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  1. I hear yah Frazz ..... we have sold dribbles, but certainly not container loads ..... but we sold some deer the other day . This is one of builder Bobs cheap builds.... doing as much as we can ourselves and hiring Bob's mate, who knows more than Bob, to see us right. The insurance company refused to cover the house, so anything is better than nothing ..... right. My other mate took some cattle to the sale yards yesterday ......320kg steers that needed a bit of finishing on some downcountry green stuff. He had no offers and took them home. This is the time of the rising p
  2. Nice @Maru Hoani ..... we seem to be on glide time ...... pulled bees out of the forestry over the last few nights plonking them on sites to fatten up on Kowhai . The willow is in full flower but getting hammered by the wind, and for the first time I can remember our forestry landlords have denied us access to their land on account of the impending storm. In the meantime, cells are growing with an eye to going out at the end of next week ..... but with stuff all winter losses this year - thanks Mrs Apivar - its the easiest spring we have known for a long time. Which
  3. Hmmm .... and so we roll on ..... I went on the hunt for smoker fuel today ..... coffee sacks . Apparently they are in hot demand and I came home empty handed . When we first started burning coffee sacks in the smokers they came from a a friend down the road who had a coffee roasting business . The first time I met her, I didn't quite get her accent when she asked if I wanted some 'Coffee sex' ..... little bit forward on a first meeting, but we got over it, and had a chuckle every time I asked for some more 'sacks'. We've been collecting pollen lately. The greasy cook
  4. Anyway .... I got a wedding to go to ... 12,000 mile away. Might just have another Honey Dew sammie ....
  5. I am sure that way back when ..... when Samuel Coleridge penned his verse.... In Xanadu, when Kubla khan A stately pleasure dome decree Where Alph the sacred river ran Through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea ....... A damsel with a dulcimer In a vision I once saw It was an Abysinnian maid And on her dulcimer she played Singing of Mount Abora .... And close your eyes with holy dread For he on Honey Dew hath fed And drunk the milk of paradise. Mr Samuel Coleridge had either been
  6. Ay for sure Paddy Fogive me father , for I am about to sin in thought and word and deed.. but what the heck
  7. Alls good ..... good champagne is better than new nectar to a bee hive ..... there is no doubt it will be a long night, but the blessing is the Main Man got his nuts decommissioned this arvo ..... so no hurry in the morning Bro. Crikey .... them ladies always have it over us about poking a bubs out .... but ..... I'll say no more !
  8. I'll tell yah what though, the Nephew has a good taste in Champagne.
  9. Somewhere west of Belfast where they have never heard of my Doctor.
  10. Oh Crud ... Grants been fiddling again ..... Alls good. It's a funny old world we live in. We are supposed to be at a wedding in Ireland now . We couldn't make it. Never mind ..... the ever thoughtful groom sent us a Magnum of Champagne for the zoom connections at 3.00am. I thought I'd start early and get the juice going. Antipodean Spirit. Families flung Covid spun Shut down in a mask Antipodean spirit River wide Mountain high Proposed to his Irish lass You know The one with the nice ass
  11. The smell of willow nectar today has been sweet perfume .....
  12. Another star pupil from Maggies tutorials
  13. Good news Brothers in Hive Tools ..... sometimes the little pricks in the side of the rhinos eros work ...... And good on yer Asure quality for reacting to the little prick ..... Apparently the RMP procedure is up for revue shortly,,,, and we may well see a bit of logicity (new word) in how RMP's are worked by those who rule us. Hallelujah ..... or words to that effect.
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