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  1. [USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] Ahem ....thanks..... camera skills involve plonking an iPhone down propped up by a couple of sticks and 5 mins slicing it up afterwards on the phone itself with a tune of my iTunes playlist. Thank god technology has advanced to let simple minded people like me make the most of it.

  2. [USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] amazing - I used to run a company that rented high speed cameras out and they were often used in vehicle crash testing and some of the footage was incredible. I was lucky enough to be invited to a couple of crash tests for medium strip barriers conducted at the Meremere drag strip and had fun for a day watching half a dozen cars getting smashed up for research purposes :)

  3. [USER=3727]@Cong[/USER] Thanks for that. Would like to get some ideas off you for things to do and places togo so could you email me your details on [B][COLOR=#ff0000][/COLOR][/B] as we want to do somethings that are not just for tourists and really meet local people - very good for educating our children about different people and cultures...

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