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  1. Forget the ute .... look at the grass !
  2. The Irritator.... not yet Oh dear Here another hive i just sampled shok it after ten minutes Time for Apitrsz i think
  3. Well here’s some sun for ya we’ve shed the thermals
  4. Our first round we zipped around, cracked lids and gave the live bees an o/a syrup squirt. Second round they have been having a real light sugar feed with 30ml seaweed/litre. Five seconds on the hose nozzle which equates to about a litre and a half. We have also done some sugar shaking, but can't find any mites, but have seen dead ones on the floor board ..... perhaps the result of the initial o/a dribble. Most of the bees have moved up into the top box ..... away from the staples. We have pulled the staples from the boxes , refolded them into orange buckets and plan to resoak and re use as most are untouched with chewing. Most of the bees have been moved out of the Dew onto warm willow sites and are buzzing with anticipation. We have advertised two crane trucks For Hire in the local rag, as I anticipate we will have quite a lot of time on our hands this year.
  5. Somebody is obviously optimistic about the industry .....or knows nothing about the fact that hives are no longer a tradeable commodity.
  6. 2 bucks ....not quite as good as honey ..... but youknow ...
  7. Oh .....😘... Yeah nah ..... pretty quite on the shop front..... the chinese are rioting and not into buying honey ..... a few other clients are negotiating but not prepared to pay the price .... and I have run out of cunning plans..... for the time being. Must be that i've run out of money and had to limit my Doctor's visits. On another thought, I'm watching the news and the gaming industry looking for Gvt funding to grow a growing industry. I've heard that before somewhere ..... did'nt the Gvt want to grow the honey industry a few years ago ...... where are they now when the crap has hit the fan ..... I know one thing for sure ..... I'd prefer a honey sandwich to a computer game sandwich.
  8. I thunk my quandry is that if the recommendation is to not take meat til four months after the poisoning operation ..... what then with honey ..... should we hang fire from placing bees for four months as well ?
  9. Came accross this gem of info this morning.... in MPI’s ‘Harvesting wild animals for petfood training booklet’
  10. I think we'll go for adapt and change ..... dog meat is quite good business now .
  11. well at least you got kiwi saver ..... my kiwi saver was my bee operation ..... 😁
  12. I guess there are two ways to look at it. With no challenge in life, life can get a bit ho hum. And then with young queens, half the operation has been requeened and should exceed expectations. And of course , with the honey price being in the doldrums and the nuc market being dead we really don't need to produce more bee products this year, and I was wondering how to mothball hives. So ..... after weighing up all the pro's and con's and consulting with the Doctor, I think we have a win win situation here. Yeah right.
  13. Ah ... for goodness sake Mannering ..... don't panic .
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