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  1. I had no drones for some weeks and suddenly one hive things there is the need for drones.
  2. yep, I would take the box from the bottom away and shake the bees in front of the hive the bees from the former above box will accept the bees but will kill the laying worker bees or a queen.
  3. I just count the daily varroa fall on the board, as long I find only 1-2 mites I don't do anything only if the count is above 2 I tread with AS.
  4. Watching bees today and suddenly I heard a noise which sounds like drones coming back from having fun and yes more and more drones came back to a hive which had certainly no drones in recent times. So I decided to check the hive if there was a queen or if something else is wrong. Checked the hive and all good nice brood pattern fresh eggs all looked good. So are they confused because of the weather?
  5. Hi great to hear that you like the tools. :>) Yes certainly you change your way how you work the bees and desensitisation is the next thing I do. I use adrenalin which is cheaper as api pen. My wife is an expert in checking the suit and taking care of me.
  6. yep you are correct except the apis-mellifera-carnica the proboscis is 6.5 to 6.7 cm long which gives them that little advantage.
  7. yes, that's what I do and I take more time to work them.
  8. In Germany the rule is, floors stay open during all winter no difference if it's 5 or =20C bees don't care. Reducer gets taken off so dead bees don't block up the entrance. Floors get closed in spring when there is brood so the brood does not get damaged by the cold.
  9. Hi Beehaving, thanks for that did he do it here in NZ? must be that way hehe
  10. Yes I know nothing is bee proof, I can deal with some stings strange is I have no problem as long they sting my fingers or hands. It gets nasty when they sting my arms so I protect my arms as good as possible. Will do a desensitisation will see how this goes. Hi Trevor, thank you very much yes all good.Looking forward to seeing how it works. Enjoying sitting in front of the beehive and reading what's going on :>) Yes thank you CraBee, that's what I do it works so far. I am more conscious when I work the bees, weather and time wise. My biggest mistake was once I was working them late in the evening and a whole bunch of bees where crawling up on my bee suit and were sitting at angle hight as I took out the overall I rolled them down on the leg and received more than 35 sings. blood pressure was down to 35 to 60.
  11. Hello Beekeeping friends, after a long time without bees, I am back and give it another go. As some of you know I needed to stop beekeeping as I developed a severe allergy against bee stings and after several anaphylactic shocks, (one of them almost killed me) I decided to stop with beekeeping. Then I started a new business and as things sometimes go a different way I went badly sick for a long time and I am still recovering but it looks all is going the right way now. As Beekeeping is a kind of addictive I can't stay away and decided to start again a bit with beekeeping. I needed to change my safety protocol "working with bees". Tapes and gumboots, adrenaline are my friends and tools now to make me a kind of bee proof. Looking forward to seeing how it works? There is nothing more rewarding as watching bees. Manfred
  12. Yes the need for a box or a shim is an issue with the Nassenheiders. If a person has enough storage room they could make a bunch of shims to house the nassenheiders when on the hives, but the rest of the year they will be taking up storage space. Lucky for me selling nucs etc I had enough empty boxes at the time. If results are still good through to next spring treatment, I may invest in making some custom shims. @Alastair , If you use a top feeder the Nassenheider fits under that ones if you put them upside down.
  13. @frazzledfozzle Hi, yes you can use that ones as well. One of the reasons to change the design was that bees carried the brood away from the source of formic acid but still it is really good to use that way. It works this way in top bar hives. The advantage of having them placed on top of the brood nest is that the temperature is more controlled and as the bees try to vent out the formic it gets circulated nicely inside the hive.
  14. May be its a start to change the way to do it. Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Deaths Pose More Risks, European Group Says http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/09/business/energy-environment/pesticides-probably-more-harmful-than-previously-thought-scientist-group-warns.html?_r=0
  15. @dansar the ones for the nuc are the ones which get mounted in a wooden frame.
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