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  1. I understand this, it seems very reasonable and I hope that this is the case. However when I asked about what was going to happen to the old sites he said he'd already assigned them over to another beekeeper - "assigned" being his word not mine. I don't know what he means by assigned - did he give a list of the sites and say go for it, contact the farmers? When I said I am interested in those sites he said again they've already been "assigned." Perhaps it was the wrong choice of word on his behalf and I guess I will find out. I also don't think it's fair if they recommend a beekeeper over ano
  2. Same neck of the woods Thanks will let you know
  3. Thanks everyone, I really value the information and have lots to follow up on and ask tomorrow. Looks like it'll be a day in the office
  4. A bit gutting that my story is being doubted. I just spoke to the AP2 tonight and couldn't believe what he was telling me so that's why I'm on here trying to figure out if this is really possible, some collosal error or just a really unfair system. This is official work the AP2 is undertaking - I worked in govt for years and I know you have to conduct everything with fairness and transparency (or at least give the semblance of doing so lol!) so I really shocked if this can happen.
  5. For sure - I only know what the AP2 told me tonight (before I lost the plot).
  6. Yes that's correct. I've discussed this with AQ a number of times over the past few years. I even offered to help if they were going to do a clean up but I was told it would be best if I didn't because it would be a conflict of interest because I had hives in the area and would be at an advantage in getting hold of some of the sites.
  7. All good Darryn, not Milton. You'd be sensible to watch out though the AP2 could swoop in and give any other sites to someone from out of your area. Cheers
  8. Thanks for this info. I will try to find out more tomorrow. My concern is what process they use to chose who to assign them to or to recommend to the farmer - what's stopping them from choosing their mates, a name they know, or just the biggest outfit in the region, for example.
  9. We're talking probably 40 farms here. This action hadn't been instigated by the landowners but by Asure Quality.
  10. There's been a beekeeper in the area I work who has abandoned probably about 50 sites. I've taken over about 7 of these sites over the past few years by putting in the hard yards talking to the farmers, the former beekeeper, documenting everything, disposing of the old rotten hives and registering the sites with Asure Quality. I've been gradually trying to get a few more sites. Today I found out an AP2 has 'assigned' all the remaining sites to a beekeeper/s from out of the area. (Would love to know who). Despite the fact that I'd been gradually registering and tidying up the mess left by t
  11. Hi Bonsbees Which varieties produce little/no nectar? specifically I'm trying to find out info on "tribute" - a white clover variety. But if you have info or observations on other good/bad nectar producers that would be appreciated!
  12. Thanks Anne Any thoughts or knowledge on variety "Tribute" as a nectar producer?
  13. Which varieties/cultivars of white clover are the best nectar producers? One of the farms where I have hives has lots of resowing plans and I've heard some modern varieties produce almost no nectar.
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