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  1. BeeMe

    Dead Bees

    Do they have stores? I had a couple hives starving from wet cold weather. If no stores then feed them ASAP.
  2. That is canabalising from Starvation. You need to feed them asap. Just had two hives struggling with this from the wet spring weather. If you have dead bees in the base with their tongues out it's usually also a pretty good sign.
  3. Excuse me for my ignorance, but do you have any more info on the Holst skim milk test? I'm interested to know how this is performed. Thanks The test is conducted by suspending a suspect scale or a smear of a diseased larva in a test tube or glass vial containing 3 or 4 ml of 1-percent powdered skim milk in water. The tube is then incubated at 37° C. If AFB is present, the suspension should clear in 10 to 20 minutes. It should be noted that this test is not totally reliable, but any doubt should be expelled by using another additional testing method.
  4. May have put this post in a previous thread (incorrectly): Hi there all, also new to beekeeping and was wondering if there are any members on this site from the Taranaki area or maybe part of a beekeeping club? Would be keen to tag along for some experience. Thanks
  5. Horrible thing hearing of people getting hives stolen ... Who would you recommend contacting in this awful situation? Police? I don't suppose there is technology out there that could track the hives? Maybe a GPS?
  6. I'm very new to beekeeping but that looks like an awful lot of hives in one area, there must be strong competition for food.
  7. Nice trucks guys/girls. Especially like @Rob Atkinson black lizard, that Hi-ab looks real handy.
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