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  1. wow thanks for the great advise I will give it my best efforts but at end of the day I have no idea what im doing I don't want to do any harm to the girls.i mite wait until I can get some help with this.cheers
  2. hi all hope 2016 is treating everyone well I have inherited a topbar hive that is cross combed to all ######y and fear I will be ripping there hive to bits to have a decent look at them all in all they seem to be very happy busy bees but would like to get a handle on them any thoughts please.
  3. Hi I have just noticed a few ants crawling ontop of the beehive is there any quick tips or easy tips to deal with them this is a topbar hive I work cheers Phil
  4. will the bees destroy the bumbles or is that something I need to do and do ineed to open up more hive for the girls they only have about three frames left to build on
  5. I have a top bar hive the bees have been in there two weeks and have drawn out four solid combs of brood and couple of half combs there is a divider board in at the moment giving them only half the hive this is what I would consider a good size swarm it was also a wild swarm that I caught
  6. hi all just sitting down having a rum and coke after my days work watching my bees hard at work and witnessed a couple of bumble bees cruzing into the hive should this be of any concern bees started massing at the entrance of the hive after the bumble went in.cheers
  7. hi all have just done first inspection on my top bar hive and don't know if what im looking at is normal there is comb being drawn but bees are in one big ball about the size of a soccer ball making it very tricky to separate topbars are they supposed to be in this formation at this early stage difficult question i quess but don't have any bee keeper connections so its just quess work for me.thanks
  8. thanks rob did as you recommended worked a treat.bees have been in the hive for a week now at what stage should I be doing first inspection.cheers
  9. hi thanks for the advise and words of wisdom. being a newby I guess im a bit of a nervous pervis just cant wait to get amongst it.cheers
  10. there is a very small cluster of bees left at the original swarm site about a hand full are they worth gathering up or not main hive is only about 700mtrs away from the swarm site.cheers
  11. Hi I have just captured a new wild swarm a few days ago.... Rehived them a couple of days ago and they seemed to be working very hard yesterday.... But today they were less active and they have formed one big ball in the centre of the top bar hive keeping in mind it has been very cool here today around 11 degrees should I be worried........ Any help would be great Cheers
  12. hi there in the last few days I caught what i believe is a huge swarm in a topbar swarm trap all 10 bars were loaded and everything was clusted together with no room to move I believe I have rehived them successfully they seem to be working very actively but gave them similer amount of space in new hive should I be opening the hive up for them fully or adding in bars over time.all advise welcome.cheers
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