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  1. I'm just trying to follow this. You joined on the 5th Oct. Then between the 11th and 23rd Oct you get 6 warnings for bad behaviour and poor language. Now you've been posting since, but come back to imply you've been banned for 6 months, then effectively have a conversation with yourself over 4 posts. OK so you are responding to an old topic where you left off in October, but I'm not following the hypocrite posts and accusation of urban sites not being registered. How does this relate to swarms. Please be careful how you respond to the rest of the topic.
  2. We're just in the process of trying to wrap up the issues we are seeing around advertising and trades since we removed all the notifications and hoops for new members. We're not too far away, but I'd prefer not to get poor @Lucy Tasker (and others) caught up in the middle of implementation of that at this stage.
  3. Chris, Please read through the newbie section as instructed in your arrival pack. There are a number of important posts there including Tradebee access for new members
  4. Due to the issues on the last topic. This discussion is specifically ONLY for PRO SMALL CELL Discussion. Failure to comply with the OP request, will see posts removed and the ability to reply to this topic revoked on an individual basis.
  5. On this point, whilst I appreciate there will be naysayers, in the interest of at least trying to get somewhere with this topic, the team will copy your post to a new topic. This one will be closed and the new topic will be aggressively monitored to ensure there are no non-constructive posts from this point and ability to reply will be removed from those who are unable to follow the OP. You can now continue this discussion at The pro small cell dicsussion
  6. The topic is about writing a note. Not putting the world to rights about manuka, the price of honey or the pros and cons of the actions made by the Beekeepers. What would you write?
  7. Moderators


    The link was to the website of a banned member. It was broken automatically by the content filter. So rather than leave a broken link it was removed.
  8. Can we get a link whichever video it was please? I'd imagine it is in the gallery somewhere.
  9. Lots of accusations flying around in this topic. We've removed some of the worst unfounded ones, but a reminder that your comments are public an you are responsible for the liability of your own claims and some of you need to start backing them up with evidence.
  10. Subsequent discussion about AFB moved to new topic AFB hive found, Wellington region
  11. Remember this is the NZBF part of the forum. Keep it Friendly folks otherwise your posts will be deleted. Keep the thread on track as well.
  12. On the face of things it would appear so, but... You guys (not just you two, I mean everyone on the forum) have got to stop being so quick to jump onto every single weakness. Crap happens, its not ideal for the customer, but you've no idea what the circumstances are. If he's forgotten or gone on holiday fair enough, but you've no idea if there's been extenuating circumstances, a natural disaster, or whatever. You also don't know what action has been put in place as a resolution - that's where the customer service comes in.
  13. @lovebees and @Kiwifruiter Let's keep things on track and not personal. Attacking individuals will get you both put under moderation. This topic has some good points in it so let's not ruin a good thread by getting angry and personal. We are all allowed to have an opinion and we should not the attacked for having it. Anymore of similar posts will get this thread locked and that will help no one.
  14. Please read the information that was sent to you after registering. You can find the references at http://www.nzbees.net/forums/new-to-nz-beekeepers-forum.39/
  15. Woah there. You have no idea what the circumstances of this particular transaction are. Rather than making accusations against someone who's not a member of the site, why don't you ask them to put their side of the story first? Some people on the forum are getting very quick to admonish others who may or may not have the capacity to reply.
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