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  1. Just simple proof that there is no “I” in team, not even a team of 5 million. Even at best, it’s not very thoughtful. Cheers tv1...
  2. Cool emoji! Where do we find it?! (Must be apple ? friendly!)
  3. W We would've gone polystyrene, but I wasn't too sure if they'd stand up to regular movements with pollination and then several shifts during honey...
  4. Both! Externally longer, internally shorter. Price roughly double.
  5. We've had technoset plastic gear since @Deniz first brought a handful into the country and was promptly ridiculed by many on the earlier variant of this forum. We've since imported container loads more for our own use. They are not entirely compatible with kiwi wood frames nor either of the two main plastic frames available here. Their plastic frames are no match for our NZ made plastic frames! On price or usability. However seeing as how I was informed by beekwip that they are the sole distributor here in NZ, and I must purchase through them now, I'm probably not qualified to comment.
  6. Probably a knee-JERK reaction to poor management. May be of concern considering they're sharing the same area as you!...
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