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  1. Appreciate the book review - I did look at that one and wondered if it might be interesting - will give it a pass now. I did pick up 'The History of Bees' by Maja Lunde which is an interesting read from a novel perspective and also as a broad approach to the impact of humans on bees. I would recommend this one, but you won't learn anything about beekeeping from it - more provides an interesting perspective of the past, the present (2007) and the future. By the way - first time I have written on this forum - but do enjoy the threads and learning from others - thank you.
  2. Thanks for your replies - the interesting thing was it looked like an incision through the abdomen rather than a crush/squashing type injury and the bee was still alive with the contents of the abdomen being dragged about by the other bees. The contents looked like pollen, but then I haven't had the heart to dissect a bee at this point. And the scientific beekeeping site is very interesting - enjoyable reading. Again, thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi, I am a newbie beekeeper through the Agribusiness training programme, I have one hive and the queen is laying well, there's good brood and pollen and honey stores in the hive - I am in Christchurch and the bees seem to be getting plenty of pollen and nectar - while they build up the hive and build out the foundation frames. My question is this - today while inspecting the hive I noticed one bee with a split about 2-3mm from its tail (kind of like the flip top lid) and other bees were pulling on a small yellow sac that was still attached to the flipped out bee - which was still moving and pulling away from these other bees. Has anyone got any idea what was going on there? The bonus was while I was observing this and wondering what it was - I noticed the queen about 15cm away from this going on... so that was a bonus - that's the first time I have been able to actually see her, rather than her handiwork in laying. Thanks, Warren
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