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  1. Yes, kiwimana do one, and they also have a list of other beekeeping podcasts, link here Top Free Beekeeping Podcasts
  2. Thanks @Kiwifruiter , certainly seems to have been the case. Maybe need to plan on 2 OA treatments in spring before the flow in future?
  3. Each was a week apart, the last would have been 6 or 7 weeks ago.
  4. I applied 4 oxalic acid vapourisation treatments to this hive before I split it
  5. Fairly new to it so watched the youtube video. I put 2 X 25g sachets onto the cardboard 'trays' and placed them on top of the lower brood chamber and put the upper brood chamber over them. I'm using 3/4 depth equipment.There is enough space between the top of the lower frames and the frames for the flat cardboard tray. I have a screened bottom board so i 'sealed' it up with a piece of corflute. Hopefully I got it right, will check towards the end of next week. I did check the other half of the split, only 2 varroa in the sugar shake test. That half got a queen cell & probably ha
  6. Apiguard treatment applied today. The hive did have a frame of drone comb that I had installed some time ago, about 75% of the frame was sealed brood. Decided to discard the brood and comb as I anticipated significant/reasonable amounts of varroa in the drone comb, but I inspected at least 1/2 of the sealed brood with a comb/needle tool and did not see a single varroa. Hmm, I have much to learn.
  7. I did a sugar shake test on my hives yesterday and one of them had a varroa count of 10, but the sample probably had around 400 bees in it. That seems a bit high for this time of the year, but 'Practical beekeeping in NZ' says treat if there are 40 or more, and 'Control of Varroa' has a threshold of 65 mites. What do other people use as a threshold? I could treat now as this hive was split and is rebuilding at the moment, but am unsure if it is necessary.
  8. @M4tt and @Trevor Gillbanks I hope you are right & thanks. I thought I had done the right thing by splitting already. @Rob Stockley, I will check for swarm cells as soon as I can, but it may only be on Saturday as life is a little hectic at the moment
  9. What's the best thing for me to do, relax & let them do what they are going to do anyway, or try and do an artificial swarm?
  10. Maybe, but here is a picture of what I have come to consider as 'normal'.
  11. I'm wondering if my hive is about to swarm. I thought I had been managing this hive as I split it 12 days ago and this part of the split ended up with a queen cell and most of the foragers. This part of the split stayed at the original location. But if you look at the weight of the hive over the last few hours the picture is very different from normal. Usually you see a slight drop in the weight as foragers head off, and then an increase in weight during the day as they come back with their loot. However today the weight remained largely steady/declining until just before midday when it dropp
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. The woodwork and wax foundation is around 26kg to the best of my calculations. I don't know how to remove a picture once it is in the thread, but I have put an updated one in NZ time in this post. I have tried to upload the raw data but the system does not accept csv or excel files. If you do want to look at the raw data PM me your email address I'll send it to you directly. However a little warning, the data can be a little (or very) erratic as inspections, adding & removing equipment etc. causes dips and spikes, so please take it for what it is. As you can
  13. The times are in UCT, I didn't get round to converting the sheet to NZ time. If you look at the link I posted the time is displayed correctly there I haven't seen a clear linkage between the outside temp and the mass. @Jan le Roux will post raw data from the other hive later, going out tonight
  14. Thought I would post some data from my hive monitoring experiment, and some thoughts on the data so far. I have a scale under the hive and am collecting temperature and humidity from a sensor placed just above a screen hole in a hive mat at the top of the hive. Firstly the temperature & humidity data. I haven't been able to detect any meaningful patterns here, I think it is too easily influenced by external factors as the space above the hive can be influenced by external conditions & wind speed. I find the weight of the hive much more interesting. The hive has 2 3/4 boxes as t
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