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  1. BORAGE ..... soon as we do e hay carting we’ll go look for more flowers. U gotta be joking Big hands
  2. Drier than a dead dingo’s didgereedoo now..... but the honey is still flowing.
  3. Borage is putting on a bit of a show... Rata is coming slowly....a bit of a case of wait and see. paddocks of clovet that hsd potential last week are now done. where to next Kimosabhe?
  4. Ok ... it’s a warm day down here in the gully with no rain forcaste for a week or so... But.... I have my granddads weather forcasting device from way back when before the era of cellphones and radio coms. It comes from the clipper days and records pressure differential. In the last few hours the atmospheric pressure had dropped dramatically.... but the barometer is steady. This gadget measures things days out... Now ... whats that cyclone doing up in Fiji?
  5. There is only one option Mr Nucman....we all gotta grow into a bigger set of pants. I’m over tightening the belt!
  6. I guess we are sll bored. Honey boxes on ... waiting... twiddling our thumbs.....dreaming about gold.... dreamin... eh...!
  7. Long Day at the testing station.... but lucky to have a tester who was a honey connoseur .... and I happened to have pot of honey behind the seat! It’s always brakes, brakes,brakes..... but we got there.... and brought home a load of bright yellow drums stenciled ‘New Zealnd Honey’. Somewhere is an advertising story lurking as Jason’s drums are really very eye catching snd striking.
  8. Morning Negative Nancy.... I really only see one option for going forward .... an advertising blitz to highlight the problem and get people to buy local... honey puffs for breakie, honey sammy for lunch.... mead in the evening.... The health food of champions.... and we we all want to be champions ... right? Crowd funding page for the industry to get rolling.....
  9. For sure Don.... we are working on the problem and in the final stages of raising some venture capital to allow us tomove foreward. The new year is full of promise...😃
  10. Part of Small Boy and my itinerary yesterday was popping into a manuka site we did’nt use this year. As gypsy beekeepers we cover a lot of land snd have loose srrsngements with landowners. Every year is different... and I prefer not to be tied to contracts, but take a gamble on a gut feeling. So this year the forccast did’nt look great, so we put the bees elsewhere. Our ‘Pop In’ revealed that the site had good bloom, and bees in place. The landowner reported that the bees had gone in that morning. The catch is the flower was brittle and starting to fall like snow. We call the pig hunters here ‘The Ten Percent Club’ ... as when the dogs get onto the scent they loose 90% of their brain capacity. Manuka Mania is very similar.
  11. The reason we still have lotsa honey in the shed is that no one is interested in buying it.... whatever the price. Strange. Meanwhile, small boy snd I did a little undet 500 ks today checking bees and blossom. Small Boy is always hungry.... so we had a few icecresm stops. Some of the stops were selling honey.... manuka honey ... we tasted out if curiosity .... several were definitely not what the label said they were. I had an idea to rebrand my honey dew.... as obviously the puntet hsd no idea whay is good honey snd what is crap. Interesting day!
  12. Guilty as charged.... cold green tea is very refreshing.
  13. Thats it ... the last of the last for fixing up the duds .... about six weeks behind schedule.... but there’s always next year.... maybe.
  14. Aaah.... alchohol is a great leveller.... it eases the stress of the day and gives rise to creativity. That is only my humble opinion ....
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