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  1. beehive price tracking

    What I'm really hanging out for is for a second hand extractor and pricker to come on the market ....
  2. Manuka standards

    Blend it ?
  3. beehive price tracking

    Keep bringing them on down south for carrot pollination ?
  4. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    Don't mind too much if it stays warm .... might end up with another 20kg honey dew ......
  5. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    Hmmm .... we might need a a bit of humour in the next few days ! I thought Gita was coming from the Nor'west, but looking at the map looks like we'll get a drenching from the Sou'West. In the winter I'd call that a major snowmaker.
  6. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    Our staff had workphones . It was quite interesting because we could track what games they were downloadng and where they were at any time of the day.The same with the navmans in the trucks. Big Daddy was always watching!
  7. February 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    just a little bit more rain .... and don't forget to tie the tramp down .
  8. February 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    I thinking of getting a helo to pull bees out out the rata ..... it was always going to be a risky mission.
  9. AFB Dogs

    OK ... I gonna catch da monkey and become the organ grinder.
  10. Varroa control for beginner Beekeepers

    Hmmm .... I wish i could be unconcerned about Varroa. AFB, no concern. Varroa, major concern.
  11. Oxalic and glycerine

    No but ... seriously. I was poking my nose into survivor bees this evening while loading them up for the Big Shift, and marvelling at the amount of bees in them. With the brood box they are four high and are choka with the crawling critters right into the top box. Healthy bees. But of course now is the time of year when the population starts to decline and the mite percentage grows. So ..... will gib tape laminate carry enough O/A to sort the mite problem into the winter, because if so it will free up enough cash to enable us to participate in next years 'Dusty Butt" down south.
  12. Oxalic and glycerine

    OK .... wanna form a JV and market it ....
  13. Oxalic and glycerine

    Aah now yer taiking ..... looks like you got a high tech sterile work environment there !! What do they say , necessity is the master of invention. Gib tape. is that quite absorbent?
  14. Oxalic and glycerine

    Yes but, it's all in the packaging.
  15. AFB Dogs

    Several years ago when the Missus and I sat down after a long day and chilled out in front of the TV to be entertained by quiz shows and cooking programs, we actually struck it lucky with Border Patrol and the Dog squad. Anyway, the long and short of it was that Renee came to the rescue of our AFB problem with the "Milion Dollar Noses" ..... Jess, and Georgie, and Flynn, and Milo, and Pipi, and Pandorra, and Molly .... And we put it to the AFB management agency that if they were serious about eradicating AFB in NZ then the dogs might be quite a good tool to help. The agency really did'nt take the idea too seriously, which is a shame because for a program to be effective it needs an umbrella organisation to marshall it and set a standard. The Agency is the perfect vehicle for that. Our lives and operation has been transformed since we went into remission from AFB two years ago. There are other operations out there that have taken the lead and are training their own dogs, which is, dare I say it, bloody good. The issue I see arising is that we need a standard and an accreditation that the dogs and handlers are up to speed. So here is another challenge for the Board members of the AFB Management agency ... I could reel their names off, but most people know who they are .... Why not rise to the challenge. Embrace the future and the tools that are being offered to the industry to make it the gazillion dollar export industry that it is being touted to the nation and world .