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  1. jamesc

    February 2019 diary

    Nope.... finished all beework thus arvo for a while.... staples in, honey off. Bees in dew.... not much else to do for a while except extract it and jump on a plane and go sell the stuff.
  2. I am veery interested in gender ..... it's important.... particularly when as a single fellah I was riding the rails on a train in India and being seranaded by a stunningly beautifull lady .....with a six O'clock shadow.
  3. jamesc

    More by-kill

    Well, it was a pallet of dead hives ..... we mark the deads by putting the feeder on the bottom, placing a mat or queen excluder on top and storing the brood box on top of that - mouse protection. I think we caught a swarm in it and just kept supering it up with frames of brood that had got up into the honey boxes and been brought back to the extracting shed. Generally the feeders sit on top of the hives !
  4. Ah The Clash ...... I'm more into country, but the lyrics are perfect and sum up the situation perfectly !
  5. jamesc

    More by-kill

    Looks like poison .... but is'nt. A pallet of wet boxes got left out in the yard and that set a robbing spree going ...... from about two hundred hives sitting on the Dew about a kilometre away. The hive lives by the honey shed and is home to drift bees and the odd frame of brood from honey boxes that are coming in for extraction.
  6. jamesc

    February 2019 diary

    And today we passed another milestone.... in that the last of Mr Philbee’s staples were inserted into hives. Might be time for a bit of fishing.... Main Man caught a nice salmon in the Rakaia the other morning. After all his stories of the one that got away, I still reckon it’s cheaper to go buy it!
  7. jamesc

    February 2019 diary

    Ah so .... today we have a total fireban in place..... the photo is of the smoke haze from a gazillion burn offs this morning. we did a fire drill in a burnt off paddock of grass today..... imagined a scenario whete a smoke or smouldering smoker ember ignited the paddock. we all agreed that we would be toast.
  8. jamesc

    More by-kill

    More mysteriously dead bees.... not. The result of a robbing frenzy. I should open the hive tomorrow and see who won.
  9. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Good Idea !
  10. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    This is highly scientific.... these bees were the tail enders that came down to West Melton for clover They had staples through the spring Tonight they are heavy pallets packed with bees What more do we want at this time of year?
  11. The sign was originally made when us blokes up this valley were the United Grumpy Batchelors Club.
  12. So.... as the voting comes down to the wire,we are getting bombarded with emails ad to why we should’nt. As they say , ‘in love and war’.... The latest email was from NZ Beekeeping inc. It made me chuckle ad I have had run ins withe some of these guys, so i found this photo.... if u look in the bottom left it says UGBC. United Grumpy Beekeepers Club
  13. jamesc

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Nice story!
  14. Like the email from JH and APINZ said today ...."Smart beekeepers plan for the future, and a YES vote is a vote for the future".