all need fixing. The quads diff crapped out last week. The seal went on the back axle and the diff must have ran out of oil and ended up with one wheel drive. We won't talk about the Can Am. So we had a look at the Kubota . A 28hp three cylinder diesel that sounds like the Bobcat , powered by Kubota. She's got hydrostatic drive, oil immersed brakes, phenomenal engine braking on the descents ..... and a half tonne hydraulic tip deck. And she comes dressed in Camo. Eldest boy and Mum did the road testing. Old mate, his boy, and I followed in the cruiser. Climbed the dark side track to the top of the hill and sat in the sun absorbing the view of the foothills, the new snow on Mt Hutt, the mist in the Selwyn and the Torlesse ranges craggy skyline beckoning. And we talked of the old days .... back when .... when we worked for Airborne , about when old Arthur died up the Rakaia on his last mission to the bees, and had to be carted back to Leeston on the back of the bee truck, and the party's me other old mate had, who was my boss , when the young beekeepers passed out under the table at six o'clock ..... in the morning .... and the lack of high viz, and certificates .... and the phone calls on a thursday night to move a thousand bees out of pollination by the weekend and only armstrong cranes and grit to lift them. And as we sat in the sun and reflected .... Old mate , his Boy and I ..... and all was quiet as My boy and his mum went on daring deeds to try and kill the Kubota in some swamp hidden bog hole in the valley below .... I put it to old mate ..... "How d'ya grow such a good boy ?" 'Life and love. Lotsa love.'
  10. Yup .... still got brood ..... which is 'not normal' as generally as we do our last round of the year checking weights and disease there is no brood and disease checking is tricky. But then the bees have been working flows and the gorse is flowering again ....
  11. This afternoon I initiated the 'jamesc mite research program.' Although it's still awaiting clearance from funding as apparently they are having a few issues, I thought we'd get it under way sooner rather than later ..... Six pallets - 24 hives of newbees made up in October 2018. These nucs were put over into full depth boxes at Christmas , treated with two staples and moved up onto the Dew in mid February. Mostly they are double broods now with good levels of stores. Of the 24, one was dead ..... drone layer. Of the remaining 23, 9 had mite issues, from DWV to visible mites to on the verge of death. I treated them all again with four staples. The couple of near death weak hives I treated with two staples and swapped position with a strong hive. I then went down to the bottlestore and got some refreshments .... seeing as the research program is running an expense account.
  12. Oh dear ... i think yesbutt should be writing this, but anyway ....'I'm from the Government .... and I'm here to help'.
  13. That sounds good Phil .... on that basis Plan B comes into play and i'm closing the operation down here and off to the bach for the winter. Hallalujah .... just like the old days. This seems to be the season of surveys. These are interesting figures Phil , and got me thinking. As we winter a yard down it would be interesting to have a hive condition score survey as well. So we get a graph of the yard at the end which will show the overall status of the yard ..... 38 good ones, five queen failures, and five varroa's that will be DOA in August. I guess this is all part of the research, for if we know that by placing all staples in hives by the end of february we can close the operation down on May 1st, like we always used to, all of a sudden we have an ability to trim costs - labour, fuel ..... and plan ahead for our slack time. Just an on going thought as I put honey on toast and shrink my honey mountain before heading out the door.
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