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  1. If they have only just turned up get your smoker going well and stick it in the fire box and let smoke drift up chimney or a very small cool smoky fire! They might be persuaded to march out and into a box stuck on top/side of chimney? If they been there awhile and have built comb that's a bit trickier unless you can reach in and pull comb out and rubber band into frames? Or maybe a frame of brood to attract them into box if you can get them on the move? Good luck!
  2. I'm reading another one at the moment very old school originally printed in 1949 by Jay Smith from the USA. I'm finding it very good and interesting with the main emphasis on producing good healthy productive Queens and colonies not just big numbers of big Queens. This guy was a bit of a pioneer literally being born in 1871, he did lots of experimenting with many ways of raising Queens even grafting into the wooden cell cups of the day. I'm finding his approach and knowledge around bee/Queen nutrition during the rearing process a key part of the process! The copy I have was a reprint done in 2011 it is a new addition of the Manawatu beekeepers club library
  3. Sorry did not seem to upload before have tried again hopefully this works
  4. Below is a reply I got from Rangitikei council after explaining a few times that I am only a very small scale honey operation. I told them my my vehicle movements would be a wheelbarrow! They have finally passed on my request to the environmental health team for their input now. I know this info won't interest everyone but thought it would interest small scale people like myself! I will add info from the other councils if people are interested in the comparisons between them? If they reply to me anyway that is. Hi Gareth, This scale changes things for me. We would be able to consider that scale of activity as a home occupation – which means no resource consent would be required for the activity, provided you complied with the standards below. See below for the standards around home occupations. Kind regards,
  5. Yes I am only looking at selling a little bit at this stage and they certainly seem to like making it difficult for someone to get started out! You say $600 for setting up is that for compliance fees etc depending on different councils I guess or extractor purchase etc? I can hire the Manawatu club 4 frame extractor which is a big cost saving! Totally agree with the Tutin testing requirements that's the biggest concern really!
  6. Yes it will be very interesting to see the differences that is why I am asking all three really to see which will be easier and hopefully cheaper! I am only looking at selling off any surplus honey to get money to pay for more bee gear at this stage hopefully they don't make any over the top requirements!
  7. I have been enquiring about this as well, I have the possibility of doing my extraction etc under one of three councils beacause of where I live borders on three. Manawatu,Palmerston North or Rangitikei. Below is an email response and my original email from Rangitikei council. I'm a bit confused as to why they seem to think I might need an resource consent for this, does anyone have any light to shed on that or is the Council just not sure about things? Thanks guys! Good morning Gareth, A lot will depend if the bee hives are located on your own premises, or whether you will be collecting the honey from bee hives around the District. If you were selling honey from bees on your own site you could probably be considered as a ‘roadside sales activity’ – there are certain standards around this, but you would not need resource consent. If you were selling honey from hives located throughout the District then it is likely you would need to apply for resource consent. Further information I’d need to be more specific includes: - Quantities for sale - Location of the property - Predicted number of sales. - Whether the honey is from hives on your property - Proposed size of the display area of the goods for sale. I am sure there will also be Environmental Health requirements. Given you are proposing a new business you might want to fill in a taking care of business form - see this link which gives you an overview. The form can be found here. You will get a case manager who will help to co-ordinate the advice you might need. Kind regards, Katrina -----Original Message----- Hi there, I am hoping to get some information about what the rules and regulations are pertaining to selling honey produced from my own bee hives? But I am not sure who to contact directly can you please advise me or pass this on to the relevant person? Cheers Gareth C
  8. What a load of **** this guy is a serial repeat offender! Oh how sad his parents broke up and his Mum is sick welcome to the club buddy don't see me out stealing and ripping people off left right and centre. I'm sure he has learnt his lesson though with the harsh penalties he was given over the years! Not. I wonder which poor outfit he will do community service for and then rip off as well! Rant over.
  9. Hi have converted the dimensions etc over too mm from inches from the link @Hector Wong posted for you. Hopefully it works and uploads! I also want too make a few up for the upcoming season expansion of hive numbers but sadly don't have all the power tools to rip down a sheet of ply just a hand saw and a hammer are my toys. Sorry should read for Four Nuc boxes not two. Nuc box dimensions.pdf
  10. Gareth


    Hi there saw this listing on Trade me Thymol Crystalls Thymol Crystalls. Price is for 100 grams but larger amounts can be supplied. Beekeeping Varroa Mite Control or to prevent Sugar syrup fermenting. Many other uses. Please ask if requiring larger amounts eg 1kg or more - for price $15.00/100grams Sorry link came up like this but someone in Wanganui it seems
  11. Hi team, I caught a swarm from one of my own hives on 4/1/2017 it went straight into a full depth brood box and covered 6 frames from the start. They drew out frames well and quickly I saw a virgin queen as I installed them into the brood box. Checked today to see if she had mated and was laying yet but could not see any eggs! But confusingly there were 4 or 5 supercedure cells and cups with larvae in them one cell was fully drawn out and empty not sure if it had already emerged or if it had nothing in it to begin with? Will they fully draw out a queen cell if empty or not? If there is a laying worker will they put eggs in these cells and raise as a queen even though they will be drone brood, probably a silly question but I don't know? I did not see any eggs anywhere singles or multiple if a laying worker! What do you think have I got a new virgin running around possibly? The weather has been so windy since they swarmed I am surprised the queen made it back at all after her mating flights which could have been very poor I guess? Enlighten me oh wise ones! Cheers.
  12. Welcome to the forum @Ahol If hive has good amounts of brood I would split nowish and add a new queen should hopefully be good mating weather for a virgin if you don't get a mated queen. Especially if next spring is another shocker like this past one could be quite awhile for good mating weather again. It is our first day in months without a constant gale here today! If you have good forage amounts in your area they should get enough stores for winter if not out with the sugar syrup later on. As you know two hives are always better than one for using one too boost the other with brood if needed. If all goes wrong with queen introduction you can always combine colonies back again into one hive. Nothing wrong with been part Scottish I'm part Scottish and Irish so half of me wants to get drunk all the time and the other half doesn't want to pay for it!
  13. We like peanut butter in our house so we have been saving up Pics peanut butter jars I use these to give honey away with. Also have a small assortment of ice cream containers and a couple of buckets those Christmas cookies come in. Hopefully moving on to a 20lt bucket or two this season depending on the flow! Awesome thanks Trev! I used to be able to get buckets cheap from a mate that works at a fresh salad making outfit they are used for mayonnaise etc. What type of honey gate is the best to use? I see some on trade me or is it better to get one from Waireka or supplier? What is the one you might have spare and how much do you want for it? The kids would love another visit to Trevs shed thanks for the offer of help yet again!! Cheers
  14. Hi all hope you all had a good Christmas etc and you survived with out to many swarms! After reading a few threads about low honey levels in hives I am going to be optimistic and ask about storing honey if there is any to extract that is? Is there any difference between the 20 lt food grade buckets that can be sourced at plastic box etc and the ones sold through Ecrotek etc? Will the honey gates fit the same or do these buckets have a special flattened area for the gate to be fitted? Any advice on hole size needed and height would be greatly received! May the flow be with you!
  15. Hi Ros, So where/who are you doing the course through UCOL? Who is your tutor? I did not know there were different courses on offer in our area? Good luck with the studies the NZ trees for bees has great info as said above Preliminary results: pollen protein and plant flowering times | Trees for Bees NZ. Smart planting for healthy bees. . If the link does not work go to trees for bees website look in news section it is there. Not so much about amounts but more about protein levels and times of year available the higher the protein levels the better!
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