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  1. I just applied for my DECA and there was a couple of pages to fill out if you were a semi commercial beekeeper,there definition of that was you needed to have 10 or more hives.
  2. thats great i was just gonna send you a pm but i can't figure it out either i will keep trying
  3. Hi i am looking to buy 2.If you are keen on that can you pm me some details thanks.
  4. yes there were eggs in hive 2, unfortunately I had already destroyed all the queen cells before I decided to take the split then I realised that I could have put 1 in with them lesson learned for next time.Thanks for the advice
  5. inspected my 2 hives today and found lots of swarm cells including some capped ones in both. both hives I was intending on splitting soon anyway and being my first attempt at swarm prevention i thought i would try a different method for each and see how things go. hive 1 i tried the artificial swarm method,found queen on a nice brood frame and put it in a new box and put box in original hive position to catch all the flying bees.moved original hive and destroyed all but 1 nice capped queen cell.Is that ok or should i have destroyed that one also and had them produce an emergency queen cell?
  6. Same as above @Trevor Gillbanks I would like to buy one of your stencils but don't have enough posts. Any chance you could message me. Thanks
  7. I had my 2 hives afb checked by an approved beekeeper friend yesterday. He was very happy with the hives and said I was doing well in my first year beekeeping which was great to hear. We took off a box of honey and put in apivar strips so they should be good to go into winter now. Loving my first year as a beekeeper just want to keep learning now.
  8. Yes I did see quite a bit of shiny watery stuff I thought might be nectar.thanks
  9. Thanks for the advice.I have 2 brand new 3 box hives with these frames so would you suggest replacing all the frames?
  10. Thanks for the advice so far.I did my first hive inspection today and put in the varroa treatment strips.I found what I think is a queen cell on one of the frames but it is quite low which I have read could be a swarm cell,i would appreciate your advice on this.Also im wondering if I should be feeding some sugar syrip to help them get started?
  11. I am new to beekeeping its something I have always wanted to do.3 days ago I got a call from my nana saying there was a swarm in her garden so it was an opportunity I couldn't pass on.I already had all the gear and have read some books.Everything went well and now they look settled in there new hive.I just want to make sure I do everything right so if anyone could give me some advice on what I need to do in the next few weeks? I would really appreciate it.I don't have any beekeeping friends yet but now I will join the local bee club. thanks in advance.
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