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  1. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    I came accross one night and hsd a birds eye view of a couple having a passionate moment. But you’re right..... thete not a lot holding it up
  2. Clover season

    Ha .... we are pumping.... diesel
  3. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    When it's warm at night and all the bees are hanging out the front door the dogs are not really inclined to get too close ..... on account of stings .
  4. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    Hmmmm ..... I have a feeling AFB is something we are going to have to learn to live with , as we do already. There has been such a growth of beehive numbers and new operators, who, while keen, lack the experience of identifying the very early symptons. As they say, we learn through our mistakes, and as new operators make mistakes it costs neighbouring beehives and operators. Those guys will learn but by then the disease has moved on. The quality of labour out there is a big spreader of disease. FOE , the larger the operation becomes the higher the disease incidence. That's one of the joys of now being a hobbyist going into my 29 season .... I get to look in every beehive every round . The Dogs of course are a great tool, but are on holiday at this time of year as it is too warm at night for them to work effectively. For the likes of places that are hotspots of nectar flows where beekeepers flock like robbing bees there needs to be a bit of forward thinking. A permit or bill of health to move might be a start, rather like the truck loads of bees that move to California for the Almonds. But who pays ? I believe that in Poland when AFB is discovered in an apiary the whole apiary has to be burned. I suspect here that would lead to under reporting. Track and trace systems for honey boxes are another tool to limit the spread. All our boxes now have NAIT pins in them with thier unique number that gives us the ability to trace honey boxes months after they have come off an infected hive. It's a lot of work but has potential. At the end of the day, as with any Gold Rush .... disease is a fact of life. For every one you burn have two spare to take it's place at the mother lode.
  5. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Yeah locals , the digger was localish ..... i just put it out there to stir up a little ****** ..... it's no big deal , it would have just saved us an eight hour round trip to another site . It just reinforces how cut throat it's becoming in the mid south and if you want to make honey there is no room for complacencey or niceties, which is a shame as we all end up in the Old Folks home having our crap cleaned up for us, rich or poor. As an aside to that, we got turfed out of a site on the coast that the landowner had given us access to ..... only the fence was five meters off the legal boundary and the local beekeeper was not very polite about us being there. He called in the lawyer and DOC, who demanded to see all our site GPS figures and with whome we have a meeting next week. Perhaps a polite phone call might have sorted the matter, but it just got my back up. But then , who am I to talk ..... It's just symptomatic of the way the business is now, and of how if we want to succeed we need to grow a thick skin and keep our cards close . So this place is probably not the place to air our grievances. Yeah Right.
  6. New honey drums

    Thanks guys ..... we've" borrowed" twenty five off Airborne honey with new ones ordered from visy in Temuka, but not available until second week ofJanuary. Chinese ones don't arrive until end of january, and are $20 ish cheaper.
  7. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Well we all know that Beekeeping at this time of year is a cut throat business with stealth and intrigue at play for access to sites. In Canterbury we ride a fine line, hoping to get some honey before the Nor West fries everything to a frazzle and we have to bring plan B into play. This morning my alternative was pulled from under me .... several weeks of negotiation dashed by a higher offer. So be it, but gut wrenching none the less to find a lowloader, excavator and empty bee truck sitting in the yard and the crew ready to head home .... Beaten by five percent and a few hours. Like a mate said once ," I got home and found another man eating at my table !" You get over it eventually.
  8. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    Hmmm ..... a symtomatic issue of population growth.
  9. Manuka standards

    I hear it's a long way from being sorted ..... with various court actions looming. The plot thickens .
  10. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Glynn coined the phrase .... it's actually the Canterbury plains ..... The bees are working clover but it's a race against time what with dust, sheep and cattle, and the tree toppers lopping offf shelterbelts for the new " Irritators" that are going in under the CPW scheme.. Last year our neighbours went overboard spraying and drilling thier heavy land in clover to fatten lambs. Now it is a sea of white and the sheep are hard pressed to keep on top of it .... so we brought the bees in to help out. I was curious to see how the clover would perform.
  11. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    I pulled a truckload of bees out of Death valley last night and dropped them off in the promised land. Curiosity got the better of me at and At 7.30 this morning I was shaking fresh nectar from the brood. That's what i call busy bees.
  12. Queen quality, is bigger = better?

    Pretty clever turkey to split a hive .... eh.
  13. Heatstroke

    I think you have to learn how to pace yourself . When I was in Nepal the stock phrase was " Bholi Huncha" ..... meaning " tomorrow is good ".
  14. Heatstroke

    We were opening hives today and the wax in the frames in the top boxes under the lid had all slumped and melted. it does'nt seem to bother the bees, They thrive in the heat, as long as there is work to be done.
  15. Heatstroke

    Hmmm .... ok time for a ps . Watching my favorite program - outback truckers - loading goats at 5.000 am in 29c, climbing to 45c ..... we don't know how lucky we are !!