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  1. Was this swarm hived onto drawn comb?

    That's definitely not new brood combs.


    Where did the gear come from for this?

    If it was put in dirty gear it could well be foulbrood, it needs varroa strips quick smart.

    I always treat swarms for varroa as soon as I get them, high mite counts can cause hives to 'abscond' or swarm.


    You should never hive swarms onto comb unless they are yours.


    They need to use that honey in their bellys to make wax in case it is diseased honey, if they store it in to comb they are diseased.


    If you put them in old diseased gear they become diseased.

    Then you'll have to burn the lot, of course that's worst case, but it's not worth the risk.


    You need to get someone to have a look for you.


    Thanks Dale will do...

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  2. Has it had varroa treatments?

    What were the bee numbers like?

    How was the hive overall?

    Do they have any stores?


    It's hard to say definitively anything from a couple of photos, I couldn't see any disease red flags in the picture but that's not a healthy hive, it could be due to varroa, it may be being robbed by wasps, there are a few possibilities.


    I would suggest getting someone to come and have a look at it who is an experienced beekeeper if it isn't very strong, just because of the chance that it could be AFB or a combination of things that need urgent attention, maybe someone from your bee club?


    Thanks Dale.


    Yes fairly weak as was a small swarm so could very well be getting robbed. Not a huge amount of food stores. Bee numbers were definitely growing stronger. May also advise to close the entrance up a bit and feed...



    Is it hungry?

    How many frames of honey does it have? Is there honey around the edges if the brood?



    Yes not much in the way of stores there about half a frame of honey and some pollen. Honey volume was more than last week when I popped over (he is an old beek who can't really move at the moment).


    Will advise to feed and treat.

  3. Was thinking it may be bald brood but a very new swarm so not sure



    A few questions to think about..


    Has he treated for varroa?

    Did you try roping out any larvae?

    Did you see any slumped or darkened larvae?

    Any smell or scale?

    What are the stores like, are they hungry?


    Definitely no sunken cappings and not ropey, dark or smelly.


    Was thinking possibly bald brood but no sign of wax moth....


    Will advise to treat for Varroa anyway to be safe as well

  4. it might be ok.

    not sure how you have extracted supers and only have part drawn out supers :confused:

    Yeah sorry not clear on my part. They went back on the hive after extraction about 3 weeks ago. No extractor so used crush and strain. The frames went back on wet but obviously very little wax/comb left so had to be drawn out again.

  5. i would either leave the other 3/4 super on the FD hive above the excluder.

    or extract and store it your shed etc. don't forget next season you going to have a whole lot of supers to store.


    i would guess, judging the by the lack of drawn out supers, that the hive wasn't really up to splitting strength.

    now your going to build the hives up quickly. hopefully you might have a good end of season flow, otherwise your going to have feed a lot of 1:1 syrup.


    don't put anything out for bees to rob. with hives so weak they will get robbed out as well.


    queens may take 2-5 weeks before laying. might have been better to treat mites when you split it, otherwise I would do it now. take advantage of the brood break.

    Thanks Tristan.

    Both brood boxes were absolutely jammed packed and thriving. I had harvested 18litres (not sure of weight) of honey in Feb and put supers back on. In hindsight should probably have added another super rather than harvested and put back on.... Live and learn

  6. Not wanting to hijack the thread I have a similar situation re splitting the hive but different questions....


    I am a newbee hobbyist that had a single hive started in Oct last year.

    Have had 1 x FD and 1 x 3/4D Brood boxes and I split them a week ago.

    Methodology I used was a clean split of the two brood boxes of which both had plenty of pollen, honey larvae and eggs.


    Placed next to each other and also culled the queen introducing new queens to both after 48hrs.


    I also had 2 x 3/4 supers on the hive that had a mix of partially drawn out frames and full capped frames (and some in between)


    Today I removed the Queen excluder from the hive and left one 3/4 above the 3/4 brood box that had about 3 frames of fully drawn out and capped honey and the rest only partially drawn out with minimal nectar in parts.



