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  1. I ask this because I just went to check on some hives and I saw about 4 Pukeko picking around the ground just in front of the hives. Was going to watch them to see exactly what they were doing there but as soon as they saw me they flew off.
  2. I have just been informed by my neighbor that he will be spraying with Insecticide his 18HA of kale by helicopter in the morning and I need some advice on how best to protect my bees. My bees are less than 1/2 kilometer away
  3. Just wondering with it being the robbing season do I remove the honey supers that I have for the bees for winter or do I leave them on the hives. If I remove them when would I put them back in.. I am in the Waikato.
  4. I have some frames of Honey in my freezer for extracting later on when my extractor arrives. What I am wanting to know is once the frames have been thawed out and extracted is it ok to refreeze some of the honey again so it doesnt crystallize.