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  1. jamesc

    What are bees foraging on 2017/18 season

    We just keep pumping the syrup. They are too valuable to lose at the whim of the weather. Some maybe heavy, some maybe light .... so we feed the lot.
  2. jamesc

    Description of oxalic / staple method

    Hrrump ..... Mother's away again doing dog work ..... and the spotty home dog don't talk back !! As I was mixing up another brew of O/A this evening I was asking myself why, when the rest of the world has had the mite for way longer than us, are we making some radical discoveries with treatements ? We know the acid works . Phil seems to be on the money at cracking the delivery system. How come the Americans are so quiet, or are they too busy fighting fires and rescuing bees from floods ?
  3. jamesc

    What are bees foraging on 2017/18 season

    Honey dews running ...... Bees are getting bitchy on Kowhai , and we are still making syrup.
  4. jamesc

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    Yeah .... I had that once. I had to lie on the floor for two days before I could think of moving. I had a bad back from day one of bee keeping and went to all sorts of Chiropractors who said I should probably think of a career change. When I met my wife to be her sister was a massage therapist and after six months of regular weekly massage the back is now as good as gold..... mostly. I think the secret is to keep the muscles and ligaments supple ..... yoga.... swimming..... cycling ........ lifting Bee boxes ! good as gold .
  5. jamesc

    Wax candles coming on nicely

    I got some moulds of Lyson's the other day ...... so cool , but it does'nt seem right to burn the head off an Angel .
  6. jamesc

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    Holy heck ..... I'm moving up to Taupo !
  7. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    What the heck .....?
  8. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    UMhhhh ... excuse my ignorance, but why is stripping the staples important ......
  9. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Sure ..... your young Mama queen made it out into the real world and will contribute to the cause next week. Your strips can go into half the cell builders.
  10. jamesc

    Bavarol, is it still working?

    I think I mentioned it a while ago, but we first found varroa in one of our more remote honey dew sites, right at the bottom of a gully where I thought there was not a hive for quite a few kilometers. The site has 48 hives.last spring they were absolutely decimated after an autumn Bayvarol treatement. Such is the site that we split the remaining ten hives and had all 48 up and running again by the honey flow in early December. They made us three boxes last summer. We wintered them down last autumn after an Apivar treatement with a o/a shop cloth and a box of honey. We opened them a month ago and they were strong hives. We put more shop cloths between the double brood boxes. Of the 48 we lost 5. Several of those were drone layers .... We went back yesterday with Phils Staples . The bees were on a flow. Some were very strong and we put a third brood box on. But we had lost another 6 hives, chewed out by the mite. So it's got me wondering whether it's not such a remote site and getting reinvasion, or just such an early site where the mite builds up faster than we can get back. What we should have done , but did'nt do on our first visit this year , was alchohol washed some sample hives, but the truck got stuck and it took us two hours to get a grader in for a tow ,by which time the day was waning ......
  11. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I think the mix was 600gm acid and 900gm Glycerine ..... made enough mix for 60 cloths.
  12. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    An orange pail arrived in the post today . That's very fast ...... Thankyou .... I was going to count them but I supect you is an honest Bro..... anyway , we are gonna need another 4000 at your earliest convenience. I had a cook up in the shed this arvo and was quite surprised at how much O/A and glycerine went into them compared to the cloths , which of course explains why you are so confident they will work. The other interesting thing is that the shop cloths saved the day for us, mostly, albeit in a very weak solution.
  13. jamesc

    What does 'pure manuka' mean?

    The way i read it is that Puriti is a brand being put together by Midland Seeds, based in Ashburton who focus on growing small seed crops. They bought a bee operation to secure a supply of bees to pollinate their crops when thousands of bees were headed north to the manuka goldfields. As such the the seed growing farms are a toxic wasteland where the stench of chemcal is overpowering, so I guess they need to assure their customers that their product is pure.
  14. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Ooops .... are you allowed to say that Trevor ?
  15. jamesc

    Country Calendar

    We start at 8.30 am and finish at 4,30 at the moment. Days off for skiing...... shopping in town ...... hobbyist lifestyle I guess.