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  1. Morning, Is there anything you can do after a practice swarm to stop them going again? Split? Its a strong colony that I thought had enough room. I guess they got busy over the last few rainy days (weeks!)
  2. Thanks so much for all the input. I appreciate you all taking the time. I am hesitant to do a split as we just have backyard hives and I would rather not add hives with respect to our neighbours. I will create more space in the brood chamber, remove cups and check again in 5 days. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for your replies. It is a very strong colony the queen has just run out of space. I have moved some frames of brood above the excluder and replaced with new frames. I am not wanting to split this hive just now. I guess my question was, is a triple brood chamber the done thing or am I best just to cycle the capped brood up for a while.. The frames I moved up were 1/2 honey. They were cups with larvae maybe 2 day since they were eggs, uncapped.
  4. Hi, I have a queen who is laying so well that a FD+ a 3/4 doesnt seem to be enough room for her. I found a couple of swarm cups yesterday. Would the best thing to do be to add another 3/4 for her to lay in? TIA ETA there is a 3/4 box above the excluder also.
  5. It doesn't sound like robbing to me. In a robbing situation the bees are usually in a frenzy and fighting at the entrance. The swarm bees might be orientating or young bees from your first hive might be orientating. Are the bees gently flying and hovering around the hive??
  6. We came across a swarm as we left the kids homeschool skateboarding group today. Went home to grab gear then got them. One of our hives also swarmed on Friday after a split. Nice and easy to get, drew quite a big crowd. Lots of people really interested so good education done. Note son #2 on fence ready to help
  7. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] Thanks for your reply. That gives us confidence for our first winter with a Lang, previously only had Top Bar
  8. Hi Trevor, great video. We have a colony very similar to this and are ready to take the last of the honey off and get them ready for winter. My question is, will you feed these bees over winter or have you left enough honey for them in the 2 brood boxes? Thanks
  9. Top Bar inspection with my 6 year old
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice. I knew when I made the split that it is more successful to move the queen into the split but the split was for someone else and I saw the queen was a beauty and wanted to keep her. One of those things that you know you shouldn't do as you are doing it. Info on the split..... It is a top bar split and we took 7 bars with a good amount of eggs, brood, bees, pollen and honey. Everything was looking great until this point. Current bees are busy, bringing in pollen and nectar. We moved these bars into another top bar on my sister in laws property. They dont sound queenless and are still very calm as our top bar colonies are.
  11. I created a split on 17/12 which was successful to begin with. The bees drew out 2 queen cells which hatched approx 03/01. I have been checking to see if she is present and laying. I hadnt seen anything until yesterday where all I found was a small cluster of capped brood and larvae and a new queen cell. I couldnt see any other eggs. I am wondering what has happened, the only thing I can think is that the first queen made it back, possibly in bad shape, and managed to lay a little bit before she died or they dealt to her. I am going to add a frame of brood today to boost numbers and will try and get a photo then. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks
  12. Wow, made the mistake of checking one of our hives today. Angry bees! I didnt think about it before hand but assume this is common in humid weather?
  13. Im in Hamilton with a top bar, happy to help.
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