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  1. [USER=3510]@HSV_Darren[/USER] Why are you so worried about carniolan 'the dark' bees? They have many advantages over Italian bees. I find them much more intelligent than italian and quiet economic when the food is scarce.

  2. I know from the fact it works in Serbia very well. It is the sugar in coke and the yeast in the beer that attracts wasps and hornets. As we don't have hornets in New Zealand it should work quiet well. I am going to test this method in Auckland North Shore area this coming summer 2016/17. My apiary is surrounded by a forest full of wasps so I can't wait seeing this in action. Nenade are you based in Serbia or in NZ? Nenade thanks for sharing. :D

  3. This is what I had too. My NUC was robbed at the time and I also confused it with paralyses virus and robber bees. [URL="http://www.nzbees.net/media/black-bees.739/"]Black Bees[/URL] [GALLERY=media, 739]Black Bees by Nedeljko posted Apr 14, 2016 at 12:53[/GALLERY]

  4. [USER=100]@frazzledfozzle[/USER] Thank you. It isn't severe, as I only saw 10-20 bees that are black. My NUC was robbed at the time and that is why I thought its robbers. I moved the NUC 10km away and returned it back to my apiary after 4 weeks. Thanks for the advice. I am relatively new to this forum. Hence there is a MEDIA tab at the top of the website I thought that is a good place to put it with the correctly chosen category. Anyway, next time I will place it in General forum as suggested. Cheers

  5. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] Yes, Trev. Once her majesty closes the brood I will relocate it into a bigger hive and stimulate with some syrup to make them a bit stronger for the winter. They will also have 4 frames of honey.

  6. Hi guys. I didn't even realise you asked me all these questions. I had no email confirmation. I do not have a wide shot of the same frame but I do have a shot of my brood frame 15 days later. I hope the picture answers your queries. Very lively and good laying queen. [GALLERY=media, 722]2015-11-14 10.58.07_Brood by Nedeljko posted Mar 21, 2016 at 13:06[/GALLERY]
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