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  1. Cool, thanks a lot guys. That gives me a good starting point. There is still a little bit of time to sort that out.
  2. Hypothetical question: What should one do if he finds himself with more honey then he could extract in his kitchen and give away to friends and family...I am talking about a couple of hundreds kg. Contract extractors? Are there kitchens that can be hired for that? What testing besides Tutin would be needed for official selling?
  3. One of them was a really strong hive. I haven't seen the Queen in a while. I had a strong split right next to it. The strong hive started making emergency queen cells as I suspected. I put one of the cells in the strong split and made another small split with a queen cell. The initial hive still had two boxes. After three weeks absence I came back and had a look. The strong hive seemed to have swarmed. And all three of the Hives did not have any eggs or brood.
  4. I requeened using mated queens. Since then we had really mixed weather. Strong winds, rain. But we also had the occasional good day.
  5. I requeened three of my hives which were queenless for about three weeks. Now 1.5 weeks later none of them has a queen nor eggs or brood. All of them are pretty strong with a few full frames of honey. What went wrong? Is it the weather? Should I try to put another queen in?
  6. pretty sure. 10 eggs and more per cell and quite aggressive. poor things.
  7. I have one laying worker hive and I am getting queens soon. Is it possible to make Nucs with bees from this laying worker hive and these Queens?
  8. Cool, thanks for the answers! Such a responsive bunch! I have a bit of hope since it is there old queen. I removed her and hoped they make new one. The weather probably wasn't good enough, so they stayed queenless. Luckily no worker decided to start laying. Let's hope they recognize their old queen again.
  9. I had a hive that has been queenless for a about two weeks (no brood...no laying worker... no sign of a newly mated queen). I had an old queen and just put her into the hive without cage yesterday. Is there a chance for her. Or should I have put her in a cage for safety first. They did not seem to attack her. Any experience with these situations?
  10. Hi, thank you for your answer! yes I am already member in the ABC. But unfortunately couldnt make it to a meeting yet. I had quite a bit of theoretical teaching back in Germany and here I had the possibility to join a professional beekeeper twice so far to see if this hobby really suits me. Hi @Martin Garside do you have an idea how I could approach this?
  11. Hi guys, I am a newbie in beekeeping and unfortunately not really have place to put a hive yet. Are there Beekepers in the area of Howick / Cockle Bay or East Tamaki (Auckland) who know a place or have a place for one more hive? It would also be cool to know somebody from the area to talk a little bit about the whole topic with. cheers
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