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  1. Lots of bees around an Oak Tree in the garden this morning - collecting honeydew off the leaves ... amazing what goes into honey... or maybe they are collecting something to make propolis?
  2. Hi All Well rain gone, sun out and checked out the hive... Strong numbers of healthy bees, honey stores and brood and they were well behaved and carried on about their business whilst I had a look at the queen cell.. The cell has been destroyed with no evidence of a second queen, so I get the feeling that the bees did what they needed to do and all is well.. Fascinating
  3. As a newish keeper I am worried to be honest. These hives will be quickly snapped up by people thinking they are an easy way to make their own honey without any knowledge of AFB, varroa etc and as someone else has said there is highly likely to be a second hand market emerging - people will not burn their investment.. and I suspect the number of unregistered hives in NZ will sky rocket, varroa will love it and all those of us trying to get rid of it will suffer. I have posted publicly on Facebook asking anyone who buys one of these to make sure they register with Asurequality and will be dobbi
  4. Hi Peter - yep, on the outskirts of town in Oak Tree Lane, where are you? I may well take you up on your offer if the bees decide to swarm although doubt much will happen today unless the weather improves
  5. Great to find this forum and for your input folks - thanks. The queen cell is hanging vertically, uncapped at present. The brood pattern (including drones) across all frames is good and there is plenty of honey / nectar / pollen in framesand no disease.. so it must be the queen's non performance for me.. I have been advised by others that a split would be the way to go however, as Tristan says, my concern is that I will end up with two week Nucs late in the season who will struggle.. Leaving them alone 'feels right' and we'll see if they simply replace the queen or swarm .. I noticed t
  6. A new beekeeper ... I have a 2 box hive, and noticed one queen cell in the bottom brood box in the centre of a frame last week. Also found the queen on an adjacent frame who seemed well. There are no other swarm cells or cups on any frames. Given what I have read from various sources I am inclined to leave the bees alone rather than intervene. The colony is still growing (It was formed as a nuc late Oct with a new queen from a reputable apiary) with 2-4 frames in the top box still being drawn out so by no means overcrowded ..I can only assume that the queen is for some reason not performing...
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