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  1. Interesting .... lotsa damaged 70series bits listed on trade me yesterday ..... from Australia .
  2. UhHuh ..... lovely site of Manuka ..... we followed an old pack track after a mob of cows ..... don't think we'll get the 4x4 up there ..... but my mate with his Hughie might. Little bit of adventure in the quiet time .... eh.
  3. I think the beekeepers sort of enjoyed it !
  4. It’s been wet here .... resorted to the bikes to check out sites....
  5. Perendales are not top shelf sheep . They always seem to prefer the neighbours winter feed paddocks. But back to milking sheep. ...... you need lotsa milk per. sheep .... they say it's good for many skin conditions ..... excma, psoriasis ...... add a little honey dew and every lady in town can become a Cleopatra.
  6. I have half a dozen of the neighbours poking Perendales...... but a guy down the road milks sheep ..... we pollinated his radishes for nothing last summer ...... we might have a chat ...eh.
  7. Ah yes, I have a dream ..... While trolling through the net in the early hours of this morning, somehow, somewhere I came across a facebook post. It was put up by the lady who bought our North Island base camp a few months ago. The comment was that Beekeepers had owned the house previously and left honey ..... I left a box of a dozen Honey Dew as a house warmer. She made it into Sheeps milk soap. Must've been talking to Daly.
  8. Looks a bit like my dog Ted ..... not Uncle Ted. But yes, the water here comes out of the bush ..... it's not a bad brew ..... not as potent as The Doctors brew .... but ..... in Dry July , it'll hit the spot !
  9. So , I'm gonna jump the gun and say welcome to July ....... Dry July ...... only another four weeks til we start cracking lids and looking at the State of the Nation. And with that comes some big decisions for a lot of people . You gonna work another year for nothing ....? You gonna think lateral .... find another job .... or maybe you're gonna Dream Big , take a risk , tie in with with a few neighbouring beekeepers and take the world by storm .....
  10. Uh huh .... the water is good. Very good .....it needs to be bottled.
  11. Dreaming Big. Mr Boot has asked several times for my marketing strategy for selling honey to the world. In the the predawn quiet of mid winter a gentle snow falls in the foothills of New Zealands Southern Alps. The log burner simmers. The coffee brews . And the old kitchen is lit by the glow of the computer screen that allows me to communicate with the world..... google searching trails of names and jobs and connections that unearth people of influence in far flung corners of the world. It is that quiet time of reason and thought ..... The dream is a story of the people of Aotearoa , The Beekeepers, , The farmers, the Families ..... the people with the passion to create and craft and market to the world a story that draws the customer in to become a part of that dream ..... to taste the buzz and the sweetness of the nectar from the mountain valleys, that is sold for money that feeds and clothes and shelters the people of the land to raise their families in peace with full bellies ..... that the circle of life may go on. And by choosing a jar of Honey from the far flung islands of the earth and cracking the seal and dipping the spoon and savouring the sweetness and aroma and sharing the experience, the customer closes the circle and secures the link in the chain that is Humanity. The Dream is Big, but as we all know, The world is round.
  12. I think back in the day we had Beekeepers with Mana ...... Beekeepers who were running large operations that produced, packed and sold their honey, run by people who had done their time in the bee yard with a hive tool and smoker and aching back. These days we have the corporate bee companies dictating supply and price ,run by people who have hardly cracked a lid, let alone pulled a frame out to check the brood pattern. Unless you have done your time on the tools, it is my thinking that you don't appreciate the finer complexity of the bee hive which follows through to the grassroots problems of the industry.
  13. The sugars make the gutbacteria more efficient at utilizing low quality feed.
  14. Good question ..... because I don't believe the forum castes a very wide web of people of influence......
  15. All the honey and wax slurry gets pumped through the Honey Hummer in the top photo. The Hummer hums away all day, separating honey and wax. The honey comes out with little or no wax and gets pumped into drums. The wax drops out the bottom into mutton cloth bags and popped into the melter at some stage or another. The melter melts out the wax. Generally the first mould is Melter honey from residue honey in the wax, very dark and high in HMF . Melter honey is Non EU eligible .... so is fed to cows and calves and converted into EU Elgible Beef. It's a funny old world we live in
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