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  1. No MATE !! There were never manuals made for these machines . I would set the dams at around 8 mm to the open end . try running the machine like that . The big thing is to try it and see how dry your wax come out. If you are just pricking i would get rid of the cutter and just dump the wax left in the drum at the end of the day. If you are going to use the cutter see how wet the wax is when the cutter works, if it is to wet you need to open the dams so your honey comes out dryer. I think the speed should be around 38 hurts on the controller. Hope this helps
  2. Hi I use to make these machines for beetech a long time ago . if you need any advice on the machine feel free to ask .
  3. [USER=2699]@Philbee[/USER] Hi Phil. I normally use a 2 kw element on the heat exchanger.
  4. This is the best machine on the market. The G Force deals with all sorts of honey including manuka. You have a throughput of around 1 tonne per hour and can ...
  5. I have set up my own forum for the machine at G F Engineering G-Force Separator. Feel free to ask any questions. Thankyou
  6. Hi Phil. The heat exchanger will keep up with the separator at a flow rate at a tonne per hr. The heat exchanger has its own water tank which circulates the water, so you don't use a lot of water. The tank is included with the heat exchanger.
  7. G F Engineering G-Force Separator Hi There. The gforce machine is easy to operate and you dont have to clean the machine every day . All you need to do is just shut the machine down at the end of the day and remaining wax in drum drops out by itself so machine is ready for a fresh start the next day. If cleaning is needed the machine is stripped down in under a minute and reassembled just as easy .
  8. Hi if you would like to know more about the gforce machine please contact me on G F Engineering G-Force Separator
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