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  1. We are always swapping frames ..... strong to weak ..... pulling brood for nucs ...... pulling honey and honey frames going everywhere the following year. But I tell yah what, we rarely kill a queen unless sh'e s old and doddery with no wings.
  2. There is no doubt about it ...... there is so much we don't know . It would be nice to have a vibrant and strong industry that is able to discretionary fund issues that ultimately affect every one's bottom line. We packed a very limited edition of Honey Dew this afternoon ...... only because the pots were in short supply.
  3. Uh Huh .... we pressure tested the radiator when we had it out of Stella ..... and low and behold a little pin prick hole dribbling onto the chassis cross member. Rob the Radiator could'nt fix it - too much plastic - so we tracked down a new one ..... $1965.00 later .....ouch. But yah need tools to do yer trade right ? Tell yah what though ..... my intercooler's bigger than Philbee's 😡
  4. They seem to find something new every time. Our mudflaps were too close to the wheels ..... been like that since new ..... they now comply !
  5. Good start. I've moved my pumkinns inside and started again. It's too cold in the green house.
  6. Yep .... nothing like a spate of rainy days for getting those crappy jobs done. The man at the testing staion did'nt like the rust under the radiator .... and those orange buckets are so usefull !!
  7. comes right next week ..... for a week before anther cold spell.
  8. I suppose because I am an optimist. We will ride out the storm and when we get through it will have trained people and resources ready to take advantage of the upswing and be ready to market to the world a product that is unsurpassed in quality. It may not be in my lifetime, but that might be the legacy. The challenge is to keep the dream alive for those who follow. Nah ..... I traded some honey for a crate today. Life is good !
  9. The biggest issue facing us at the present time is the lack of sales. We are all agreed on that. Philbee will solve the mite issue. Sales can solved very easily with some of Jacinda's surplus ..... sweeten up a smart young person with a million dollar salary and a bonus and the problem will be solved overnight. We have a remarkable product in this country. The world sort of knows that but needs to persuaded just a little bit more.
  10. Agreed ..... so without the stress of a varroa condition all is good ..... Well of course, back in the good old days everything was better, sometimes ...... But seriously , pre varroa we never really worried about bee health. We never fed patties , we fed lotsa syrup, we held back that garbage honey called Manuka and Dew as feed honey for nucs , the bees always opened up looking sweet in the spring and we built an empire from a seed operation of 14 hives. Now we can't even maintain numbers. Nail the mite and we will thrive again.
  11. Aah look .... pre varroa we feed tonnes and tonnes of sugar. The bees loved it . We loved it ..... it meant we had more honey to sell for a good price.
  12. I dunno what the heck we are gonna do Crabee .... Like many, at the moment we are "Honeyaires "..... asset rich and cash poor ,pouring more dollar bills into keeping the bees alive ....but whatcha gonna do ...... walkaway from 1500 hives ...... can't sell bees , won't sell beer ....... We are already resigned to the fact that we probably won't make a dollar this year , which is quite a scary thought when the crew shows up for work every morning to tend and care for our livestock. But then as Beekeepers, we are optimist's, right. With a roll of the dice and the toss of the ball the environment might change over night, and as we all know, if you 'aint got a lotto ticket, you 'aint ever gonna win.
  13. No future in that for the majority of people.
  14. Uh ... huh .... you just gotta take it off and stick it in the shed for a rainy day ..... an if you don't like the idea of that, I'd suggest you go fishing or exit the industry. And any way ...... who won Lotto ?
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