    My quandary with this one is with the other 3/4 super that was only partially drawn out and I think excess to requirements. What the heck do you do with the frames of nectar and partially drawn out comb? (first year newbee issues)


    My initial reaction is to leave the super out in the open nearby for the bees from both hives to rob and replenish their hives with minimal effort.


    Is this a bad idea? My biggest fear is that other bees and wasps will also come and lead to robbing of the hives as well.


    Also, I was thinking of waiting another week or two to confirm the new queens (they were virgin queens) are actually laying and going strong before applying varroa treatment. Would appreciate any thoughts on that as well.


    Many thanks.



  7. Hi guys. Slightly different. I removed the mite board to do a mite count today and a heap of bees fell out under the hive. A mix of live and dead bees all adults.


    Have taken a quick video and can take photos of the dead ones if it helps.


    Wondering if the mesh is too big and the bees get in and trapped under it....

  8. Hi team. It was a colder and wet night last night here and this morning I found these two just inside the hive entrance and dragged them out for a look. Being that there is only 2 I don't know if this is just one of those things or not. 2 Apistan strips applied on the 1st of Nov. Was a 3/4 frame Nuc that I started to build out into a 3/4 box on the 21st of Oct and recently added a full box on top about a week ago. Building out the frames in the top box very well and appears to be a very active hive. The brood was hard not gooey or elasticimage.jpeg.ae99390632e731fdee10ad1a2f76b912.jpeg


  9. Are the vents in your nuc open?

    Yes the vents in the back are open and it was also first thing in the morning. Also a bunch of them stated in a cluster in the cavities around the entrance overnight as well. Not sure if the queen maybe ended up in a cavity at the entrance rather than inside. Have put a frame of honey from other hive in for feed (made sure no other bees on it). Will check again when shoot home for lunch

  10. I caught a swarm yesterday and they settled well into the box so I moved it back to our place last night. This morning they are clusteting around the entrance - sort of looks to me like they are going to swarm off again... Any ideas?image.jpeg.66426e3c2d4dab1390aac76d7a6ab71a.jpeg


  11. Yep.


    Already had some Apistan strips so put them in straight away and had a good close look. Couldn't see any more bees with deformed wings and also picked open half a dozen cells and couldn't see any mites so a little more comfortable that not a serious infestation.


    Will check the board tomorrow night and see how many have dropped.


    Question - Any Storage advice for the remaining strips from the packet? Have placed back in foil wrapping and a ziplock bag for now

  12. As well as treating, the virus is something that bees have regardless of varroa, assuming u have some old brood frames from the Nuc, put them up in a box by them selves spaced apart so they do not use them again and replace the frames with new ones, do this thru out the season and treat to help with varroa. If u need help just ask. Focus on brood not honey.



    Absolutely Matt


    I am loving my bees and having a healthy hive is my number 1 priority!!


    Appreciate the advice.



  13. Righto, that means it's missed it's spring treatment. Get something into it pronto. If it was me I'd whack some Bayvarol strips in.

    You should be able to track some down.


    Will do.


    Thanks for the prompt assistance!

  14. HI yesbut


    A Nuc installed into a new hive on the 21st of October and growing fast - have just added anther box to double the brood.

    Deca registered keeper that sold to me stated was treated for Varroa in April.

  15. Hi team


    I noticed this lady had been kicked out of the hive today and appears to have DWV. I did inspect the hive 2 days ago and could not see any at the time but I guess this could be due to being a novice and not looking close enough.


    Advice from here?


    Straight to full Varroa treatment?

    24hr test?

    Re inspect hive?

    Get someone that knows what the hell they are doing over ;)








  16. Get the second box on.

    Move a couple of the outside frames from the first box up to the middle of the second box and replace them with undrawn foundation.

    Stop feeding if you still are doing so.


    Hi Trevor. Another new beekeeper here. When adding a second brood box is it better to add below the first or above. Also should I move some of the frames and split them between the two boxes to encourage them? Many thanks.

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