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  1. What I done with my flow frames when the bees seemed to not want to go up on them for a start was I sprayed a little bit of sugar syrup on them but only a few ventured up so then a few days later I got a small block of wax and rubbed that across the frames and from then on the bees were into it. It does take them a little while longer to wax all the joints etc first time but after the first harvest it is much quicker for them to fill the cells. One thing that interested me was when I done my harvest of the flow frames the caps on the cells were still all intact so the bees were not disturbed at all.
  2. Saffronduck` said in their post on page 8 of this thread. "Second season of using flowframes (in a modified super rather than the full flowhive set up) on the same hive. The bees filled them much more readily after they had been filled/harvested once - no obvious preference between filling flowframes and usual ones this time" Had some more interesting info in that post also.
  3. And does this beek have flow hives? All I can say is my bees in the flowhive are not showing any sign of being stressed. No different from my other hives. They were so laid back when I harvested the honey from them. Yes we were watching the bees through the viewing windows and they were as calm as just going about their work. The fact that I had open jars honey at the back of the hive with honey flowing into them and no robbing of it and no bees bothering us at all says something. if I done the same with the other hives I would have bees everywhere trying to get at the honey. When something comes out new you get everyone giving their opinion etc etc on it without even having it and knowing anythiing about it.. Test came back all clear of tutin. Yes as soon as we closed the flow frames the bees were in them so quick cleaning and polishing them etc and repairing any seams that needed repairing. Once the first harvest has been taken it is so much quicker for them to refill because they dont have to rebuild comb etc. Flow Frames arnt for everyone.
  4. Of course I am. Have some in getting tested atm.
  5. Thanks for the info you have here. Great to read that after the first harvest they filled the frames up much quicker. Once I have harvested the other 2 frames hopefully next week. I will drain the other 4 frames to make sure there is no nectar left in the frames then Leave the flow super on the hive for a few days so that the bees can clean it up ready for winter storage. Like you I wish they werent so expensive even just the frames. Next time I will just purchase the flow frames .
  6. Probably about 11kg but havent weighed it yet. Doesnt seem much but considering our honey flow was half way through before the bees got into gear and used the flow frames. They have a full super of honey under the flow frames as well for their winter feeding. I expect more in the flow frames next season and will harvest the frames as they are ready as it is so easy. They tell me that after the first harvest the bees fill the frames up so much quicker and I can now see why.
  7. Well My first harvest from my flowhive went like a dream. Yes I had checked the hive before taking any honey from it and everything was fine. I had 4 of the flow frames 100% capped so harvested those and the other 2 about 80% ready so will harvest those 2 later. We just opened the frames a 1/4 at a time and we had no problems with honey leaking etc it all went perfect. Was amazed how settled the bees were while we were harvesting it. Would have had about 4 bees come around to the back of the hive to have a nosy then they went on their way. Honey was a clover blend and would have taken about an hour for the 4 frames finish flowing. So yes it does work as it was supposed too and I am a happy camper.
  8. You can get them from the $2 shops or Ebay. Its the one that has a pen one end and a rubber stylus on the other end.
  9. I do all mine on their smart phone app and find it great (I use a stylus when using app on Iphone because that way I do not need to take my gloves off. ) and heaps quicker then when I get on the puter it is all there entered in Hivetracks.
  10. I think you will find it is the Kōkako that was named the bird of the year not the Pukako. The only good Pukako as far as I am concerned is a dead one because of the damage they do.
  11. Yes I keep the top feeder on permanently because it allows better ventilation for the hive. Their top feeders are great.
  12. Hi. My bees have done really well in my technoset hives. I am really happy with them and my bees that are in the technoset hives came through winter exceptionally well. Much better than the ones that were in wooden hives. The only problem that I have found that when it rains their landing boards get wet and the water cant drain off so sometimes the bees get stuck on it so I have put a sheet of white plastic on top of the hive that sticks out in front so that the landing boards stays dry. Works well.
  13. Walked by my Loquat tree today and it was buzzing. My girls are real happy.
  14. Hi John do you mean Matangi..Hopefully as it is just down the road from where I am.
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