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  1. This forum is for members to discuss and recommend equipment. It is not an area for suppliers to tout their products. Referrals, recommendations or responses from suppliers will be deleted, with continued postings being viewed as unsolicited spam. If you actually need the item to be supplied then please create a Wanted listing Supplier note: If you can actually supply the item being discussed If you can supply. Create an appropriate for sale item within CommercialBee: Sales, with pictures if required and set a price. Do not link back to the topic
  2. It is important that beekeepers know how to respond to swarm requests, as we do not allow guest members to post personal contact information in order to protect their privacy. BEFORE YOU CAN RESPOND If you wish to participate in this section of the forum, you need to have completed BOTH sets of instructions at Where and how to post contact details & how to view them ensuring your privacy setting is set to allow ALL VISITORS access to your profile. You can check this, by browsing your profile whilst logged out. Please note information placed in your profile is done so at your own risk. ---------------------------- RESPONDING When a member of the public, posts a swarm request, you can introduce yourself, post that you are available for that area and the timeframe you are available from-to. You should direct the person to your profile page so that they can make contact by the methods you have given access to. It is acceptable for multiple beekeepers to respond in the same way for swarms and it is up to the requester to choose who they will use. We ask the following: You do not charge the requester for swarm removal. You do no sub contract beekeepers to run your removal on your behalf. You do not charge other beekeepers to remove the swarm. You do not claim a swarm as your own unless you have personally collected it. Please advise us when the swarm has been collected, so that we can close the request.
  3. This is an unsolicited international media request and your views will be quoted and interpreted for the audience in that country. Your views are your own and this site does not condone or endorse the use of social media by journalists trawling the internet for a quick story. Neither has nzbees.net been asked if the platform can be used for such activity. Please remember what you are quoted as saying could tarnish or enhance the reputation of commercial exports and the image of New Zealand across the globe. With that in mind you can continue the discussion at your own risk. Previous posts that have been removed can be reposted by their authors now you are fully aware of the risks.
  4. Here is a good example of a paper wasp nest in a bush Paper wasps And here are some more identification pictures
  5. Please ensure you correctly identify your swarm as being honey bees before requesting a swarm collection. If you have wasps, you will need to call an extermination service. An identification table is listed below.
  6. Sorry but I find this rude and completely the wrong approach, especially given your comments in another thread about heavy handed moderation and allowing conversation to flow. What you are saying between the lines is possibly correct - he may mislead new beekeepers, if the posts are taken in isolation, but "what I've found" is expressing a learning method, its not saying "I've done this so you should do it too". Its also stirring thought processes amongst others who are now contributing, so when you read through the whole topic you have a majority suggesting you do it xxx way. If @Nick Spoon chooses to do it yyy way and shares his findings then we'll (and he'll) know for next time. Edit: And there you go a non beekeeper posted over me as I was typing with the same independent thought process.
  7. The purpose of the New Zealand Beekeepers Forum is to bring New Zealand beekeepers together with a national online presence. Whatever your beekeeping background, you will be made welcome with an ethos that is geared towards inclusion, education and learning. Whether you are commercial, hobbyist or just interested in bees and beekeeping, it is important that you feel able to raise questions and make a contribution. To that end, it is important for us all to be aware that some people may feel that a forum is complicated to use, some may feel that their style of beekeeping is seen as different or controversial or there may be others who find joining an established group a little daunting and I'd like to help those groups feel more able to participate. What I've done is to introduce a topic prefix. You can see it in the title above as a little orange marker with the letters NZBF: This is available to certain usergroups, when starting a new topic. If you are confident in your beekeeping skills and how to use a forum you probably won't use it, but if you are unsure or a little daunted then I'd encourage you to give it a try. What does it do? First of all it's your opportunity to participate, but in a way that offers a safety net - to help you learn the ropes and get to grips with things, but it will also: Act as a marker to staff to keep a close eye on the responses made. Alert more experienced beekeepers that you may require a selective response to your topic. Indicate to ALL members that where opinions differ, the discussion is to be constructive and polite (this includes the originator of the topic). The prefix feature is effective immediately in https://www.nzbees.net/forum/23-beginner-beekeepers/ So if you've joined but not yet posted, visit regularly as a guest but weren't quite sure, or perhaps you've got that nagging newbie question you feel is too obvious to ask, give the topic prefix idea a try.
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