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  1. yesterday i cheeked again no queen, so i got another weakish hive with a queen and have combined them together should all be well thanks for the help though
  2. have cheeked over the nuc box completely 3 times :mad:
  3. im sure she isnt there cause is marked and only in a nuc box
  4. duno looks to bee the queen has disappeared completely since last visit into the hive
  5. hello all, is it to late to try and put a new queen into a hive ?? thanks
  6. hello, just wondering from what people have found so far, is there any cloth/towel that works the best and doesn't get eaten down by the bees ?? thanks
  7. sorry new to this way of treating mites, could i rely on this instead of bayvarol strips or would i still need to do both ?? thanks
  8. just wondering, is it now when i should be starting to winter down my hives and be putting in the bayvarol treatment ?? thanks
  9. thanks everyone, some great help
  10. hello all just wanting to know, what is the best queen catcher and were is the best place to purchase a queen marking kit from ??\ thanks Oliver
  11. good as yes i saw fresh eggs and another lot bigger and older queen
  12. flippen queen thang flew off ( so i now have no virgin queen
  13. hello all went through hives to day and found this in one of them is it a virgin queen ? thanks
  14. click on profile image to the left of the screen to the person you are wanting to talk to and click start a conversation, hope this works ??
  15. thanks for all ya help, was just asking thanks
  16. unsure, just wanting to know if someone is able to supply and for how much ?
  17. im asking on behalf of someone else
  18. hello, have someone wanting 100 mated queens, ?? anyone know where i am able to find these ??? or if any avaliable ? thanks
  19. thanks very much for the help, makes it very clear hopefully it will all work out good
  20. thanks for all the help, but yet there is more questions to come how many day or weeks after i have made the split do i go into the nuc ?? thanks
  21. can you keep your nuc at the same apiray? or will the bees go back to original hives ???
  22. okay thanks, so you dont actually shut completely ? just educe it down for 2 or 3 bees only
  23. hello all, small question, after i have made a split am i supposed to close nuc up for a couple of days before letting them fly or not ?? thanks Oliver
  24. no need to stress ) checked hive today and have found fresh eggs and a very new looking queen
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