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  1. Nother question i have 3 supers on in total.can i winter 3 supers or should i take it down to 2
  2. can some on tell me if this is a closed queen cell,if yes i should splite today,on a single supper hive on my 2 super hive there no eggs ,brood is hatching out,seems still alot of bees,has queen swarmed and maybe new queen has not started to lay egg yet,last week i noticed this so i put a frame of brood and eggs from another hive into it to see if they would make a queen cell ,but did not see to work,not sure if the eggs were to old but they were small and curved any thoughts on my 2 issuses
  3. apart from freezing ur frames any other methods off removing or killing
  4. thanks ive been missing the eggs of my list
  5. how did you seal them up
  6. its two super hive,strong for me ,i had a hive die out at the end of winter,it was only empty for 10days and i used the comb frame for my other hives with out freezing so i think it might of come from there,the lava did see the back off my hive tool,im worried that ive infested my hives no
  7. HI is this a wax moth,if so any ideas of how to get rid off them
  8. hi i did pay enough attection to eggs ,i will check sunday its the centre larger cell,in the origanal photo it looked like somthing white in there ,hopfully s should be okay then
  9. perhaps it was a superceder then cos lunch it yesterday hive seemed quite full
  10. hi this was the cell yesterday ,no white stuff inside ,lots of bees still,i check again sunday
  11. so feeding the 1 to 1 ok now not 2.1
  12. are they going to swarm or should i just leave them.or do a split
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