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  1. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Time to go to specsavers ?
  2. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Hmmmm ... yep I'm counting ..... apart from the queen , they look nice!
  3. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Site dynamics is incredibly important. The difference between a boomer site and a garbage site can only be ten metres, sometimes less than that. There are so many cases where we have put bees where we have scratched our heads ..... been given sites by retiring beekeepers who said the bees never did any good and we relocated them ten or twenty metre and recieved a totally different out come .... too draughty, too shady, or sitting in a frost hollow. Bees are fussy campers and good and bad sites will either make or break the keeper.
  4. Aaah Bro .... I'm going on holiday and might just take a break for a month or so ..... No rush Eh !
  5. Sheesh .... we start raising queens when the daffodils start coming out ...... and they are coming out now Brother.
  6. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    I guess this opens another topic for conversation ..... Succession planning. When do we know when to say when when we are afflicted with Bee Fever. There is no cure for it and over time is degenerative. I worked for a guy once and when I left I wintered down almost 1700 hives for him. I'd always floated the idea with him that we enter a partnership and thereby ensue a smooth transference of custodian ship of the bees. But he always put the idea off, and in the end I went my own way. Life being what it is, a few years later he dropped dead while unloading empty honey boxes. He was my mate and we ended up buying the hives off the estate. The only trouble was there were only four hundred left alive. The balance were rotting in gorse hedges, trashed by cows and thrown into pits by grumpy farmers or just gone. I guess the moral is, for everyones' sake, know when to say when.
  7. The other night we went to a meeting about Mycoplasma Bovis. It was all very interesting and informative, but the main thought I came home home with was that the rest of the world has it and lives with it, the dairy industry has known about it for a long time and it should have been on a watch list, not so much about how to deal with the problem if it ever got here, but what the official strategy is to when it has arrived, both physicaly and financially. We always seem to be closing the door after the horse has gone. The bee industry can sit back and watch and take note. We know EFB is lurking beyond the border and history tells us that it may well arrive. It would therefore make sense to me to start getting prepared . As an industry do we have a plan in place, and on a more local level, as bee keepers, what is our strategy going to be ..... and will David Yanke be able to supply the market with his Carniolans ?
  8. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    All interesting stuff that Frank writes about. I think I mentioned a while ago that when pulling the Apivar strips out over the last month I still noticed mites running around. Even if the strips had gone in late they should have worked ....???
  9. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Yo .... a mild autumn keeps you on your toes. It's too easy to become complacent and walk way to Mexico for six weeks, but the times are a changing and I see us delving into beehives for eleven months of the year shortly.
  10. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Good idea ..... knowledge is power. But seriously, up where you are the climate may be a little bit kinder. Down here I'm wintering some poly's but not really holding my breathe .... except that the daffodils are flowering right now and we generally start raising queen cells when the daffs appear.
  11. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Uh Huh .... the good lord loves a trier😆 mind you, you are up in the lucky country, so it might work.
  12. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    wot .... isolate the coffee .... what about the beer fridge and fooz ball table ?
  13. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    yeh nah ... think i'd say goodbye to that little mother. Not a lot of groceries in there either
  14. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    We have a good supply of floro vests to cover the H&S aspects of drinking coffee on a wobbly floor, and a one eyed floor sweeper should cover it.
  15. jamesc

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    It must be winter because no one seems to have anything better to do than run their neighbour down. Bring on the spring, I say. And for what it's worth, there is no doubt that varroa has changed the game and we will all learn a harsh lesson or two. Some are just braver than others to air their experiences for the communal good. So, don't be a mushroom , we all learn from our mistakes. In the mean time ... we are pouring a concrete floor tomorrow to house the Epipen in the new smoko room, and no doubt someone will give me grief for the quality of the concrete finish, but at the end of the day , the room will be warm and the coffee strong, so who gives a ** about the floor finish ?