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  1. ups! you are right should have been for Craig75
  2. Wonder if there is any beekeeping news on display this year at Mystery Creek Fieldays couldn't find anything yet.
  3. Hi Matt, how did you end up with it?
  4. Chelifera did live in beehives and was known under the synonym Bienenfreund (bee friend) that's how that guy figgered out Bienenfreund was mentioned in old beekeeping books as an insect which lives together in symbiosis with bees and eats mites, at that time pollen mites.
  5. Waxmoth, I fix them with formic acid. I put one hive on the top of another and put a good amount of formic 80% in the top box the formic makes it's way down and kills eggs and the moth.
  6. Before the time of Varroa, pseudoscorpions should have been living in hives as no one used chemicals than to get rid of varroa. So if there were pseudoscorpions in the hives how could Varro develop at all? As Varroa sitting on bees or in cells and very seldom sit in a Petri dish.
  7. maybe propolis mesh??? Yes, they call it forest honey it is very dark and one of the more expensive ones you can buy.
  8. Manfred


    © Manfred Hirsch

  9. Manfred


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  10. Manfred


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  11. I wonder how much propolis bur wax contains?
  12. Hi Cris what makes you believing that Liebig is better and more controlled? Hi Sam, No I am still here and selling Nassenheiders. Hi Jee, I do sell Nassenheiders the professional or the ones for the long hives. Nassenheider vs Liebig I just like to point out why Nassenheider is by far the better system. Liebig Dispenser: Liebig dispenser is a 2nd development of the medicine bottle. The medicine bottle was used a long time ago by fixing it with a timber block with a hole in the middle the dropper continuously dropped down on a cloth no matter if formic evapourates or not, no control at all how much drops in what time frame. What is the difference between Liebig and the medicine bottle? Almost nothing! The bottle is now plastic instead of glass and it drops on a small wick that's all but it still drops permanent same amount of formic as it is still only a dropper. Liebig can be used only with higher temperatures (22ºC) the wick is too small to allow evaporation at cooler temperatures. If the temp is to cool the wick is quickly saturated and no formic is released out of the bottle. If the temperature is too high pressure is building up in the bottle and the dropper releases more formic. So where can you adjust something? Nassenheider Prof. Nassenheider works down to 9ºC The wick chamber which is connected to a pressure-free reservoir can hold 3 different wick sizes nuc, single or double brood box. The big wick ( in the tray) makes sure that formic can evaporate down to 9º C The tray is preventing that formic can drip on the bees. That's why Nassenheider is better. Liebig dispenser is shown sometimes good results equal to Nassenheider some people say as Liebig is working at the bee institute in Hohenheim, it would certainly be not a good look if some else finds a system which works better as the one which was developed at the bee institute. Bruno Becker the inventor of the Nassenheider system found out that for example test to compare the systems were done on several institutes in a way which would give Liebig better results. The pattern here was, the same size of beehives same amount of bees but what they didn't,t tell was that all the Liebig tests had been done in August (German summer) and the Tests with Nassenheider had been done in late October (German fall season) Which means they considered that Liebig would not work as good in October so the Liebig tests had been done at warmer temperatures.
  13. I had no drones for some weeks and suddenly one hive things there is the need for drones.
  14. yep, I would take the box from the bottom away and shake the bees in front of the hive the bees from the former above box will accept the bees but will kill the laying worker bees or a queen.
  15. I just count the daily varroa fall on the board, as long I find only 1-2 mites I don't do anything only if the count is above 2 I tread with AS.
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