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  1. Here’s a sky scape for Goran
  2. We ‘aint all on the pension Bro!! No power either....
  3. OK Team ..... things are very differerent these days that's for sure. Four years ago I'd cruise up north to check out our investments on an expense account, wining and dining and sleeping every night in clean sheets and pulling on sweet smelling duds in the morning. This year is different. Very different. I 'aint showered for four days and am sleeping in the back of the truck on the beach most nights . Mind you , I'm not complaining ..... I enjoy it. It keeps one grounded as to the reality of life. The problem is this...... the world is full of bad news, and whether you like it or not, the world likes bad news. And I hope Bruce will forgive me for airing my opinion ..... but tomorrow is the deadline for raising a seed fund for the CoOp. Many people have been fast to shoot the idea down. It's real easy to pull the trigger and shoot rather than dig the gorse out a ya pockets and float a dream. Those that want to shoot the the idea down have vested interest in selling honey. No wonder they are vocal at saying why the coop won't float. Don't let that put you off securing a future for your crop. Those nay sayers are not in the market to buy your honey. They are in the sweet spot with comfort and things ticking along nicely. They will never buy you honey. So guys, if we want to float a dream to secure a future for over 50% of the New Zealand beekeepers ..... we gotta dig deeper, and get prickled fingers in the bottom of our pockets. Which is why I'm snug as a bug in my sleeping bag on the beach, hooked into a hot spot ..... travelin' north to release a little bit of capital to secure a future for my family, my children, and my children's children. Now how's that for a big thought. So guys .... lets get the gorse out of our pockets and float the dream. And sometimes one just has to be philosophical about the course of history
  4. We sold our Nissan condor last year.... crane.... 7.5lt diesel sweet’n’cheap to run truck. 10k.
  5. Aieahhh ..... My raison D'etre, Camped up in the truck at the end of a day on the road...... having ventured forth from The Valley to watch a movie up in the big smoke. It was great. The tickets were all sold out, but I traded a hard seat chair for a 500gm of our most expensive honey . Back to "Honeylands." It was like a medieval tragi comedy with subtitles. A romantically beautifull harsh landscape wherein an ageing bee lady lived with her bedridden mother, eeking out an existence from the honey that her bees produced ..... and everyone wanted, though it was the most expensive in the market. And then in move the Turkish gypsy family who see opportunity, and learn from her and then crankup their dozen or so hives, egged on by the greedy middle man who wants more honey ...... but it all turns to custard when the Turks take too much honey and bees robb out the lady's hives and everything dies, save for one lone survivor. So the Turks move out, and the final shot is of the lady checking her hive up in the rock crevice and sharing fresh honey comb ooozing liquid with her dog. I see parables here with our own industry ..... those who love their bees will survive. The gypsy keepers looking for the fast dollar will move on.
  6. Sahhh Phil.A man of your talent....
  7. Photos in a box somewhere.... last saw it about ten years ago....
  8. Sometimes it’s good to get out of The Valley and broaden ones outlook on life...eh.
  9. Bazza ..... ??? . I won't comment on Bazza, but I do have a photo of a Bazza in a wee Morri flat deck replete with Airborne honey stickers. That was one mean machine !
  10. She's right mate ..... the honey shop just closed and I paid cash for 24. I'm good for tonight.
  11. The interesting thing is that Adam has expanded his sales team from 3 to 9 ..... and yet the quantity of Non Faux Manuka available to the market has dropped . It's sound Irish to be hiring more staff on a drooping( not a spellingmistake) supply. And of course .... when a guy says 'Trust me' ..... we all know to double check our due diligence ... right ??? So this Co-op thing has got me mystified. Everyones is grumbling about low price and stock in sheds, so along comes a Man who wants to stir things up and get the markets moving ..... and everyone tries to shoot him in the foot. Those who purport to lead us in the Beehive feed the spin that Kiwi's have the attitude to achieve beyond all odds, to succeed when the chips are down ..... but the attitude that I am seeing on this forum is that the consensus are scared of change, or just lack the the proverbial to take control of their future. When you have been treading water for almost three years and are down to your last gasp of life, and all of a sudden you see a life raft in front of you, you swim like hell, you dig deep and make damn sure you grasp it with all your might. You don't wait for the "better" option ..... The life raft might not be the luxury liner that you were accustomed to, but it sure as hell beats drowning, becuase I don't know about you guys, but we are down to our last breathe.
  12. I think something musta happened when Rene posted because the film is incomplete ..... but the thing is, perhaps the Conference organising committee could get a copy and hold a film evening ...... popcorn... Moonshine .... the short film is possibly of interest as back ground info into how clever the dogs are ...... but then maybe the management agency might throw a spanner in the wheel. Maybe I'll bring up a version of the "Million Dollar Nose" and we can have an illicit viewing, after midnight at a venue that gets flash notified .... the day before the the conference discussion ....
  13. you miss the point ..... the other companies are offering squat .....so we need to move on ....
  14. There were a whole bunch of us .... Halkett, Sheehans, Ridd, Benseman , White's, not to mention all the girls in the packhouse under the watchfull eye and humour of Mr Ball .... to name a few, and of course the Big Bee Peter ..... We bought 117 hives of Hantz's and 600 hives of Airborne in 1992 , down in the Norwood and Te Perita district of the plains and up the Rakaia Gorge. Te Perita was the golden triangle for the bees, willow, gorse, wild cherry , clover, followed by Nodder. We use to do a lot of cut comb honey there. The gorge was always a bit of a luck an a draw, drying out quickly in the Nor'West, or getting soaked with the rain and the bees starving. In the end we pulled out of Te Perita ..... the Dairy farms expanded, the nectar sources got pulled out and it became a desert of green cow poo. But lets not wax too lyrical about the good old days...... These are the good old days ......
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