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  1. Not sure ..... bought them at Mitre 10 in the good old days ......
  2. Hah ... can I come .... I've run out of beer 😆
  3. Interesting Goran ..... The only apples we have this year are the small and sour crab apples after a cold spring.
  4. We are shut down. It was the easiest option rather than wondering and questioning staff where they had been the previous evening or weekend. The catch is we knew we re going into lockdown a month ago and planned the workload accordingly. Interesting to note we got an email from the forestry company where most of the bees are for the winter stating that because of the situation the forest is closed, but that if we need to get in must ring the security man first. I guess trees must be susceptible too ....?
  5. interesting . We've always hired a digger when we needed one as I figured it was the cheaper option. Last year we hired a 10 tonner. It had asthma ..... and shut down as soon as the Nor'West blew and the motor got hot, which was quite often. It also had a problem with it's guts as it had no lift stamina . We did a lot of work with it for a month. Got it stuck quite a few times as it sank into bog holes ..... We were sat having lunch beside the road back in the spring when the digger owner stopped for a chat. A year later...... He wanted to give us the bill for fixing the digger. I said I was happy to pay ..... but to split the bill with the other twenty people that had hired it since we had.... Haven't seen the bill yet, which is a shame as I could use it again. I still hanker for one of my own. TommyDave .... the hareses are a prebait to. monitor the situation. The wasps are hammering the honey shed and our overalls as we sit in the late summer sun with an afternoon cup of tea. They also quite like the honey water traps around the smoko room .... but they seem quite fickle when it comes to protein. We never had much luck with the vespex .... I am wondering if there is a short window of opportunity ?
  6. Sheesh ... that's handy wee tool. can I borrow it ?🤠
  7. It was about this time last year we started picking up problems with the O/A .... dead and dying hives. I walked away from the collapsing hives. Now is not the season to try to resucisitate. Unless you have plenty of time and money it's a waste of both. The wonderfull thing with bees is that you can make a two frame nuc in September and get honey at Christmas.
  8. I thought I'd revisit this post ..... I have to admit I've neglected the pumpkin patch lately as the tomatoes and lettuces have been more demanding. But in these new times I thought I'd better check how the winter soup supplies are looking ...... I think there's only one word for it ..... but it might get moderated . B******
  9. Yipppeee .... price of honey should go up shortly to ..... crack up.
  10. In the absence of Fipronil and vespex, do you think a Carbaryl laced Hare .... couldn't find any rabbits ... would be as effective ?.
  11. Had a cruise around the bush this afternoon..... OMG .... wasps ..... time to have a tong up on the hares , string em up and put a bit of nice stuff in them.
  12. nice ....re a truck , when I was a corporate we leased all our trucks and Utes off TR rentals. They got traded every two years ..... they might have something.
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